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Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Last night (24th May 2008), Dima Bilan, representing Russia, won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The ranking of the 25 countries: 1) Russia with 272 points 2) Ukraine with 230 points 3) Greece with 218 points 4) Armenia with 199 points 5) Norway with 182 points 6) Serbia with 218 points 7) Turkey with 218 […]

Entrecard Finally Grants Your Wish – Add Multiple Blogs To A Single Account

The feature that most of us have been so willing to have, is finally here. The possibility to add more than one blog to a single account has just been announced by Entrecard. This feature should have already been here since day 1. Having to make another account per blog, was really a stupid thing […]

Twitter – The New Smart Era? Follow Me

It’s been so long that I see and hear Twitter, Twitter and Twitter. It seems like everyone has been twittered since its arrival. So i decided to give Twitter a go – Follow Me!. What Twitter is – A micro blogging system, you can only write a maximum of 140 charactors with no formatting. It’s […]

Electric Uno Bike – The Bike Of The Future Generation?

This bike is known as the Uno Bike and has been invented and created by the 18 year old canadian, Ben Gulak. It is said that this electrical bike has been conceived from lessons learned from Segway device, but implemented in cooler package. Brief Infos About The Bike => Has two wheels, side-by-side, and uses […]

AdSense For Search Now Powered By Custom Search

Google announces, today Tuesday 6th May 2008, that AdSense for search is now powered by Custom Search. This means a lot new enhancements and boost for those using and earning a from AdSense for search. The integration of Custom Search into AdSense for search, will allow you to take advantage of (Custom Search Engine) CSE’s […]