The 15 Characteristics Of A Good Dictionary – The Dictionary Is Your Best Helper!

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Success – Inspirational And Motivational Quotes By Famous People

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Success is something which every single person strives for, irrespective of the career path one takes. Some people achieve success in their endeavours by relentless effort and determination while others seek motivation and inspiration out of successful people’s advice, words or quotes to mould their own success. In this respect, this article brings you a series of words and quotes which arise inspiration and motivation for success.

A Glance At The Uses Of Commas – The Shortest Punctuation Mark

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GP Students Need To Use Past Participles Correctly – General Paper Pitfalls

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Good grammatical construct is one of the pillars of a successful GP paper. Writing correctly also implies the right use of verbs in sentences. When it comes to verbs, some students get confused with the usage of past participles; a common complaint from teachers and examiners alike [..]

Good English Words To Have In An Essay – Edition 05

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Why Don’t Webmasters Provide A Contact Form? No Contact Form Means Lame Webmaster!

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For the last couple of hours, I have been so frustrated to see some reputable web entrepreneur or whatever the “pro-x” they call themselves, they do not have a point of contact […]

Mickels Rea Wins Star Academy France 2008 – Star Academy 8

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I was just watching the finals of Star Academy (France), the winner is Mickels Rea. And the runner-up is the glamorous Alice (Alice au pays des merveilles – as she has often been attributed to) […]

Don’t Snatch Your Own Success Talented Friends / If You Haven’t Got Time To Do It Right, You Don’t Have Time To Do it Wrong Either!

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Today while reading and writing my previous inspirational articles on Dreams Quotes, I felt a strange motivation deep inside me and I started to remember the deep moments that I had when I was still at school and university and which I still feel somehow at points in my life, including in blogging; I thought of sharing this moment with you since perhaps you might be feeling or living the same thing as me […]

Dreams – Inspirational Quotes By Famous People Like Robert Kennedy And Henry David Thoreau

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5 Phrases With Prepositions / The Wives Of Verbs – Edition 01 – With Alphabet A

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