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This blog is mostly about Writing Tips and is directed to those who wish to nourish the habit of developing good writing skills in the English language. Wakish Wonderz is also dedicated to students taking part in the General Paper Classes and who have an imperative needs to breed and cultivate their General Knowledge to write and express themselves clearly, concisely and persuasively.

To this end, the author(s) of Wakish Wonderz investigates and digs into a wide variety of topics comprising General Paper Essays (aka GP Essays), topics centered around General Paper, good writing skills, language basics, language usage, critical thinking. Guides and advice are a great deal based on the authors(s) previous GP experience as an ex-GP student of his time.

While a lot of articles on this blog is geared towards students who are taking part in examinations such as the Cambridge GCE A Level General Paper Examination, it is indeed recommended to anyone who has a keen sense of acquiring the necessary skills for writing good English and for improving the ability to express themselves clearly and convincingly; because it is only by writing well can you give a good account of yourself as a student, when applying for a job or at any phase in your career to keep being effective. It is by your writing that others will know you!

Good Writing Skills

The section of Good Writing Skills concentrates on aspects like ‘purpose of writing good English‘, ‘importance of writing English properly‘, ‘how to write persuasively‘..etc

Popular Articles in this section are:

English Language Basics

The section of English Language Basics concentrates on the very basics of writing to help you consolidate the basic building blocks of the English language.

Popular Articles in this section are:

Enrich English Language

This section of Enrich English Language concentrates on helping you to put some spice in your writing, that is the focus is on English vocabulary words, English grammar and special words or idioms to use your in your essay writing.

Popular Articles in this section are:

GP Essays

This section of GP Essays of course concentrates on all the aspects of the General Paper Essay Writing and the A-Level General Paper Class.

Popular Articles in this section are:

Maturity Of Thought

This section of Maturity Of Thought aims at helping you to develop the habit of thinking and reading intelligently aka critical thinking.

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