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Tests For The Parts Of Speech

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Previously in the English Language Basics series, I explained about:

A Quick Recap

1) Parts of speech are classes or groups into which words are divided or classified according to their use in speech of writing. There are eight classes or parts of speech: noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, proposition, conjunction, interjection.

2) We have also seen that a word can be used as various parts of speech, that is, it is polymorphic.

  • This is a light room
  • Sarah will light the gas
  • The light is dim right now

As you can observe, the word ‘light‘ is being used under the same form, but conveying different meaning in each sentence. With simple sentences, such as above, it might be easy to guess their form, but what about when sentences get complex? This is why I have brought forward the ‘Test For Parts Of Speech‘.

How To Find Out The Parts Of Speech Of Words?

The following questions should be asked:
1) Find out which words in the sentence is saying something about an object?
=> Those words are verbs

2) Which words are names?
=> These are nouns

3) Which words stand in the place of nouns?
=> These are pronouns

4) Which words describe or qualify a noun or pronoun?
=> These are adjectives

5) Which words modify other groups of words (aka parts of speech)?
=> These are adverbs

6) Which parts of speech show the relation of an object to something else?
=> These are prepositions

7) Which are merely exclamatory?
=> These are interjections

The Test At Work – The Example

Consider the sentence:
‘The CEO of the firm immediately asked problogger whether he would accept this small gift’.

The analysis:

1) Words like ‘asked‘, ‘would accept‘, make statements; they show an action – hence these are verbs.

2)CEO‘, ‘firm‘, ‘problogger‘, ‘gift‘ are names. They are thus nouns.

3)he‘ stands for ‘problogger‘, so it is a pronoun.

4)the‘, ‘motivated‘, ‘this‘, ‘small‘ describe ‘CEO‘, ‘problogger‘, ‘gift‘ respectively – they are adjectives.

5)immediately‘ tells us something about the ‘asking‘, it tells us when that action took place – It’s an adverb.

6) whether‘ joins the two sentences: ‘The CEO.. problogger‘ and ‘he… gift.
Therefore, it is a conjunction.

7) The word ‘of‘ connects the nouns ‘firm‘ and ‘CEO‘, it is obviously a preposition.

Daily Short Exercise For You – The Reader!

=> Break the sentence of the example above into: subjects, predicates, verbs and objects..etc.
bulb Hint: Read Anatomy Of A Simple Sentence

Special Words You Can Use In GP Essays – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 02

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Previous Edition:
=> Explaining Meaning Of 5 Words And Writing Sentences – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 01

1) Disseminate ==> spread widely

In our present era, it is seemingly difficult to disseminate a culture of non-violence.

2) Eradicate ==> destroy completely

Forests are being eradicated at an alarming rate for industrialisation and development purposes.

3) testimony ==> demonstration

The global warming is a conspicuous testimony of the impact of industrialisation.

4) Misconceptions ==> wrong ideas

In Mauritius, many misconceptions have emerged due to the advent of the Cyber-City.

5) Accumulate ==> form an increasing quantity

Doing regular physical exercises, is surely one of the best ways to stop fats accumulating in the human body.

Read More Related Vocabularies:
=> Good Writing Skills –> Enrich English Language

Daily Short Exercise For You – The Reader!

1) Use the above words to make your own sentences, can you?
2) Explain the meaning of the following words, as I have used them in the above examples, and make sentences with them:
– alarming
– seemingly
– conspicuous
– advent

bulb Use the comment form below to show your answers..

Integration Of Google Analytics With AdSense

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This is an astonishingly wonderful news. Google finally grants the requests of his publishers for more data to help them run their AdSense campaigns.
But this functionality is not yet available to all, as google explains:

“We’re gradually rolling out this functionality to publishers, and you’ll see an invitation link at the top of your ‘Overview’ and ‘Advanced Reports’ pages when it’s been enabled for your account”

star Distinguished Features Of This Innovation

1) Access to indepth reports about visitors’ activities
2) Access to granular reports that break down AdSense performance both by page and by referring site

Google believes:

“Armed with this new data about user behavior, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on how to improve the user experience on your site and optimize your AdSense units to increase your revenue potential.”

star Demo Of AdSense Reporting Using Analytics

[youtube S97HYyFwfsM nolink]

Read more about the whole news here..

Just 140 Characters To Persuade Others About The Selling Point Of Your Blog Or Service

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Problogger, Darren Rowse, is conveying an experiment to ‘make bloggers pitch him about why readers should hand around their (the blogggers) blog‘. And all this should be done in a pitiful 140 characters. Bear in mind that we are talking about characters here and not words!

I find this very interesting mainly because:
1) It’s a big challenge – 140 charactors to sell your blog, is very very tight. If you are able to make it, you are demonstrating good competence and motivation!
2) It’s a big opportunity to help convey your blog’s current mission statement to a wide audience – Problogger is a famous platform on the blogosphere and you should undoubtedly get noticed.

star The Catching Point And The Most Crucial Point

I have been reading the responses of other bloggers and many of them have either:
1) written less than 140 charactors, some even at 94 charactors
2) Or others have simply gone slightly beyond the expected 140 characters

Now, if you want to appeal to your readers or customers and want to gain credibility, I think you should at any cost respect the requirement of that ’round’. It clearly says ‘in 140 characters’. So you should do it exactly like it’s said. Else, you simply show that you are not competent and not convincing with your blog/services.

star The Entry Of Wakish Wonderz

Here’s the entry that I made on Problogger. It is at exactly 140 characters (spaces included), nothing more, nothing less!

Starting with the basic building blocks of the english language, I’m here to help you write clearly, concisely, effectively and pertinently!

star What About You?

The delay to submit an entry on Problogger is 48hrs, so try your luck fast!
If you are reading this article late, you can nevertheless submit an entry on my blog here by using the comment form below. Let’s continue it..

How To Write Good English Articles

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Just now I was reading my email and I have someone asking me how to write a good English article. She is Nadia from France (Salut Nadia, Je suis très heureux de vous aider). And this is the third email I’m receiving this month concerning that topic. This time instead of replying to the email, I decided to make a post about it.

Making An Analogy

Before I give some steps, I want to make an analogy to help you better understand the idea first.
Let’s say that Sadiya from Mauritius is going to stay forever abroad since her mum says she needs to wed a foreigner. What should be her responses? One of the first reactions, as a future wife, would be how would she dress up. Then she is worried about what she should be cooking, how she should talk..etc, etc. (Urm, I’m a male so obviously I might not get those female points right, but this is for the sake of Nadia)

1) Before actually getting worried, she should decide where, in which country, she would be going – Decide about the ‘type‘ or ‘nature‘ of the place
2) Once selected, go and observe the lifestyle – ‘Observe the present styles

Ok, I just wanted to stress on 2 main points: ‘type‘ and ‘present styles

Steps To Write Good English Articles

1) Before actually writing good articles, you should first understand what type of article you are planning to write; is it a journalism article, a professional article, a review article or an article for a blog?
Because each of these types of articles have their own required writing styles, just as different countries have different lifestyles. That is, you cannot write blog articles the same way as you would write an article for a journal and vice versa..etc.

2) Once you know what kind of article you will be writing, search for related articles (google is your friend) and see how they are being written. Try to come up with a general style and try adapting your own. Make sure you respect any requirements/guidelines, if there are any.

3) Now, you need to confirm on what ‘title’ or ‘topic’ you will write

4) Brainstorm your own ideas + research on the net or any other sources

5) Finalise all main points on paper

6) Sit down and write your article in good english.

Here there’s another step of great concern. Do you actually know how to write good english? Do you possess good writing skills? It’s up to you to judge yourself. If you are confident enough, it’s great since you just need to sit down and write.

In case you are not really fluent in writing good english. You need to read some good english articles/tutorials and practice a bit. Then after your level of condidence rises, go back to writing your english article.

bulb I have a series of articles which you can serve as referrence to write good english and writing in general:






exclamation mark One Important thing: => You absolutely need to keep a good english dictionary handy and/or a translation dictionary.

7) Make sure you respect the number of words generally desirable for writing the article, proofread your work several times + make sure what you have written is indeed convincing and on track.

Voila! It appears simple, but the work and effort behind writing good articles, is enormous to be honest. Since writing good is not a simple task; it needs patience, passion, practice, practice and practice.

What are your approach to write a good english article? Do you share the same point of view as mine? Use the comment form below to add your part, I’ll be eager to hear from you..