A simple Interactive C Program Using Scanf Function

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C programming + scanf

Reading data From Keyboard

scanf(“control string”, &variable01, &variable02, …);

=> The ampersand symbol, &, is very important. It’s an operator specifying the variable name’s address. Omitting it, might result into unexpected results.

How Does Scanf Behave During Execution

Consider: scanf(“%d”, &number);

=> This statement halts execution and waits for a value to be entered. That value will be stored in a variable ‘number‘ and is of type ‘integer‘ as specified by the format specifier ‘%d
=> The compiler will proceed once a number is typed in and the ‘Return‘ key is pressed.

The Code At Work


//include your libraries here..
void main()
int number;

printf(“Enter an integer: \n”);     //prompt message
scanf(“%d”, &number);                 //read message

printf(“The number you entered is: %d”, number);


Enter an integer:
The number you entered is: 25

That’s it, a very simple program to keep things simple for you to understand how interactivity works. Do use the comment form below to add your part..

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