5 Things You Really Need To Do If You Are Aiming For An A+ In GP – General Paper

I get frequent mails and comments as follows, this one is from a comment from vashiket

“.. i`m aiming for an A+ in GP Cambridge. my problem is i have not worked many gp essays and always end up with a B in gp!..i really need some advice..”

Don’t Just Aim, Do Action To Lead To The A+ In General Paper

Aiming for an A+ in General Paper Cambridge is a great thought, you’ve already raise your own self to “yourself” since you know you are worthy of that kind of achievements. Usually people with that frame of mind, will do whatever it takes to achieve it. But there are also some who will just keep it as a “thought”. Why is this and how to remedy this kind of passiveness in yourself?

Having a thought is one part of the equation to the end-result which is “success”. Next you need to do the actions that will lead you to that successful path to concretize your goal.

The 4 Crucial Things You Really Need To Do If You Are Aiming For An A+ In GP – General Paper Cambridge

Now let’s try to answer back to the comment above. It’s very crucial that you do the essentials. At this point reading too many books or essays will not really benefit. But you should write as many essays as you can. I would do the following:

1) Build a small vocabulary book, revise them everyday and use them in your essays.

I have stressed a lot of times of practicing upon the The Secret Of Writing Good English! Practice, practice and practice – You will succeed with style!

  • Keeping a special notebook where you write all words that you do not know the meaning of. Write them down, open your dictionary and find their meaning. Once you find a good meaning, write it back in your notebook. To know if the meaning is really good, show your notebook to an elder, your parent or your teacher and ask them to verify.
  • Everyday open your notebook and read those words and try making sentences with them. And try to memorize those words and use them in your class writings, like in essays..etc

2) There are different topics to write on essays and Cambridge GP essay paper is set to allow different students to write on different topics.

So, the best thing is you spot which areas you are most motivated and comfortable to write for. For example, I love writing on topics with Art/Science in it. So I would concentrate on having as much vocabularies and expressions, informations, descriptions and anything related to them. I would then attempt several papers containing titles with those areas. As I write, I start seeing some patterns in my essays and I spot which ideas, descriptions and examples will most probably fit in any title having those elements of Art/Science. Then you use them again in the others..etc

3) Stay in touch constantly with your GP teacher.

Yes, give him all your essays to mark. Go give him all the pain needed,  don’t give up if he says he is busy. Observe when he gets out of the class or when you find him free, go get him! Sit down and discuss with him what you lack in your essay and writing. Where you could improve..etc. A teacher interaction is vital if you want an A+, else it’s a B.

4) Maintain an atmosphere of trust within yourself.

It is also very very necessary that you build positiveness in your mind whatever the situation. Keep focussing on your aim and keep thinking you will get that damm A+ whatever it takes and that’s it! Keep that thought everytime, when you wake up, when you go in that class and before you go to sleep!

5) Read English Stuffs EVERYDAY

You should spend a minimum of 30mins EVERYDAY on reading English. Read out loud. Ideally 1hr is great per day. Try to say out loud words that you have difficulty in pronouncing.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind About Reading Only

Forming the habit of reading English news on BBC and CNN online websites everyday,  will that improve your english writing?

Reading is a factor to help you in building up vocabularies, observing how words and sentences are being constructed and keeping you updated with new words and idioms. But reading only will not help you improve your english writing and grammar building.

Improving your English consists of a COMBINATION of reading, observing, hearing and WRITING! It is very very crucial to write EVERYDAY also. Construct phrases with same words but different meanings..etc

English Cambridge Is Also About Question Papers, Do Not Forget That!

A side point, don’t just concentrate on essays, cultivate and work out your question type papers also. Since only essay will not bring in the A+ 😉

All the best guys!

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment Gets 331+ LIKE Within 1 Hour!

What Was That! Mark Zuckerberg Only Made A Comment!

Mark Zuckerberg just made a comment on facebook asking “What Happened?” and bingo! That comment gets 331+ LIKEs within an hour and still going up! (Just check it out for yourself)

A Picture Talks For Itself – Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Using Thumbnails to GRAB Attention (and Traffic) on Twitter and Facebook

The words free and advertising don’t often go together in real life. Getting more site traffic takes time and effort, finding a way to effortlessly gain more clicks is always good news.

A method for generating more traffic quickly was right in front of me. Banners brought a lot of attention to my site, but not every format allows this type of advertising. Then I discovered another way to use the same pull of a banner that did work in almost in any format.

Social media sites like Twitter, and Facebook, where typical banner advertising is not allowed does have another way to utilize the same drawing power.

Thumbnails can advertise your site as easily as a banner will. The best news is this tool is less expensive to have created and is welcomed with open arms on most social sites.

Smaller Package, Better Visibility

Since thumbnails are allowed on Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites, they become visible. Blogs, chat forums, and other social media sites enthusiastically welcome users to upload a thumbnail with open arms.

My guess as to the reason that thumbnails do not receive the attention they are due is because most people never realize how efficient they can be in helping to generate that click.

Using the Thumbnail to Generate Attention

The thumbnail is really a smaller, and more portable type of banner ad. While leaving a message through many types of social media such as posting on Facebook, or using Twitter your thumbnail works the same as banner ad would in giving anyone who sees it a view of your message.

Thumbnails can be designed and created in many different sizes. Having a selection on hand for the different websites you will visit that allow thumbnails is great idea. Common pixel sizes are 50×50, 80×80, 100×100, 170×170, or 200×200. The pixel that is recommended for iTunes is 600×600.

My wife Arlene created a popular website called EpilepsyMoms.com. She found out how well thumbnails could work in generating interest in her podcast by using professional and descriptive graphics.

 Use Thumbnails to Grab Attention

Having thumbnails created by a professional could be done at a low cost, and Arlene had two sets created, one with her website address which is already descriptive in what the site is about and one that promotes her podcast.

Simple Ways to Generate Traffic

When working online the easiest ways often work the best for you. That is why the technique for promoting a product or service with a banner is very effective. It’s easy to use and can be re-used often. Thumbnails are just as usable and can bring that same exposure on sites where banners can’t be utilized.

Using Facebook and Twitter to Build Your Brand

Using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn business have found a natural for introducing their products and services to people via numerous exposures online. This is the best type of promotionfree! :)

A well thought out and carefully designed thumbnail can even offer a tempting link back to your website from many social media sites. A plain picture or name doesn’t necessarily carry the message you want, or create the desire of everyone viewing it to click the link and go to your site. Having a professional graphic can gain attention instantly giving those viewing it a reason to want to know more.

Businesses Gain Attention on Facebook and Twitter

Online retailers, affiliate marketers, promoters or really anyone using website promotions will find it’s smart to have a set of banners and thumbnails of various sizes.

In the same way, a carefully crafted banner draws attention so too does a well-designed thumbnail establish and build your brand, which can then increase click through rates to your site.

Your thumbnail can bring more people to your site wherever you blog, chat in a forum, or leave a comment on someone else site. No matter where you go online, this can work as a continuous draw for your site.

Get Tons of Traffic for Your Site

Thumbnails have the drawing power to bring thousands to your site. And because thumbnails have more applications in many more places, these smaller versions of banners are more versatile and adaptable.

Grabbing Attention is Key

Polished, professional, and personable thumbnail graphics grab attention. Thinking of thumbnails you might have clicked on or followed back yourself chances are good these carried an image that first caught your attention, and then made you want to know more. You can even give your photo some retouching from a professional.

Posts or Tweets With More Power

As you post a tweet on Twitter, or make a comment on someone else wall in Facebook a thumbnail speaks for you. The greater number of times you use these sites with your thumbnail representing you the more clicks you will see.

I have found this to be true on sites such as Kitcars where I am a frequent poster. Most major blogs where you write, post, or even simply respond to a message, as a commenter will allow the use of thumbnails. With the thumbnail, you are not a ‘John Smith’ type of poster, and people will want to know more about you. Following your interesting thumbnail link thousands will pick up the trail to your site’s door.

Creating a Dynamic Thumbnail Graphic

1. Use a Good Photo

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to get the best feature all photos need most your smile. A smile is a welcome, and people instinctively respond to you. The background should limited and professional, and be sure there is enough light. A digital photo will work just as well as one taken by a professional camera. A photo retoucher can often help work out problems with a photo you want to use.

2. Find a Graphic Pro

Hiring a professional graphics designer will go a long way to getting the best thumbnail possible. Professionals will have software that can give your graphics a smoother, perfect look. A pro can even retouch your photo to look its best on a thumbnail. Arlene had several thumbnails inexpensively created for her by a professional and she was happy with the results.

3. Keep Text Simple

The wording on graphics should be short and get your point across. The name of the site and a word or two such as Arlene did with by using the name of her site and ‘Podcast’ conveys a clear message. Too much text will detract from the message.

4. Find a Style

Once you find a look that works for you don’t keep changing it. Changing too often will confuse those viewing it and they might not remember you as easily. Keep details between your thumbnail, website, and brand as similar as possible.
Give It Drawing Power

Should you think I’m making a big deal over something that is very simple consider this: the saying that people judge a book by it’s cover is true, and your thumbnail is going to be the cover for every Twitter tweet, Facebook and blog comment, or chat forum thread. Over time, this can number into the thousands of images all working for your site or other promotion.

As Arlene worked on her site and wanted thumbnails created, she decided to use a source she used previously with success. Since she had much of the work for her site done using a service provider site, she quickly found a professional do a touch up on her photo and use a few simple words to convey her message.

As the mother of a child with epilepsy, she wanted to reach as many other mothers as possible who might be facing the same challenges making this site important to her. This was a job she had to keep on a budget, and the results were exactly what she wanted.

She also had a professional graphic designer create banner ads, header graphics, and an image for the audio player she features on her home page. Using these types of sites, a professional is not expensive, because there are many professional writers, technical pros, and others all competing for jobs. Easily negotiating with someone to handle any budgeted job from clerical to a web design is not difficult.

Never Miss Your Chance –Gravatar

Not too long ago I found myself at a site and wanted to post my thumbnail after making a comment. Looking through the settings however, I wasn’t able to find how to add the thumbnail.

After some searching, I was able to find out that many places where you find blogs, chat forums, and commenting boards use a system called Gravatar service to place thumbnails.

Going to Gravatar.com I realized that all I had to do was upload the thumbnail on this site, and then give it an assigned email address. From that point on all I had to do was go to any place I wanted to comment or post and use my email address in the usual field and my thumbnail appears without my having to do anything else.

Not A Secret From You

A professionally created thumbnail graphic can provide you with a constant stream of traffic to your website at no cost. With a little effort getting your thumbnails designed, you will be ready to go.

Over to You

Are you satisfied with the thumbnail you have now?

This is a guest post by:

James Martell started his own affiliate marketing business in 1999. Now, a sought after speaker at industry conferences his insights into outsourcing, marketing and natural search are also shared in a popular podcast. James and Arlene live near the seaside in Vancouver with their children.

Color Picker Alternative For Ubuntu Gnome – ColorPicker For Linux


What Is Color Picker?

A software or program to create a desired color scheme? Well, not really. Color picker is a small wonderful piece of software which allows you to ‘pick’ a color anywhere on your screen. Yes! I mean just about anywhere on your monitor! You wanted to know the exact color of your toolbar? This is made possible with the magical color picker, which has been conceived by iconico.com.

Color Picker For KDE Linux Only?

Color picker, ideally, is for Windows-based operating systems. But the open-source community is so great that there exists a Color Picker for Linux systems too. But here there’s a catch. The Nix color picker is only for linux based on KDE desktop. For example, on Mandriva linux you just have to right-click on your toolbar and select color picker from the available executable programs ‘Add-able‘ on your panel or toolbar.

Gpick – An Advanced Color Picker For Gnome Desktop – Ubuntu!

In the open-source world, everything is possible and magical. There’s now an advanced color picker, named as Gpick, for Linux systems based on Gnome Desktop, for example, Ubuntu Linux!

How To Install Gpick On Ubuntu?

It’s as simple as downloading the .deb package of Gpick at linuxine.com
Once downloaded, you just have to double-click on it, provide your user password to proceed to the installation setup and voila!

How To Use Gpick On Ubuntu?

Once installed, gpick will most probably be placed in your Applications>Accessories>gpick.
1) Launch the program
2) Select any color area on your screen that you want to know the value of
3) Let your mouse pointer remain still on that point or area
4) Now click on your Space Bar – The color value has been snapped and saved!
5) Right click on the color you find on the polygonal shape and click on Copy to clipboard. You will find your color values there. Enjoy!

gpick usage

Who Uses Color Picker Or Gpick?

Color Picker or gpick are mostly precious to people indulged in web design and graphics, where the need to know the exact Hex color and name of a particular color area is vital.

The Use Of Capital Letters In The English Language

feather + Capital Letters

Most often while writing, some people are confused when it comes to capital letters; which word should start with a capital letter and under what circumstances?! This is because Capital Letter usage is mostly done by intuition by most of us; do you know exactly when to use capital letters? If yes, I invite you to see if you got it right – if no, you have come to the right place, continue your reading below.

When To Use Capital Letters?

1) Beginning of a sentence

This is the very basic and classical usage of capital letters in the english English language and any language since old times.

2) When using proper nouns

Wakish, Duffy, London, Manchester, November Jupiter, etc.

3) For adjectives formed from proper nouns

Elizabethan poets, Scotch whisky, the French language

4) When using ‘special proper nouns’

Please note that ‘special nouns‘ is not an official word class, but it is just how I’m personally tagging the following:
God, Christ, Bible, Trinity, etc.

5) For a pronoun or possessive adjective applying to ‘God’

“They trusted in God that He would save His people”

6) For the first person singular, I

exclamation mark But this does NOT apply for ‘me, my, etc..’

7) For personification (often used in poetry)

– If Winter comes, can spring be far behind? (Shelley)

8.) For the chief words in title of people, books, plays, etc.

Elizabeth the Second, Alfred the Great, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Tale of Two Cities

9) For salutations or forms of addressing (often in letters)

Dr, Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.

10) In letters, for the greeting and complimentary close

Dear Sir,…
Yours faithfully,…

11) When using abbreviations of degrees, titles, etc..

B.Sc ==> Bachelor of Science
Q.C ==> Queen’s Counsel
M.P ==> Member of Parliament

12) For the opening words of direct speech

“Blogging is my passion as well as my job”, said Darren Rowse

exclamation mark But the capital letter should not be repeated in the second part of a broken quotation:

“I am working hard now,” he said, “in order to provide for my old age.”

13) For the first word in each line of poetry

First liner..
Second liner..
Third liner..

exclamation mark But this convention, as far as I remember, is however being disregarded by modern poets. (New generation, new styles)

Have I missed Any Other Uses Of Capital Letters?

If you think so, please do use the comment form below to add to this list, thanks.