A True Teacher Is An Emperor Whose…

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A teacher whose soul is wrinkled and whose heart is atrophied is surely someone who is devoid of enthusiasm and energy.
A teacher who simply marks time and has his eyes fixed on the calendar is a disgrace to the profession and an abuse and lack of respect to the society, his pupils and himself!

A teacher is the bedrock of the proper growth and education of a human being and hence a good prosperous world. The role that a teacher plays is too fundamental. If a teacher fails in his aim, the result is chaotic for the life of a children who will grow up to be the adult of tomorrow. Just take a few moment and think about it!

A true teacher:
is rich without money
is to be reckoned not in terms of bank balance, but in the bounteous love and loyalty he has evoked in his pupils/students.

A true teacher is, without doubt, an emperor whose empire is carved in the grateful minds of his students which no pioneer on earth can shake!

I take this opportunity to stand up and pay my respect to all those wonderful teachers around the world who are giving their best to honour their profession and their true passion to teach, convey and share knowledge.
Teaching is surely not an easy profession, but the true reward of any teacher is undeniably to see their student grown up to be “a successful human being” in life, and not just “someone in the crowd!”

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  1. Keep up this great resource.

  2. MG says:

    It is, beyound any doubt, like something extraordinary to be a teacher. A teacher is a builder who lays the bricks of the future generations when even he doesnot know even about it but his prophecy tells and guide his mind what to do. He enlightens this Mother Planet with the beams of education.

  3. Nancy says:

    Yep, you are so right but the problem is that how to find a good teacher who is just like how you described in your ariticle? I really need one who can guide me to be a good writer now…hehe.

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