Build Upon What You Have, Build Upon What You Build

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I recently read a thoughful and insightful article on Problogger where Darren Rowse explains: “A Secret to Blogging Success – Build Upon What You Build“.

I was very touched by this article. It is something which is so simple and effective and which we fail to take time to think about. Not because we are not sensible, but due to the fact that we are so taken by the pace of our life and objectives. It often takes the advice of someone else to revive your motivations, aspirations and to rise stronger.

What I read on Problogger, kept hitting my mind this weekend. It is something which I need to focus more on because I tend to do so many things at the same time; I blog, I code, I design, I read, I work..etc, etc. But at times I think I just fail to build upon what I have already built. So I want to say a BIG thanks to Darren for this “push“.

While Darren applies this technique for blogging, I believe this is very fruitful if you also apply it to any of your daily challenging nitty gritty.

And I’m sure you too might benefit from what Darren said and that’s why I wanted to draw this article to your attention – you’ll thank me later! 😉

Have a nice week!

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