YouTube Videos Online Tool

Wakish Wonderz brings you an exciting online tool: Download YouTube Videos Online To Your PC Freely!  as you can see the page above “Download YouTube Videos“.

I made some search on google and I landed up with several scripts. After some 2hrs (yeah I got so many errors and uncompatible functions) coding and modifying here and there, I succeeded in coming up with a script which is working for me. I surprised myself here.. was not expecting to end up nicely. I remember I was going to delete all the codes and files and forgetting about “Download YouTube Videos Online To Your PC Freely!“. But, out of nowhere really, I succeeded.

This tool will allow you to download any YouTube video which you like, to your pc. :) Is that not cool, huh? Of course it is! Also, do not forget to share the link with your friends!

Enjoy “your” YouTube video offline as much as you want! 😛

Free Ebooks for Webmasters – Edition 2

free ebooks

Pay Per Click Advertising Tutorial

– This free tutorial comes in the form of an <a href=”” mce_href=”” title=”Free Resale-Rights E-Books”>E-Book</a>. It teaches beginners the basics of using PPC advertising to promote their site. It will teach you how to make the best use of your advertising dollars. This <a href=”” mce_href=”” title=”Free Resale-Rights E-Books”>free ebook</a> is an excellent read for anyone who wants to promote their site using PPC advertising.

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

– This free ebook teaches beginners the basics of search engine optimization. This SEO guide walks you step-by-step through the process of optimizing your website for the Search Engines. You can’t beat the price (FREE).

Untold Website Traffic Secrets

– This book comes with 10 great methods to drive traffic to your website. It’s a must for any webmaster aiming at good traffic.

Affiliate Master’s course

– This is a 10-DAY course in the form of an ebook. It will help you learn how to succeed as an affiliate. The main points are:
– The concept of Developing a WebSite
– How to do a brainstorming section to find related keywords
– Developing the Theme of a Site – strategies to adopt.
– How to generate targeted and motivated traffic

The Service Sellers Masters Course

-An incredible ebook teaching you the techniques to be successful in selling your service online. A must for webmasters thinking to develop a merchant strategy.

The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course

– If you are thinking about starting a career as an independent Webmaster, then you have to read this ebook!

The World’s Greatest Marketing Stories

– Website Conversion expert Dan Lok gives away awesome FREE marketing advice in this eBook. Have a look.

8 )
107 Killer Traffic Conversion Secrets

– Website Conversion expert Dan Lok reveals 107 excellent website conversion tips in this FREE e-book. A very good addition to the above Untold Website Traffic Secrets ebook!

6 Forbidden Psychological Tactics

– Website Conversion expert Dan Lok reveals 6 psychologicial marketing tactics used by marketing experts everywhere. This is a highly recommended ebook!

Headlines From Dan’s Million-Dollar File Cabinet

– Dan Lok reveals 79 marketing headlines from his personal collection. This free e-book is called, “79 “Dragon-Slayer” Headlines From Dan’s Million-Dollar File Cabinet”. This straight-forward ebook provides excellent examples of headlines that sell.

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Free Resale-Rights E-Books

free ebooks

Understand Meanings

1) Resell Rights

Means that YOU are FREE to sell the product you are downloading/obtaining from us, at ANY price of your choice and make 100% Profit. These Product usually come with a suggested retail price to give you an indicator about its worth.

2) Master Resell Rights

Means that YOU can give it away, resell it, bundle it or include them in your own membership sites.
In Addition, your customer too can sell it. More information about these rights are included.

3) Private Label Resell Rights

This is the “treasure” that many people are eager to have. With a product labelled as such, you can update that product so that it appears to have been created by YOU! Yes!!! You can change almost everything. But here, your customers cannot have rights to resell it.
You can really sell it at a high profitable price based on what final product you have achieved. I will say that it’s almost over a 200% Profit

4) Give-Away Rights

YOU are Free to give away the product as a gift.