The 15 Characteristics Of A Good Dictionary – The Dictionary Is Your Best Helper!

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On this blog, I repeatedly preach that it is very crucial you know the basics of the english language and to strengthen your vocabulary to help you write good english. But the key part of this language system is having the right dictionary. Regular use of your dictionary will help you develop your personal vocabulary book much healthier. It is vital that you keep a good dictionary handy. But how to know which dictionary is the desired one? Continue reading..

Characteristics Of A Good Dictionary – The Right Dictionary’s Habits

1) Tells you how words are spelt
2) Tells you how words are pronounced
3) Gives you the different meanings of words
4) Gives examples of how the words are used under their respective context
5) Gives you the plurals of nouns
6) Tells you whether a noun is countable or not
7) Gives you the synonyms and the antonyms of words
8.) Gives you words derived from the same root or family
9) Gives you the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
10) Gives you the past tense and participle forms of verbs
11) Tells you the syllable of a word to stress
12) Tells you the origin of some foreign words
13) Gives you the meanings of useful phrases
14) Tells you the level of usage of a certain word
15) Tells you whether a certain word is a slang word, a taboo word, a formal word, an informal word, an archaic word, a colloquial expression, etc.

If you see a dictionary providing all those above points, it is a good candidate to be considered as the right or good dictionary. For instance, I can convincingly recommend you to use The Concise Oxford Dictionary; I have been using it for the last 6+ years and it has been (and is) a great tool to enhance my English language.

Good English Words To Have In An Essay – Edition 05

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Essay Words With Meaning And Sentences To help You

1) Scalded => burnt by hot liquid or steam

Jirel took the scalded girl to hospital.

2) Spooky => scary

The old house was huge, dusty and spooky.

3) hundle huddle => crowd together

The girls huddled together in fear.

4) shabbily => poorly dressed with worn-out clothes

The old man, lying at the post office, was shabbily dressed.

5) advent => arrival

The advent of the iPhone 3G has created a big craze among youngsters and adults alike.

6) loathe => dislike greatly

Some travellers actually like them while others loathe them.

7) nutritious => high food value

Above all, the daily food you eat may not be nutritious.

8.) dismay => shame consternation

We starred at the teacher in great dismay.

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5 Sentences With Meaning Of Words Explained – Edition 04

Mixed Fruits, Mixed Words

1) Classy ==> grand

John Chow likes to eat at classy restaurants.

2) Cutlery ==> knives, spoons and forks

I felt very uneasy when the gorgeous waitress came near my table to lay the cutlery; I am not used to using the knife properly.

3) Accustomed ==> to get familiar with (to get used to)

It takes time to get accustomed to a different environment specially if it is your first time abroad.

4) Monotony ==> lack of variety

An artist can amazingly transmute the monotony of something, from abstract to concrete, through his artistic drawings.

5) Linger ==> lengthen

Due to the bad weather conditions, the nomads had to linger their stay for some weeks.

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5 English Words With Sentences To Use In A Story Or Essay – Edition 03

White Flowers + English Words

1) Initiated ==> started

My interest for stamp collection was initiated by my dad.

2) Encouraged ==> prompted

My dad used to show me his stamp collection. He also encouraged me to take up this hobby.

3) Leisure ==> free time

I enjoy blogging very much. It is an enjoyable and educational way of spending my leisure hours.

4) Seldom ==> rarely

My brother is seldom at home. He works night hours too.

5) Untidy ==> disorderly

The Simpson family has one of the most untidy houses in the row.

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Special Words You Can Use In GP Essays – Enrich Your English Language Vocabulary – Edition 02

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1) Disseminate ==> spread widely

In our present era, it is seemingly difficult to disseminate a culture of non-violence.

2) Eradicate ==> destroy completely

Forests are being eradicated at an alarming rate for industrialisation and development purposes.

3) testimony ==> demonstration

The global warming is a conspicuous testimony of the impact of industrialisation.

4) Misconceptions ==> wrong ideas

In Mauritius, many misconceptions have emerged due to the advent of the Cyber-City.

5) Accumulate ==> form an increasing quantity

Doing regular physical exercises, is surely one of the best ways to stop fats accumulating in the human body.

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Daily Short Exercise For You – The Reader!

1) Use the above words to make your own sentences, can you?
2) Explain the meaning of the following words, as I have used them in the above examples, and make sentences with them:
– alarming
– seemingly
– conspicuous
– advent

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