Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment Gets 331+ LIKE Within 1 Hour!

What Was That! Mark Zuckerberg Only Made A Comment!

Mark Zuckerberg just made a comment on facebook asking “What Happened?” and bingo! That comment gets 331+ LIKEs within an hour and still going up! (Just check it out for yourself)

A Picture Talks For Itself – Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comment

Mickels Rea Wins Star Academy France 2008 – Star Academy 8

Mickels Rea, Star Acedemy
I was just watching the finals of Star Academy (France), the winner is Mickels Rea. And the runner-up is the glamorous Alice (Alice au pays des merveilles – as she has often been attributed to).

It has been a great event, I have been watching them since the very first weeks of the “Star Ac“, as the french calls it. This 8th edition had some wonderful contestants, it was just “sublime”. The event featured many famous star artists for each rounds, namely Céline Dion, Madonna, Ricky Martin, 50cents, Avril Lavigne, Anastacia, Beyonce, Lorie, Jonas Brothers, Craig David, Sheryfa luna, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Christophe Mae, amongst others.

Alice, Star Acedemy

What Is Star Academy?

Quoted from Wiki:

Star Academy is a French reality tv show produced by the Dutch company Endemol, based on the Spanish format called Operación Triunfo. It consists of a contest of young singers. It spawned an equally successful show in Quebec called Star Académie. It is broadcast on TF1. At the end of each season, selected contestants go on tour around France, Morocco, Switzerland, Belgium, Tunisia, and other French-speaking countries. The contestants stay in the Dammarie-lès-Lys castle : The Vives-Eaux castle. The reality show is hosted by Nikos Aliagas.

Watch The Video Of Star Acedemy 2008 Finals online Now – Star Ac 8

Free Download Of Star Acedemy 2008 Finals With Mickels, Alice And Star Artists Featured

==> Just click here to download free video of Star Acedemy 2008 Finals as seen above – good quality video!

The 2 Finalists Mickels And Alice Work Hard

– Both Mickels and Alice were not expected to be finalists based on their starting performances. I remember that Alice was saved by public voting 5 times! But since then she has been working seriously and she just kept getting better and better, just as Mickels. been watching their daily work on “Canale Evenement” – which gives you live videos of almost ALL the ‘doings’ of contestants, even when they are sleeping.

Anyway, it was a great moment watching Star Academy 2008 for all these weeks (16 weeks?). Seeing their progress and daily nitty-gritty, coupled with the advice of so many experienced artists, it’s just inspiring and motivating – if you can dream it and put in the required effort, you can surely be a winner!

My favorite was infact Anissa, she has a wonderful voice and she’s just gorgeous; ‘tres belle francaise’. 😀 How about you, have you been watching them, who was your favorite?

The Two Storey Skylab In 1973 / Did You Know – Universe Edition 5

Storey Skylab 1973

Two Storey skylab were fired into orbit in space on My 14, 1973.
→ Their expected arrival in Space was around 1983
→ Unfortunately, on July 1979, the storey skylab plunged into the Earth atmosphere, like a burning meteor. They ended into a sprayed debris over Central Australia

(Read More Detailed Story here..)

Image From Rocket and Space Technology

The Amazing Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike Is Progressing – World’s New Unicycle Motorbike!

Gyroscopic Electric Uno Bike

If you search in my Archives, you’ll see that I wrote an article on a strange-looking motorbike called as ‘Electric Uno Bike‘. As a strong believer in free-style creativity, I was very attracted and amazed by this new invention crafted by canadian, Ben Gulak. Till then, I’m constantly keeping an eye on the evolution of this project and I got some news. It seems that the electric uno bike is progressing – that’s super cool. They even have their websites – UnoCylce – BPG-Technologies.

Uno Bike Talked On Press

Uno Bike was listed and mentioned in the following Press:
1) Chicago Tribune
2) Popular Science
3) Motorcycle Mojo

Uno Bike Acclaimed Awards

The sensational unicycle motorbike won the following awards:

1) Invention of the Year (Popular Science Magazine)
2) Best Engineering (National Motorcycle Show)
3) Best in Category (Toronto Motorcycle Supershow)
4) Best Engineering (Toronto Motorcycle Supershow)

The New Future MotorBike?

I still believe they will make it. Ben Gulak is a motivated guy who is fully convinced of his creativity. What do you think? Is there any chance?


Scintillate Your Inspiration And Goals – Make An Analogy From The Attitude Of Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps inspiration

Last time , in Phenomenal World Record Winnings Of Michael Phelps At Beijing 2008 Olympic, we also mentioned Michael Phelps’ Iron-Will Power To Perform Beyond The Accomplished. Today, I want to show that Michael Phelps is really an inspiration and had the right attitude. Having the right attitude is necessary, or even crucial in any field, including blogging, in determining your success.

Michael Said: “Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination, and that’s something I learned and something that helped me [..]”

Besides, having an iron-will power to achieve, Michael Phelps is a brilliant mastermind; the ability to have an imagination to go beyond our own limits or the thought of others, is just exceptionally wonderful! He sets his aim and keep focusing on it. He adds his imagination, concentration, courage and deal with every step like a piece of puzzle and in the end assembling each pieces to mould and concretize his aim into history.

I have gathered 3 small-length videos on Michael Phelps just to show you the attitude and trust (in himself) of Michael Phelps.

Michael Phelps – Setting Goals (Have the right attitude)

Michael Phelps-Prepares for Beijing (Keep focus)

Phelps Aims For 8 Gold Medals – Just Before the competition starts
(sorry youtube has removed this video – updated: 19 june 2011)