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Tests For The Parts Of Speech

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Special Words You Can Use In GP Essays – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 02

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Integration Of Google Analytics With AdSense

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This is an astonishingly wonderful news. Google finally grants the requests of his publishers for more data to help [..]

Just 140 Characters To Persuade Others About The Selling Point Of Your Blog Or Service

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Problogger, Darren Rowse, is conveying an experiment to ‘make bloggers pitch him about why readers should hand around their (the blogggers) blog‘. And all this should be done in a pitiful 140 characters. Bear in mind that we are talking about characters here and not words! [..]

How To Write Good English Articles

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Just now I was reading my email and I have someone asking me how to write a good english article. She is Nadia from France (Salut Nadia, Je suis très heureux de vous aider). And this is the third email I’m receiving this month concerning that topic. This time instead of replying to the email, I decided to make a post about it [..]

Anatomy Of A Simple Sentence In English Language

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In this article I will explain what is a simple sentence and what are its essential components [..]

Explaining Meaning Of 5 Words And Writing Sentences – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 01

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How To Classify Words Into Parts Of Speech

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It is too easy to misunderstand the nature of a word in a sentence. This confusion arises due to the versatility of certain words; they have the ability of being polymorphic. In simple terms, a word under the same form can act differently [..]

How To Write A General Paper Summary – A Level

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Previously, I wrote about the aim of an A-Level summary writing, explaining what the examiner is expecting from you and the importance of writing only as what you are being directed to. In this article, I will focus on simple techniques, steps or approach to help you write a summary and scoring maximum marks. Are you ready? [..]

A simple Interactive C Program Using Scanf Function

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A very simple program with explanation of the interactive function, scanf [..]

General Paper Summary Writing – Write Only What You Are Being Asked!

During your early english language classes, writing a summary essentially comprised reducing considerably the number of words of the whole passage. That is, you had to compress what you have read into a very brief account; no other specific requirements needed from you.

But in the General Paper level, this has changed enormously. The purpose of summary writing is more objective and more structured. And this is exactly what you will learn today, in this article [..]

The Eight Classes Grouping All Words In The English Language

To better gain good writing skills and to present your thoughts conveniently, it would be to your advantage to grasp the basic constructs of the language itself. As of this post, Wakish Wonderz will put forward a set of essential basics to help you write better and effectively [..]

Format Specifiers Used In C Programming

A list of different format specifiers for C data types [..]

The Amazing Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike Is Progressing – World’s New Unicycle Motorbike!

Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike

If you search in my Archives, you’ll see that I wrote an article on a strange-looking motorbike called as ‘Electric Uno Bike‘. As a strong believer in free-style creativity, I was very attracted and amazed by this new invention crafted by canadian, Ben Gulak. Till then, I’m constantly keeping an eye on the evolution of this project and I got some news [..]

Effective Writing Is A Key Ingredient To Success

On this blog, I have stressed several times that writing is critical to your success. You should invest time to learn how to write good english and hence developing your own methods and style of presenting your opinions. I also told you that you need to express your ideas convincingly. In this article I will […]

Writing A Pillar Article – Know What Is A Pillar Article And What It Takes!

If you are a blogger or a writer, you have surely stumbled upon the word ‘pillar article‘. Have you ever wondered or thought about how you can define it? I bet most of the time you’ve taken the word for granted and passing over to the next lines. This is an opportunity to have a discussion, so let’s talk about pillar articles [..]

3 Disadvantages Which Wakish Wonderz Faces

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I started blogging (not so seriously) at around February 2007 and till now my definition and philosophy about blogging has changed enormously. At the beginning, I have been blogging (very rarely) solely for my eagerness of having an online presence and to be able to share some of my perspectives. But as I progress, my knowledge in IT coupled with the blogosphere, has convinced me if blogging is done seriously and with passion, it can lead to assets [..]

Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic – My New Blogging Experiment

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Since my inception as a blogger, I have tried and experiment a lot of things, either consciously or simply blindly. But recently, I’m deriving a lot of pleasure in putting what I have read and learned into actual mind-conscious experiments. I observe those experiments, compare it with what others says and finally I make my conclusions [..]

Most Read Articles On Wakish Wonderz

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Today while observing my stats, I noticed some phenomenal increase in traffic, specially due to some articles which, according to my different statistics tool, are the most viewed and read [..]