Wakish Wonderz is back!

Hello dear viewers, friends and readers! As most of you might have noticed, this blog was gone for like 2 to 3 weeks. Actually I had some probs with my previous hosting. I have now moved to a new Hosting company.. I also took some time to re-customize the look and feel of my blog..etc […]

robots.txt – why is this simple file still so widely used?

robots.txt, robots.txt, robots.txt.. You may have come across this strange name at least once if you are an internet surfer robots.txt, robots.txt, robots.txt.. You have definetly seen this “.txt” more than once if you are a blogger using automated tools like wordpress or blogspot..etc. robots.txt, robots.txt, robots.txt.. Now, you are undoubtedly curious by this “text […]

Insects directly linked with life forms on Earth

What is an Insect ? – a very small animal or creature with amazing and wonderful characteristics – termed as invertebrates (they have no backbones) – classified as Arthropods. What is this Arthropod you say ? well, arthropods have the following distinction: i) a hard outer skin ii) bilateral symmetry (half of their body is […]

Cleaning the toilet to attract luck

Today i read something interesting and thought to share it with you. It seems that in Japan, lady luck will smile to you if you do something really simple. Guess what? (Hint: Cleanliness) Urm, let me help you; the answer is: ‘Keep your toilet Clean“. Yes, you have to do it if you want to […]

Dorm Check – The Interview

Last time, you remembered we went to take a cup of tea with the owner of a PTC or PTS website. This time we invite you for a dinner with the owner of a Paid-To-Post Forum, named as Dorm Check. Ready? Good, here we go.. The Interview: Q => What is your name ? A=> […]

GlobalCashClicks – The Interview

GlobalCashClicks is yet another program/website which pays you for PTC,PTS or referrals. You are also able to join as an advertiser. The Interview: Q => What is your name ? A=> Dick Hoek Q => Where were you born and raised? A=> The Netherlands Q => When did you decide to start globalcashclicks ? A=> […]

My First about Me Page for Wakish Wonderz

About Wakish Wonderz Wakish Wonderz was initially a name for my personal website on which i planned to put tutorials, free templates..etc. I designed the layout and graphics exactly the way i wanted it to be and i really loved the final result. But then i start pondering my little brain; “will my website sustain […]