Why Don’t Webmasters Provide A Contact Form? No Contact Form Means Lame Webmaster!

Contact Form

No Contact Form Is A Big Frustration For Your Visitors

For the last couple of hours, I have been so frustrated to see some reputable web entrepreneur or whatever the “pro-x” they call themselves, they do not have a point of contact. So I have to scan their whole website(s) and blog(s); wasting my time. How can such people don’t have a contact form? That’s so un-pro and lame if you ask me. These guys are at several places and they don’t even provide an easy way to contact them, common what the hell are you doing?

Don’t Make Yourself Sound Like A Moron

I think people who do not provide a contact point are either:
1) too shy or worried when people contact them
2) does not care if people want to say something to them
3) too lazy to provide one
4) considers themselves too much important and hence cannot bother what others need to say – If you fall in this one, I will have to say you are a moron and bias person. The holygrail of an online success is ‘proper networking’ and to network people need to contact you; it is as simple as that.

If you don’t want to sound like any of these type of unhealthy categories, you know what to do.

Sensible Webmasters Will Always Provide A Point Of Contact

And this is also common with several webmasters. If you want to have an online presence, be sure to provide a comfortable and straight-forward way for people to contact you, an example is my contact form. It is visible, easy, simple, direct and fast.

I hope if I have conveyed the message to people reading this – be easily accesible, provide a contact form on your website!

Just 140 Characters To Persuade Others About The Selling Point Of Your Blog Or Service

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Problogger, Darren Rowse, is conveying an experiment to ‘make bloggers pitch him about why readers should hand around their (the blogggers) blog‘. And all this should be done in a pitiful 140 characters. Bear in mind that we are talking about characters here and not words!

I find this very interesting mainly because:
1) It’s a big challenge – 140 charactors to sell your blog, is very very tight. If you are able to make it, you are demonstrating good competence and motivation!
2) It’s a big opportunity to help convey your blog’s current mission statement to a wide audience – Problogger is a famous platform on the blogosphere and you should undoubtedly get noticed.

star The Catching Point And The Most Crucial Point

I have been reading the responses of other bloggers and many of them have either:
1) written less than 140 charactors, some even at 94 charactors
2) Or others have simply gone slightly beyond the expected 140 characters

Now, if you want to appeal to your readers or customers and want to gain credibility, I think you should at any cost respect the requirement of that ’round’. It clearly says ‘in 140 characters’. So you should do it exactly like it’s said. Else, you simply show that you are not competent and not convincing with your blog/services.

star The Entry Of Wakish Wonderz

Here’s the entry that I made on Problogger. It is at exactly 140 characters (spaces included), nothing more, nothing less!

Starting with the basic building blocks of the english language, I’m here to help you write clearly, concisely, effectively and pertinently!

star What About You?

The delay to submit an entry on Problogger is 48hrs, so try your luck fast!
If you are reading this article late, you can nevertheless submit an entry on my blog here by using the comment form below. Let’s continue it..

Exhilarating My Site’s Full Potential To Titillate Traffic – My New Blogging Experiment

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Since my inception as a blogger, I have tried and experiment a lot of things, either consciously or simply blindly. But recently, I’m deriving a lot of pleasure in putting what I have read and learned into actual mind-conscious experiments. I observe those experiments, compare it with what others says and finally I make my conclusions. (And I’m kind enough to share it with you? 😉 )

Sensing Something In The Tunnel

One of the most craziest experiment I recently done, was to put the ranking of my site at stake which saw my site’s alexa rank dropping from 270,000 (approximately) to 1,040,000; you can read more here: Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth. But I did it with my trusted spirit to achieve the best, constantly reminding me that I can eventually come back with style. My spirit is revealing positive; I made a follow-up of my previous experiment saying my alexa rank is getting back; at that time it came from 1,040,000 to 1,013,000. Right now, if you check my alexa rank, it’s at a surprising 847,223 mark. Surprising because of the short laps of time (like 2 to 3 weeks) with which my alexa rank is getting back into the ranking game. You see, I’m not bluffing whatsoever!
And all that, without writing any pillar articles – as you can see for yourself in my Archives.
So, how the heck am I getting back? (That’s the question you should be asking yourself right now if you haven’t)

The Answer And My New Experiment

=> I’m not using any kind of paying adverts, nothing like this. I have just simply stopped writing articles (about what I’m supposed to be writing on) and I’m investing that energy in optimizing my blog’s full potential in order to get more traffic from different sources, among which search engines being my favorite. But mind you, that does not mean I will be dumb, I will at times say ‘some crappy hellos’..

My blog has, till now, a mediocre amount of articles, 130 exactly, excluding this one. I believe that ‘writing and writing‘ does no good if I’m not being able to make the most out of my present ones. I want to exhilarate my site’s full potential and hence titillating Traffic. In simple terms, I will spend time in putting into practice what I have learned so far (and also in figuring how I can use my current contents) to drive traffic to them without spending money on campaigns like adwords..etc

The Big Question

How will I do this experiment. As you have rightly guessed, I won’t reveal it yet until this experiment is over. But once done, I’ll once more share it with you as I did for my previous ones. Fair enough?

I aslo believe that this experiment will eventually be at its peak at a certain point, hence indicating the end of the experiment. So keep abreast with Wakish Wonderz if you don’t want to miss out the results of my new exciting experiment!

A Follow-Up Of My Blog Following My Previous Traffic Experiment

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You remember last time I wrote about Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth where I shared an experiment which is quite unique around the blogosphere and which needs a lot of guts since the ranking of my blog is at stake. But I don’t mind trying out things even if it’s hazardous for my blog. The key point is I have enough trust and conviction with Wakish Wonderz.

While this might seem quite early for a follow-up, I consider it’s important to do so right now. You might recall I said the traffic of Wakish Wonderz has rised 2 times to what it used to be before the experiment. To prove this, here’s the new stats observations:

Stats Before Experiment Starts
1) TECHNORATI: Top 98,000
2) ALEXA: Top 270,000

Stats Caused By The Experiment:
1) TECHNORATI: approximately at 450,000
2) ALEXA: At 1,040,000

Stats At The Time Of This Post
1) TECHNORATI: approximately at 295,396
2) ALEXA: 1,013,000

Net Change:
=> TECHNORATI: +155,000
=> ALEXA: +27,000

While the result above is not good enough, I think it’s just positive for this short recovering period (from the experiment). Technorati is quite good on the whole and Alexa rank really does take a lot of time to stabilize. Based on my present traffic, I expected Alexa to rise more positively, but it seems to be pretty slow to gain back in the cool ranking edge.

Points to be noted:
=> Alexa ranking is something which needs a lot of work and patience as opposed to PR and technorati. The positive growth of alexa ranks depends primarily on the nature of your traffic. (I might write something on Alexa soon)

Do you have anything to share with us? I’m sure you do, so feel free to use the comment form below.

Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth

Keyword Density

Like you, I have constantly read and heard about the preaching: “don’t be inactive, this will hurt your blog’s traffic”. As a blogger, I constantly try a lot of things related to my blog. One of my personal experiment, and which needs a lot of guts I should say, was to leave my blog inactive for 2months. “Holy shh…”, Yeah I know you must be wondering, but that’s true. 😉 But I guess you surely have a lot to tell us too, so make a comment asap.

What I Mean By Inactive:
I don’t update my blog with articles, nor editing links or posts.
I stop being active on social sites and hence decrease my online presence and networking
But I was deleting spams, since no one wants to accumalate like over 3,000+ junks after 2months 😛

First, let’s observe some stats of Wakish Wonderz:

Stats Before Experiment:
1) PR RANK:  Just dropped from PR4 to PR3 (due to not meeting google’s new requirements)
2) TECHNORATI: Top 98,000
3) ALEXA: Top 270,000

Stats After Experiment:
1) PR3
2) TECHNORATI: approximately at 450,000
3) ALEXA: At 1,040,000

Calculations (approximately):
=> technorati rank dropped by -352,000
=> Alexa rank dropped by -770,000

Now What About My Traffic

Traffic on Wakish Wonderz comes from mainly 3 ways:
1) Search Engines (70%)
2) Social sites (15%)
3) Linkbacks from other bloggers/webmasters (15%)
(I’m not yet into paid advertising like Adwords for the moment)

So, my observation with traffic is that during the period of my inactivity, I lost all my traffic from social sites and the new percentage were as follows:
1) Search Engines (50%)
2) Linkbacks from other bloggers/webmasters (20%)
3) Social sites(0%)
Loss in traffic out of 100% was -30%

Explanation And Observation

I thus observed that inactivity has a big impact on traffic from social sites and also on search engine referrals. But to my great surprise, I noticed more linkbacks from other sites and blogs. Was this a coincidence or a sign that some of my fellow bloggers silently cared about me not being ‘around’? After a closer investigation, the answer was two-fold; some of my pillar articles were really appreciated by others causing them to linkback to me and some of the bloggers (not necessary friends) do care! I even got a couple of messages asking if everything was alright.

Anything Positive From This Experiment?

1) Now, that I have closely observed from where and how my traffic is coming, this helps me in coming back and to tweak things more confidently.
2) You get to know who really cares about your blog and you
3) You get a big rest, stepping back to observe things better

The Best Part

=> The traffic of Wakish Wonderz has rised 2 times to what it used to be before the experiment and this let me foresee some changes which I will have to make, like hosting and also the way my blog ranks. So, wish me luck to perform even better 😉

=> A Follow-Up Of My Blog Following My Previous Traffic Experiment

What about your experiences, do you find same trend or do you have something more insightful to share ? Write your comments below..