General Tips To Make A First Good Impression – Secure A Strong Relationship

Woman And Girl, First Good Impression

I was reading an article where my blogo-friend, Jirel, was talking about his own past experience on how First impression is the last impression. While commenting, I turned up to be writing more than a whole paragraph which is quite enormous for a handy quick comment. Hence, I finaly decided to write an article. Let’s get started […]

A Comprehensive Analysis Of Ellipsis / What Is An Elliptical Sentence And When Is It Used?

Rose Leaves, Ellipsis

5 Sentences With Meaning Of Words Explained – Edition 04

Mixed Fruits, Mixed Words

The Two Storey Skylab In 1973 / Did You Know – Universe Edition 5

Storey Skylab 1973

Wakish Providing End Of Year HostIcan Web Hosting Bonus Coupon – $30 Off

Hostican Web Hosting

Wakish Wonderz is offering an amazing $30 off for a 12-months Base Host package with Hostican web hosting solutions [..]

General Principles Of Punctuation – What Are Punctuations And How To Use Them

diced vegetables + what are punctuation

5 English Words With Sentences To Use In A Story Or Essay – Edition 03

White Flowers + English Words

The Importance Of Punctuation In Writing Good English

white flowers + importance of punctuation

Continuing with my aim to helping you write clearly, concisely, effectively and pertinently, today we will see exactly about what are punctuations and their importance. In a later session, I will also give you a detailed definition of each of those punctuations and where they are expected to be used [..]

Simple Example OF Subroutines In C Programming

kaleidoscope + subroutines In C Programming

Tests For The Parts Of Speech

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