Commonly Mis-Spelt Words And Their Correct Forms

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flourescent eggs + mis-spelt words

Certain words tend to create confusions in the way they are written. Why is this? I have tried to think about it and I came with the reasons below.

Why Are Words Mis-Spelt?

1) Knowing more than one language == writing confusion

Words are written in different forms in different languages; for instance, for a person (like me) who makes frequent usage of French and English in my daily life, I tend to get confuse when writing some words. Let’s take the example of the word ‘enemy‘.
In English it is written as ‘enemy‘ and in French it is written as ‘ennemi‘ – so I used to write it as ‘ennemy‘.

Possible Solution:
From my experience, I had made a list of words which I tend to write wrongly and I tried to memorise them and at times doing the homework of writing them several times. This method proved to have been useful to me. (May be you have another solution? If so, please use the comment form below to let me know..)

2) Some people simply do not put enough effort in learning to write well.

What about people who know only one language? I have relatives living across different parts of the globe. When I see my cousins from France or England or U.S write, I see they do make mistakes (at times too silly a mistake) despite the fact that their written language is their mother tongue. Then why those mistakes?! The simple answer to this is: ‘These people are careless with the language, they are not enough attentive and not putting enough effort to learn their language. (Read Why Writing?)

3) Some words are written differently from their pronunciation.

4) Stop writing == emergence of poor writing

There is a fourth point which I have figured out. When a person is very good at a language but has not been writing for a long period of time, he/she still gets affected (I have experienced this myself). As goes the saying: “practice makes perfect” – You have to constantly keep in touch with writing too. (And this is one of the reasons why I blog 😉 )

List Of Words Commonly Mis-Spelt

Commonly Mis-Spelt Words

Incorrect Forms Correct Form
centuri, centuary century
origion, origine origin
ennemy, enmy enemy
ommission omission
interuption, intruption interruption
comparitive comparative
accomodate, accomadate accommodate
priviledge privilege
tragidy, tradedgy tragedy
paralell parallel
annihillate annihilate
tarrif, tarif tarriff
exagerate, ecegerate exaggerate
embarassed embarrassed
develope develop
futur future
amunition ammunition
fultill, fullfil fulfil
reversable reversible
humourous, humurous humorous
preceeding, precceding preceding
agreable agreeable
disapoint disappoint
harrassed, harased harassed
occured occurred
writting writing
writen written
seperate separate
caotic chaotic
cahos chaos
undoubtably undoubtedly
definitly, definately definitely

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. I see all too often some of these words being misspelled, but I can understand some of the words being misspelled, but there are others that I just shake my head at and can’t believe that people misspell them!

  2. Wakish says:

    Hi Joey,
    yes indeed 😉

    Thank you for the comment.

  3. Not much to say except for – this was an interesting post. Even when english is your first language, simple word can prove to be a bit tricky to spell. It is not my first language so I chose to use that as an excuse if I fail dismally at spelling or grammar.

  4. hi says:

    i think “intinerary” is spelt wrongly, should be “itinerary” right? (as in travel itinerary?)

  5. Wakish says:


    Infact it should have been ‘itinerant’. To prevent any confusion, I have removed that row.

    Thanks for your comment.

  6. Alhmali says:

    i always got wrong spieling so what should i do if you have any idea just let me know as soon as you can because really i need this kind of help plz thank you again

  7. sramana says:

    hi sir this is ramana

    Your suggestions are very useful for me

    i go through it

  8. Wakish says:

    Thank you sramana..

  9. Alhmali says:

    wakish you don’t answer me I thing you just use this method for business only so i wish you good luck and have much money as you hope ///// for me i will tel my friends about how you do to get money ya you are looking for money just no as you said to help

  10. Wakish says:


    Dear Alhmali, first of all if I were to make huge money as you are thinking, I would have immediately approached you in another. Anyway, this second comment of yours definetly shows that you are fooling around, you are not serious about learning.

    About your first comment above, it gives me a quick idea that you are not like those people willing to really learn the right way. You should keep in mind that I run this blog out of my free-will, without getting anything in return. I am offering my free advice and I am not forced to do this. How much people do it on such topics?
    I do agree that I do take very long at times to respond to a comment, but I have my reasons for it. You want to know? here are 2 of them:

    1) I have a full time job and it is very difficult for me to concentrate much on the blog, which is all normal for people like me! I need to divide my time to my job, real life, social life..etc

    2) I do read some comments, but some of them need much more attention with a thorough response. I am not the one to just make a quick fast response when I see that the person truely need some help. So I could respond in more proper way at a later time. Usually when I’m late to do it, I also email the person with my response.

    But once again, I am not obliged to anyone to do this! Everything on this blog is free, I do it from my free-will. No body pays me a dime to this! And still I do give some honest advice. Would you do it freely? I’m not sure you would without the money! So, I think you do not have the right to judge me! (Read my disclaimer!)


    Now getting back to your initial question, here are my responses:

    1) You surely need a better attitude if you want be successful in your studies.

    2) Decide whether learning, specially writing, is something which you really need to do. If yes, then my friend be serious about it!

    3) Now about your spelling, the only solution is to read, read, read. Pay attention as to how words are written. Read a sentence, and try to write it by heart. Or have someone else to read while you write it down. Analyse which words seem difficult for you. Write all those words down in a neat copybook. Try to memorise them daily and practise writing them again and again. With these repeating steps, and with honest determination, I guarantee you that your spelling problem will be ok with time. But once again, you need determination, put in your mind that you can do it, that you will do it! Trust yourself, no one is a fool. Everybody has potential, you just need time, patience, determination to unveil it. I wish you all the best, and I hope you achieve success (if your heart is honest!).

    – Wakish –

  11. eucharia says:

    Thanks,this are some of the issues that we face everyday.but i thank ‘God’ for the dictionary which we most always use when writing english.

  12. eucharia says:

    Please i want you to tell me when to use .,?:;!’ give me examples.

  13. habtamu says:

    hi i want learn to write a proper English. Any assistance given to me highly appreciated.

  14. Victoria says:

    Even adults spell words wrongly. I’m often confused with some words as how to spell it. I appreciate English and thanks to the list of words,at least i had learnt how to spell some words correctly.

  15. Sunil Kumar N.N. says:

    Sirs,- Tens and hundreds of teachers of primary and hi school level spell ‘limited’ as ‘limitted’. For e.g. limited to one DA, they use ‘limitted’. For foolscap paper they spell it wrong. Also ‘foolproof’. They don’t take pain to find the origin of these words even while teaching.

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