5 Sentences With Meaning Of Words Explained – Edition 04

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Mixed Fruits, Mixed Words

1) Classy ==> grand

John Chow likes to eat at classy restaurants.

2) Cutlery ==> knives, spoons and forks

I felt very uneasy when the gorgeous waitress came near my table to lay the cutlery; I am not used to using the knife properly.

3) Accustomed ==> to get familiar with (to get used to)

It takes time to get accustomed to a different environment specially if it is your first time abroad.

4) Monotony ==> lack of variety

An artist can amazingly transmute the monotony of something, from abstract to concrete, through his artistic drawings.

5) Linger ==> lengthen

Due to the bad weather conditions, the nomads had to linger their stay for some weeks.

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