3 Disadvantages Which Wakish Wonderz Faces

blogging disadvantages

I started blogging (not so seriously) at around February 2007 and till now my definition and philosophy about blogging has changed enormously. At the beginning, I have been blogging (very rarely) solely for my eagerness of having an online presence and to be able to share some of my perspectives. But as I progress, my knowledge in IT coupled with the blogosphere, has convinced me if blogging is done seriously and with passion, it can lead to assets. Meaning, I can turn my passion into money without compromising my initial ‘way of blogging‘.

On this blog, I make money (just enough to pay my hosting/domain bills) via:
1) Adsense (still using)
2) Text-Link-Ads Affiliate
3) Private deals

The only payment method that I can use are:
1) Checks
2) Moneybookers

Disadvantages Wakish Wonderz Faces

1) No Paypal – This is a BIG blow
I cannot use Paypal, since it has a ‘send-only’ status assigned to my country Mauritius. This is so frustrating and I even wrote about why I think Moneybookers is better than Paypal. Every single payment online is done MOSTLY via Paypal. I have missed out so many great opportunities in making money online just because I cannot receive money via Paypal. Now you can imagine my frustration!

2) Digg banned me.
Digg is a major asset for bloggers in terms of traffic and ‘that’ Digg thing banned me just 3 months of my blogging existence. At that time, I was mainly relying on Digg for traffic. That was another blow.

Due to the nature of the ban, I can proudly say that Digg Sucks Big Time! They don’t have a human touch and hence I think they have a bad philosphy. I emailed them kindly 3 times, the first when I was banned, the 2nd in December 2007 and the last one was in March 2008. Digg has NOT replied to ANY of my kind messages. Another reason to say Digg sucks!

But, I think this has been more of an advantage to me since it allowed me to start to blog by realizing the crude reality of how things goes on right at the birth of my blog.

3) StumbleUpon just banned me.
Last friday I was banned by StumbleUpon. Now, compared to Digg, I don’t really blame them. I immediately emailed SU kindly and stating, according to me, why I was banned (I suspect only 1 possible reason). SU replied to me kindly just 12hrs later. They said they appreciate my appeal and that my ban is not of a high severity though they cannot unban me yet because of their ‘internal’ ban process.

Infact I stumbled two of my own articles in a lapse of two months. But according to their rules, I’m not allowed to do so.
Nevertheless, I’m not so happy with SU, since the reason of not unbanning me was pretty lame.

Anyway, SU was a big source of traffic for my site, and needless to say this is another blow and which is having an impact of my present experiments. But anyway, I guess I have to work even harder to achieve my aims.

How ABout You, Any Advice?

Are you experiencing any similar side-effects? Or may be you can just dropped me your opinions and advice..

Most Read Articles On Wakish Wonderz

birds of paradise

Today while observing my stats, I noticed some phenomenal increase in traffic, specially due to some articles which, according to my different statistics tool, are the most viewed and read. I will make a list of those most read articles and I will update this list on a frequent basis.

The List Of Most Read Articles On Wakish Wonderz

1) Content Is King, But The Queen Remains Uniqueness! – (Blogging)
(Mostly liked by stumblers – 99% readers from stumbleupon)

2) Writing the GP Essay – Write to convince!
(99% readers come from search engines)

3) How To Write Good English
( 97% readers come from search engines)

4) robots.txt – why is this simple file still so widely used?
(Readers come equally from search engines and social sites like blogcatalog, reddit..etc)

5) Bloggers Should Polish Their Old Posts – Old Is Gold!
(Readers are mainly stumblers and bloggers)

6) Scintillate Your Inspiration And Goals – Make An Analogy From The Attitude Of Michael Phelps
(95% Search engine)

7) Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth
(This one is a new post i made last week and it has got a lot of views and I decided to include it. Readers essentially come from stumbleupon and other bloggers)

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Something Surprising

While the above are the most viewed or read articles, they haven’t essentially received the most comments. This is explained by the nature of the traffic, which mostly comes from search engines and SU. And as we all know these viewers are passive readers unfortunately. (If you are one of them, prove me wrong by leaving a comment!)

Successfully Changed Web Host – How I did When Changing From One Host To The Other

web hosting transfer + hot air ballon

Yesterday, I took a big step to changing Web Host. I was previously hosted at XtraOrbit which was a great disappointment and not worth my money. I had 5 more months on my paid contract with them, but I could not withstand staying there anymore. I will soon make a review of it. Anyway, I’m now hosted at HostIcan. Infact I emailed quite a lot of web hosts before making that decision. I wanted to go with Media Temple’s GS, but I recently read a lot of negative reviews while googling and besides they simply never replied to my email which is pretty shocking for a web host of its calibre.

Hostican Offers A Wide Choice

HostIcan has several plans. You can start with Base-Host going upwards to Tera-Host, VPS, Dedicated, Extreme..etc..etc (I will write a review later on). So, you have the choice of upgrading your account anytime, so no worries.

Experience Makes Things Easy

It is now the 3rd time that I’m changing web host. The first time was great pain, the 2nd time was average, but the 3rd time, that is yesterday, everything went out super smooth. This is greatly because of the experience and maturity that I’m accumulating through time. I have always been deploying my installations by myself, whether be it forum deployment or blogs. Despite the fact that HostIcan offers to handle the transfer for you, I insisted to do everything on my own.
TIP: They will even buy out your previous hosting contract.

The Actual Transfer – STEP 1

The transfer was foreseen to be on sunday after lunch. So, since saturday, I have been working a lot with my previous host and I did the following:
1) Made a backup of my recent blog database. PhpMyAdmin helps you do that with the “Export” button. This basically lets you download your database in the form of a ‘file.sql’
2) I downloaded my own custom made theme via FTP
3) Downloaded my plugins too, to make sure everything stays the same.
4) And finally downloaded everything important lying on the root of my domain.


After these initial steps done, I immediately went to my domain account to change the nameservers to point to HostIcan‘s nameservers.

Note that domain names takes long to propagate to another nameserver, aka NS.

I actually change NS for four of my domains, yesterday. Wakish.com and wakish.info took around 19hrs to propagate, while the other two domains took only around 6hrs and 30mins respectively. I have not been able to relate why one of them took as short as 30 mins while the others took longer (normal time frame for propagation). Will figure that out soon hopefuly.


After all set, I rushed to buy hosting at my new host, HostIcan. It took around 30mins for my account to be active. Note that HostIcan provides 1 free domain name which is used as my main domain on my account. Once set, I rushed and did the following:

1) Created other addon domains to host my blog..etc, for example I created addon for wakish.info – Wakish Wonderz
2) Restored database for wakish wonderz. This is as simple as using the import button on PhpMyAdmin. But I prefer doing this DB restore by executing the scripts via the SQL console.
3) Uploaded and Extracted wordpress package.
4) I then restored my theme and plugins directory as they were from my previous host.

==> Last, I then configured robots.txt, which I consider very important.

That’s it! Now it was time to wait for my domains to land home .
The next day, that is monday, when I accessed my domain, everything was normal, running as if no transfer took place. That’s why I said the transfer for this 3rd time was more than perfect.

A small question that you might have: “Wakish, but is there the need to re-install wordpress?
=> Well, if you do as I said above, there’s absolutely no need for an install. Since an install in essence is simply creating and hooking a database with the php/html pages. As you read above, I already ‘placed’ the wordpress files, the database, themes and plugins. So everything would run ‘as was’ and you can login with the same name/password as before. Is that not super cool?

Has any of you changed web host, how was your experience?

Top 5 Recommended Articles On Wakish Wonderz – Part 1, Blog Related

wakish wonderz theme

I thought about re-digging in my archive garden and re-watering my plants a bit 😉
Here are the Top 5 articles which you should have a glance at:

1) robots.txt – why it this simple file still so widely used?

In this article, I explain and analyse how a robots.txt file can help restricting bots or crawlers to access any particular file or folder on your server. It is also a means to allow a certain bots, like google bot or yahoo bot, to crawl your site and at the same time keeping “bad bots” away..

2) Reducing Load Time Through Image Optimization

Having a lot of images and ads on your blog also means that your blog will load slowly. Image optimization can help minimize this effect!

3) Is a blog the platform you need?

Having a presence online is within anyone’s reach. But to choose the right platform, is a thoughful task. Before indulging yourself into blogging, have you ever asked yourself if this platform is “The” platform that you really need?

4) The Importance of Search Engines

As a blogger or a webmaster, it is essential to understand what is a searh engine and grasp its importance. Search engines is the pillar or heart of information retrieving system online. Without it, websites would not have been what they are today.

5) Wonderful Blogging Ideas – How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1

Here, I explains in depth approaches, methods and steps to come up with ideas for your blog and how to maximise them. This is a 4-series article which will surely benefit anyone, specially new comers in the blogosphere

Happy reading! :)

Wakish Wonderz Goes Full Feed


Since the start of Wakish Wonderz, I have been offering partial feed. And today I thought about a change, that is, I will now be offering full feed. Meaning you can read everything right from your RSS Feed or Email Subscriptions.

I hope you enjoy it.. Do keep supporting Wakish Wonderz! 😉

Congrats To Rocky – BloggingMix

I would also like to take this opportunity to convey all my sincere wishes and congratulations to my big friend Rocky of BloggingMix for having broken 500+ RSS Subscription just in less than 8months of blogging. Good going Rocky, keep rocking!

PS: I have been inspired by Rocky to offer full feed