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Why Don’t Webmasters Provide A Contact Form? No Contact Form Means Lame Webmaster!

Contact Form
For the last couple of hours, I have been so frustrated to see some reputable web entrepreneur or whatever the “pro-x” they call themselves, they do not have a point of contact […]

Mickels Rea Wins Star Academy France 2008 – Star Academy 8

Mickels Rea, Star Acedemy
I was just watching the finals of Star Academy (France), the winner is Mickels Rea. And the runner-up is the glamorous Alice (Alice au pays des merveilles – as she has often been attributed to) […]

Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends / If You Haven’t Got Time To Do It Right, You Don’t Have Time To Do it Wrong Either!

Wasting This Precious Strawberry

Today while reading and writing my previous inspirational articles on Dreams Quotes, I felt a strange motivation deep inside me and I started to remember the deep moments that I had when I was still at school and university and which I still feel somehow at points in my life, including in blogging; I thought of sharing this moment with you since perhaps you might be feeling or living the same thing as me […]

Dreams – Inspirational Quotes By Famous People Like Robert Kennedy And Henry David Thoreau

Dreams, FoxGlove Digitalis Purpurea

5 Phrases With Prepositions / The Wives Of Verbs – Edition 01 – With Alphabet A

Phrases With Prepositions

General Tips To Make A First Good Impression – Secure A Strong Relationship

Woman And Girl, First Good Impression

I was reading an article where my blogo-friend, Jirel, was talking about his own past experience on how First impression is the last impression. While commenting, I turned up to be writing more than a whole paragraph which is quite enormous for a handy quick comment. Hence, I finaly decided to write an article. Let’s get started […]

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Ellipsis / What Is An Elliptical Sentence And When Is It Used?

Rose Leaves, Ellipsis

5 Sentences With Meaning Of Words Explained – Edition 04

Mixed Fruits, Mixed Words

The Two Storey Skylab In 1973 / Did You Know – Universe Edition 5

Storey Skylab 1973

Wakish Providing End Of Year HostIcan Web Hosting Bonus Coupon – $30 Off

Hostican Web Hosting

Wakish Wonderz is offering an amazing $30 off for a 12-months Base Host package with Hostican web hosting solutions [..]

General Principles Of Punctuation – What Are Punctuations And How To Use Them

diced vegetables + what are punctuation

5 English Words With Sentences To Use In A Story Or Essay – Edition 03

White Flowers + English Words

The Importance Of Punctuation In Writing Good English

white flowers + importance of punctuation

Continuing with my aim to helping you write clearly, concisely, effectively and pertinently, today we will see exactly about what are punctuations and their importance. In a later session, I will also give you a detailed definition of each of those punctuations and where they are expected to be used [..]

Simple Example OF Subroutines In C Programming

kaleidoscope + subroutines In C Programming

Tests For The Parts Of Speech

tests + scientific lady

Special Words You Can Use In GP Essays – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 02

enrich words + flower

Integration Of Google Analytics With AdSense

google + adsense + analytics

This is an astonishingly wonderful news. Google finally grants the requests of his publishers for more data to help [..]

Just 140 Characters To Persuade Others About The Selling Point Of Your Blog Or Service

appealing flowers + beautiful

Problogger, Darren Rowse, is conveying an experiment to ‘make bloggers pitch him about why readers should hand around their (the blogggers) blog‘. And all this should be done in a pitiful 140 characters. Bear in mind that we are talking about characters here and not words! [..]

How To Write Good English Articles

writing Good english article

Just now I was reading my email and I have someone asking me how to write a good english article. She is Nadia from France (Salut Nadia, Je suis très heureux de vous aider). And this is the third email I’m receiving this month concerning that topic. This time instead of replying to the email, I decided to make a post about it [..]

Anatomy Of A Simple Sentence In English Language

simple sentence + bradford pear tree
In this article I will explain what is a simple sentence and what are its essential components [..]

Explaining Meaning Of 5 Words And Writing Sentences – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 01

meanings of words + sentences + candies

How To Classify Words Into Parts Of Speech

words classifications + gummy drops

It is too easy to misunderstand the nature of a word in a sentence. This confusion arises due to the versatility of certain words; they have the ability of being polymorphic. In simple terms, a word under the same form can act differently [..]

How To Write A General Paper Summary – A Level

summary writing + paper + berries

Previously, I wrote about the aim of an A-Level summary writing, explaining what the examiner is expecting from you and the importance of writing only as what you are being directed to. In this article, I will focus on simple techniques, steps or approach to help you write a summary and scoring maximum marks. Are you ready? [..]

A simple Interactive C Program Using Scanf Function

C programming + scanf
A very simple program with explanation of the interactive function, scanf [..]

General Paper Summary Writing – Write Only What You Are Being Asked!

During your early english language classes, writing a summary essentially comprised reducing considerably the number of words of the whole passage. That is, you had to compress what you have read into a very brief account; no other specific requirements needed from you.

But in the General Paper level, this has changed enormously. The purpose of summary writing is more objective and more structured. And this is exactly what you will learn today, in this article [..]

The Eight Classes Grouping All Words In The English Language

To better gain good writing skills and to present your thoughts conveniently, it would be to your advantage to grasp the basic constructs of the language itself. As of this post, Wakish Wonderz will put forward a set of essential basics to help you write better and effectively [..]

Format Specifiers Used In C Programming

A list of different format specifiers for C data types [..]

The Amazing Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike Is Progressing – World’s New Unicycle Motorbike!

Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike

If you search in my Archives, you’ll see that I wrote an article on a strange-looking motorbike called as ‘Electric Uno Bike‘. As a strong believer in free-style creativity, I was very attracted and amazed by this new invention crafted by canadian, Ben Gulak. Till then, I’m constantly keeping an eye on the evolution of this project and I got some news [..]

Effective Writing Is A Key Ingredient To Success

On this blog, I have stressed several times that writing is critical to your success. You should invest time to learn how to write good english and hence developing your own methods and style of presenting your opinions. I also told you that you need to express your ideas convincingly. In this article I will […]

Writing A Pillar Article – Know What Is A Pillar Article And What It Takes!

If you are a blogger or a writer, you have surely stumbled upon the word ‘pillar article‘. Have you ever wondered or thought about how you can define it? I bet most of the time you’ve taken the word for granted and passing over to the next lines. This is an opportunity to have a discussion, so let’s talk about pillar articles [..]

3 Disadvantages Which Wakish Wonderz Faces

blogging disadvantages

I started blogging (not so seriously) at around February 2007 and till now my definition and philosophy about blogging has changed enormously. At the beginning, I have been blogging (very rarely) solely for my eagerness of having an online presence and to be able to share some of my perspectives. But as I progress, my knowledge in IT coupled with the blogosphere, has convinced me if blogging is done seriously and with passion, it can lead to assets [..]

Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic – My New Blogging Experiment

red strawberry juicy

Since my inception as a blogger, I have tried and experiment a lot of things, either consciously or simply blindly. But recently, I’m deriving a lot of pleasure in putting what I have read and learned into actual mind-conscious experiments. I observe those experiments, compare it with what others says and finally I make my conclusions [..]

Most Read Articles On Wakish Wonderz

birds of paradise

Today while observing my stats, I noticed some phenomenal increase in traffic, specially due to some articles which, according to my different statistics tool, are the most viewed and read [..]

HostIcan Coupon Code – Web Hosting Promo Codes


It’s now two weeks since Wakish Wonderz is hosted with HostIcan. As a HostIcan client, and hence an affiliate, I will keep you updated and posted with its reviews and promo codes or coupons whenever it’s the right time to do so. Today, I will offer you two promo codes [..]

Know What Is The Key To Failure And Set For Success Convincingly – Come Learn From My Own Mistake

island love

Today, while I was reading an amazingly wonderful article titled “Are You A People Pleaser?“, written by Kelly, I remembered my own experience while I made my first steps as an online text-based game programmer/administrator.

I’m sure most of us have read a similar quote or philosophy, but may be not all of us have really experienced it. That’s why I will take this opportunity to share my own experience and show you the moral or conclusion drawn [..]

Text-Link-Ads Launches inLinks product + Grab Your TLA 15% OFF Coupon

tla widgetspot

Text-Link-Ads, aka TLA, has just introduced a new text-link system called “inLinks“. (You can read about The History Of Text Link Ads (TLA) for some background information) [..]

A Follow-Up Of My Blog Following My Previous Traffic Experiment

steam train

You remember that last time I wrote about Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth where I shared an experiment which is quite unique around the blogosphere and which needs a lot of guts since the ranking of my blog is at stake. But I don’t mind trying out things even if it’s hazardous for my blog. The key point is I have enough trust and conviction with Wakish Wonderz [..]

Successfully Changed Web Host – How I did When Changing From One Host To The Other

web hosting transfer + hot air ballon

Yesterday, I took a big step to changing Web Host. I was previously hosted at XtraOrbit which was a great disappointment and not worth my money. I had 5 more months on my paid contract with them, but I could not withstand staying there anymore. I will soon make a review of it. Anyway, I’m now hosted at HostIcan. Infact I emailed quite a lot of web hosts before making that decision. I wanted to go with Media Temple’s GS, but I recently read a lot of negative reviews while googling and besides they simply never replied to my email which is pretty shocking for a web host of its calibre […]

Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth

traffic analysis

Like you, I have constantly read and heard about the preaching: “don’t be inactive, this will hurt your blog’s traffic”. As a blogger, I constantly try a lot of things related to my blog. One of my personal experiment, and which needs a lot of guts I should say, was to leave my blog inactive for 2months. “Holy shh…”, Yeah I know you much be wondering, but that’s true […]

Scintillate Your Inspiration And Goals – Make An Analogy From The Attitude Of Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps inspiration, aim and goals

Last time , in Phenomenal World Record Winnings Of Michael Phelps At Beijing 2008 Olympic, we also mentioned Michael Phelps’ Iron-Will Power To Perform Beyond The Accomplished. Today, I want to show […]

Phenomenal World Record Winnings Of Michael Phelps At Beijing 2008 Olympic

michael phelps winnings at beijing 2008
I’m taken in deep-thoughts by the following words of Michael Phelps […]

Biography Of Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps Super Human Or Has A Customized Body For […]

Top 5 Recommended Articles On Wakish Wonderz – Part 1, Blog Related


I thought about re-digging in my archive garden and […]

Acquiring Ideas For GP Essays

monopoly house

To write about any simple thing or subject matter, we surely need an idea. If you don’t have an idea about what you want to write, how can you possibly write a […]

Entrecard Is Down – Fire Broke At Their Hosting Server’s Datacenter

I just noticed the following message on Entrecard’s main page: There was a fire at our datacenter resulting in the failure of some of our systems, our database server appears to be offline still, we’re working on it and we’re really sorry about the issues at this time. more information arriving shortly. Update: The outage […]

Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Last night (24th May 2008), Dima Bilan, representing Russia, won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The ranking of the 25 countries: 1) Russia with 272 points 2) Ukraine with 230 points 3) Greece with 218 points 4) Armenia with 199 points 5) Norway with 182 points 6) Serbia with 218 points 7) Turkey with 218 […]

Entrecard Finally Grants Your Wish – Add Multiple Blogs To A Single Account

The feature that most of us have been so willing to have, is finally here. The possibility to add more than one blog to a single account has just been announced by Entrecard. This feature should have already been here since day 1. Having to make another account per blog, was really a stupid thing […]

Twitter – The New Smart Era? Follow Me

It’s been so long that I see and hear Twitter, Twitter and Twitter. It seems like everyone has been twittered since its arrival. So i decided to give Twitter a go – Follow Me!. What Twitter is – A micro blogging system, you can only write a maximum of 140 charactors with no formatting. It’s […]

Electric Uno Bike – The Bike Of The Future Generation?

This bike is known as the Uno Bike and has been invented and created by the 18 year old canadian, Ben Gulak. It is said that this electrical bike has been conceived from lessons learned from Segway device, but implemented in cooler package. Brief Infos About The Bike => Has two wheels, side-by-side, and uses […]

AdSense For Search Now Powered By Custom Search

Google announces, today Tuesday 6th May 2008, that AdSense for search is now powered by Custom Search. This means a lot new enhancements and boost for those using and earning a from AdSense for search. The integration of Custom Search into AdSense for search, will allow you to take advantage of (Custom Search Engine) CSE’s […]

Opera Dragonfly – The Browser Which Helps You Take A Peek Into The Future

Today, Tuesday 6th May 2008, Opera released the first alpha (alpha 1) of their new web developer tool, named as Opera Dragonfly. This tool is a competing one to Firefox’s Firebug. Features: => Support for Dragonfly in Opera 9.5 beta 2 => Reach breaking point step by step => Redefine your style. => Spot your […]

Three Great Prayers Of All Time – A Revelation Of The Awareness Of The Men Who Composed Them

Today I share with you three prayers from three different great, wise personalities. These prayers seem to be simple, but if you take some time to meditate on them, you will see that there are so many wise hidden meanings in them. – Sioux Indian Prayer – “Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until […]

Build Upon What You Have, Build Upon What You Build

I recently read a thoughful and insightful article on Problogger where Darren Rowse explains: “A Secret to Blogging Success – Build Upon What You Build“. I was very touched by this article. It is something which is so simple and effective and which we fail to take time to think about. Not because we are […]

Bloggers Should Polish Their Old Posts – Old Is Gold!

As part of your blogging activities, you should take some time to maintain your blog. Everything needs a special consideration to be productive in the long run. The most common mistake that some bloggers do, is to neglect old posts. Once written, we get a feeling that “this” post is now the past and we […]

Nike+iPod – An Amazingly Creative Gadget

Recently I met an old friend of mine who trains a lot for races (running). He bought a Nike+iPod and he was training with this sports kit. I was very impressed as he explains to me all the available functionalities and boost which this Nike+ gadget provides. It is simply amazing.. What Is Nike+iPod Sports […]

WordPress 2.5.1 – Another Immediate Update Needed! What The Heck?

Here’s another breaking news from the WordPress development community: Version 2.5.1 of WordPress is now available. It includes a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and one very important security fix. We recommend everyone update immediately, particularly if your blog has open registration. By the first line, it may sound (for newbies) as if a […]

Content Is King, But The Queen Remains Uniqueness! – (Blogging)

Content is King… Content is King… Content is King… Content is The king and your blog is its castle, right? Well, at least this is what you must have been reading around. While this is true, there is a further deep meaning down the valley, which you need to understand. Since the medieval time, a […]

Interview With Problogger Darren Rowse – Normal Blogging vs Review Blogging Discussed!

This time I bring you an interview with Problogger, Darren Rowse. My interview subject is based on the approach and writing styles of normal blogging vs review blogging. To Avoid any confusion, consider: => Normal blogging = the type of blogging I do here or like Darren does. => Review Blogging = blogging about reviews […]

Get A Free Linkback – Batch 04

Here’s the fourth batch of Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback: 1) Rajiv’s Blog presents Wakish Wonderz, A Cool Blog To Hang Out At! If you would like to avail of this free and yet effective and wonderful offer, you just have to read and respond to this post here: Review My Blog […]

How Internet Works – Mechanism Of A Web Page Request

While checking my email late night, I got a request to write something about “how internet works”. This reaction resulted from my previous article on Uses And Limitations Of The Internet – At Glance This email was from a Mauritian and I was amazed since I rarely find any Mauritian interacting on my blog considering […]

Interview With John Chow – Choice For His Shitty Attempt At Viral Video Revealed!

Following my article about John Chow Does Not Care For You, Though You Keep Caring For Him! I thought about interviewing Chow regarding his “shitty attempt at viral video“. I let you see the response.. The Interview With John Chow >> John Chow why having chosen to display such a video, you could have opted […]

Enhance Your Blog Posts With Line Jump And Page Jump

What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump Just to clarify any confusion, a line jump is just an action of moving from your current line to any line of the same article. And likewise, a page jump is the action of moving from a current article to any specific line on another article. Would […]

John Chow Does Not Care For You, Though You Keep Caring For Him!

The Message Of John Chow Is Clear And Straight-Forward Traffic like shitty blog posts since these type of articles are what appeals to them. And he’ll give them such post even if he has to make a shit about it to get more fame and traffic. If you are not understanding what I mean, have a […]

EntreCard As A Niche Discovery Tool ?

The following guest post was submitted by ReapMoneyOnline, who explains and analyses “how to find your niche with entrecard “ We usually think of EntreCard as a traffic generator or a blog network. There is more to it than being a social networking tool. It is a microcosm of the entire blogosphere, if not the […]

Easy Steps To Make A Bristlebot

I was browsing YouTube at lunch and came across this video showing you how to make a bristlebot. It is a pretty cool stuff if you like “bricollage” and creative minds.. I let you enjoy the video and hopefully you can try it soon (I will 😉 ) Also you can actually see some pictures […]

Wakish Wonderz Goes Full Feed

  Since the start of Wakish Wonderz, I have been offering partial feed. And today I thought about a change, that is, I will now be offering full feed. Meaning you can read everything right from your RSS Feed or Email Subscriptions. I hope you enjoy it.. Do keep supporting Wakish Wonderz! 😉 Congrats To […]

Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Maximize And Boost Your Ideas? => PART 4 (Final)

  Previous Series => PART 01, PART 02, PART 03 In part 2 and part 3 we saw how to breed the ideas, more precisely about the approaches you need to have. Now in this final part, we will see some tricks and methods to help you capitalize, maximize and boost ideas coming in your […]

Uses And Limitations Of The Internet – At Glance

Today while going to work, I was sitting behind two university students. I guess they were in their first year, seeing them revising pretty obvious things, apparently for a class test. (but I was like them too in my first year 😛 ) I heard one of them saying: “did you search for the uses […]

Wakish Wonderz Invites You For A Guest Post

I’m inviting you to submit your “guest post” on Wakish Wonderz. In this process, your site/blog will be getting exposure and also we might learn new things from you, in a new way perhaps. 😉 The requirements are as follows: Type Of Post Suitable: => Anything as long as it is informative and of value to […]

Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 3

What This Article Is About This is a continuation of Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 2. In this series and as in the previous one, I’m giving an explanation, going in deep details, on how to breed the right idea. This part is related and dependent on […]

Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 2

This is the second part of Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1 In this edition, we will explore what it takes to breed the right idea. While there are so many ways and quick tips to help you come up with wonderful ideas, I will first explore […]

Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1

Wonderful ideas.. Attention-grabbing ideas.. Amazing ideas.. Mind-blowing ideas.. Top ideas.. Most Selling Ideas.. Compelling ideas.. Well, this is one of the most important tune which keeps on rhyming and rhyming every second, every minute, every hour or everyday in the daily nitty-gritty of a blogger (whether you are a part-time, full time or occassional blogger). […]

I Got A Real Life Job – Wakish Now A Part-Time Blogger

The Job It’s been two weeks now since I’m working as a System Developer. We are working on .Net Platforms, coding specially in C#.Net (pronounced as C-Sharp dot net) and ASP.Net. The job is very challenging and needs speed of execution which really fascinates me. So wish me luck to achieve high 🙂 The Unexpected […]

Eduardo Da Silver – The Worse Injury In English Premier League

  Young talented Arsenal Striker, Eduardo Da Silva – the boy from Brazil, agonised an awful injury (a broken leg) during the match Arsenal vs Birmingham city on the 23rd February 2008. He is one of the amazing and promising, emerging talent of Arsene Wenger’s young squad. This is a big big blow to both the team […]

The History Of Text Link Ads (TLA)

As most of you know, Text Link Ads, aka TLA, was founded by Patrick Gavin. But did you know about how actually TLA was born? How did Patrick come up with this brilliant idea? Was it luck or effort? Fortunately, Patrick has just started his own blog and it’s pretty cool to read about how […]

A Proposal – Wakish Wonderz Fun Time/Edition 5

A Proposal A young man came home weeping. He had gone to propose to his girl and his father eagerly awaited the response. “What happened?” the old man asked. “Did she accept?” “No Pop, she didn’t. When I told her what you advised me to do, she slapped my face!” “Did you start out by […]

Knowledge – An Important Word In All Important Inspirational Words Of Important People

Knowledge is a word which has so many meanings and varies from people to people. But, whatever the extent of knowledge someone has, it is always not enough in this rapidely changing world. Every little thing that we experience in our daily life, contributes to increasing our knowledge. We are reading something in an old […]

It’s Too Easy To Make This Simple, But Worse, Logical Error In Programming

– This article is relevant to almost any languages, namely C, C++, Java, C#, PHP..etc – I will be using C++ for example illustrations The Two Operators Which Create Confusion To Beginners Before we begin with the title, it is important that you understand the following Operators: 1) The assigment operator Example: int x = […]

Get A Free Linkback – Batch 03

Here’s the third batch of Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback: 1) Blog Badly presents Bad Blog Reviews: Wakish Wonderz Sorry for the lateness, it was because I was busy with My Final Custom Made WordPress Theme PS: I wonder what he now thinks of my new own made theme? 😛 So, you […]

Sun Radiation – Did you know.. / Universe Edition 4

Did you know.. Sun Radiation Only a very small portion (0.000 000 0005%) of the radiation emitted by the Sun reaches the Earth..   Image provided by The Climate Guide which presents a very nice informative article on Radiation from Earth (Make sure you read it 😉 ) Previous Editions: => Did you know.. – […]

I did not mind overlooking one mistake – Wakish Wonderz Fun Time/Edition 4

I did not mind overlooking one mistake A labourer found a shortage of $10 in his pay envelope and complained to the cashier.. “You were overpaid $10 last time and didn’t object“, the cashier responded. “I know“, replied the first man, “I didn’t mind overlooking one mistake, but when it happened a second time I […]

My Final Custom Made WordPress Theme

Last time, you remember I was talking about designing my own custom theme? If you don’t, refresh yourself here: My First WordPress Theme 😉 As you have (now) seen, while designing my own custom theme for my blog Wakish Wonderz, I came across a big big issue namely cross-browser compatibility. While the Beta Theme was […]

Keep On Kissing! It’s Amazingly Beneficial..

Today while paying usual visits to other fellow bloggers, I came across an article which amazed me. The article was about kissing. It is something so natural and common in our daily life, that perhaps we never really actually thought that this simple and yet passionate act does bring along some wonderful benefits to both parties […]

My First WordPress Theme

As most of you have noticed I haven’t produced any articles recently, the reason being that I’m investing time to design my own wordpress theme for my blog. The theme you are viewing right now is actually the new theme and is the very first ever wordpress theme I’m coding/designing. It still needs some more […]

Make Money Online Tips & Tricks (BlogCarnival Edition)

This new exciting edition of Blog Carnivals was hosted by and at Make Money Online with Knighty Night’s Talk Now the big news is that, I just received an email saying: Congratulation! A total of 33 articles were submitted and you were 1 of the 17 articles that made it to Knighty Night’s Talk’s Make Money […]

Money – The Root Of All Success!

A Purchasing Power It seems paradoxical that while genuine hatred for a Scrooge or a Shylock is widespread, people everywhere often complain about being short of money. Miserliness or material greediness is not socially or morally desirable for as the old saying goes: “money is the root of all evil“. Yet to man, money appeals […]

Get A Free Linkback – Batch 02

Here’s the second batch of Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback: 1) Ni rebate presents NI-rebate-review 2) Fun in the Sun presents I have been schooled as to what a blog should be So, you want to have your site, blog or forum figured FREELY on my PR4 Blog? To take this golden […]

Stop, Look, Listen!

No, I’m no talking about the “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)” which was a popular hit for Philly soul group The Stylistics in 1971. 😛 Stop. Look. Listen. These three words illustrate the whole scheme of life. You don’t agree with me? 🙂 let’s take a simple scenario: You see a pretty girl; you […]

Hookah, what does this mean to you?

I came across the word hookah and this sounded like something I read or heard long back. Where did I hear that name? The Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. (See the pic above) As you can see, the catapillar is holding a device – that’s the hooka Definition => A device (in the form […]

Are We ‘Idiots’ ?

Relax, I’m not talking about the common meaning of idiot being “a stupid person“. Surprisingly enough, idiot stemming from its original family of words has another meaning. Idiot comes from the greek words: Idiotes – meaning ‘private person‘ Idios – meaning ‘own, private‘ So, if you do not hold any public office, you are most […]

Happy New Year 2008 Dear People & A Retrospective of Wakish Wonderz For The Past Year 2007

Hello dear readers, viewers and fans of Wakish Wonderz. First of all I would like to wish your family and you, a new year filled with new motivations, lots of happiness, health and prosperity. Happy New Year 2008. I would also take this opportunity to make a retrospective of Wakish Wonderz for the past year […]