Spare Some Time To Think About Your Life Goals – Life In Every Breath

We are all so much engrossed in our daily routine. We simply do not find time to sit down for a small while to ponder upon our ourselves, our life, where we are heading and where we want to head. Sure you could argue with me that in your mind you know what you want. […]

Adding One Change In Your Daily Routine, Can Boost Your Lifestyle

When you find that your life begins to feel stale, don’t keep it in that lethargic state. It’s time you take action. When you’re not sure what you want, take a deep breath in some peaceful place, be as close to nature and feel its magic. When you feel stuck in your job or your […]

Foods That Should Not Be In The Fridge – THE EBOOK

Hi lovely lady! If you are reading this, it means you are very conscientious in your kitchen and food storage. If you sit down for a minute and think about a list of your commonly used foods in your daily life, you’ll find that list to be quite overwhelming. But yet, it seems so obvious […]

Write Your Thesis – A Quick Look At Writing Your Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis Statement? A thesis statement is a sentence containing a prime idea for a writing assignment, It should help in controlling the flow of ideas within the writing essay or paper. It often reflects the perception that a writer has made about his reading or personal experience. For instance, “Tocqueville believed that […]

5 Things You Really Need To Do If You Are Aiming For An A+ In GP – General Paper

I get frequent mails and comments as follows, this one is from a comment from vashiket “.. i`m aiming for an A+ in GP Cambridge. my problem is i have not worked many gp essays and always end up with a B in gp!..i really need some advice..” Don’t Just Aim, Do Action To Lead […]

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment Gets 331+ LIKE Within 1 Hour!

What Was That! Mark Zuckerberg Only Made A Comment! Mark Zuckerberg just made a comment on facebook asking “What Happened?” and bingo! That comment gets 331+ LIKEs within an hour and still going up! (Just check it out for yourself) A Picture Talks For Itself – Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Using Thumbnails to GRAB Attention (and Traffic) on Twitter and Facebook

The words free and advertising don’t often go together in real life. Getting more site traffic takes time and effort, finding a way to effortlessly gain more clicks is always good news. A method for generating more traffic quickly was right in front of me. Banners brought a lot of attention to my site, but […]

Color Picker Alternative For Ubuntu Gnome – ColorPicker For Linux


The Use Of Capital Letters In The English Language

feather + Capital Letters

Commonly Mis-Spelt Words And Their Correct Forms

flourescent eggs + mis-spelt words

Certain words pause confusions in the way they are written. Why is this? I have tried to think about it and I came with the reasons below.