Content Is King, But The Queen Remains Uniqueness! – (Blogging)

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Queen Chess

Content is King…
Content is King…
Content is King…

Content is The king and your blog is its castle, right? Well, at least this is what you must have been reading around. While this is true, there is a further deep meaning down the valley, which you need to understand. Since the medieval time, a King never lives without his Queen, in his Castle.

In other words, your blog will not bloom success in the long run without unique content.
King + Queen = A wonderful Castle (let’s forget soldiers for the sake of this discussion 😛 )

Queen always played a pivotal role. Even in chess, the Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. So, in blogging the Queen plays an important aspect as well.
I name this Queen “unique” content.

What Does Uniqueness Mean In Blogging?

=> Unique content means that you are not reproducing the exact copy or framework of another author. It should not be a duplicate. Write your own work and in your own words.

=> Do not say exactly what others are saying. Say it differently.

How To Make Your Content Unique?

=> The best thing is to always write an article from your own knowledge, experience and observations. An example is this article itself, which I’m just writing without any googling or reading. It is just about how I see things and I trust it is good!

But this approach might not always be sustainable. You cannot write such unique content every time, simply because no one knows everything. There will be moments when you will need to make some references.

=> Read what others are saying and write it in a completely different approach – will require creativity from your part.

This can be a very nice approach, because I believe that there is more than a hundred ways of expressing and explaining something. May be someone among them may come up with a more intelligible and pertinent way of explaining it. So why not make your article be that special one?

Wakish Encourages..

With some good techniques, observation and experience, it is all possible to breed wonderful ideas in your garden to shape unique contents. It just need a bit of motivation and creativity from your side! 😉

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. ameo says:

    nice , i truly liked the post title

    good tips

  2. Jennifer says:

    I try to do this as much as I can but I find that it really is hard to do more than about twice a week. The best things about writing a unique article of your own is that these are the kind that other blogs are most likely to link to and these are also the kind that you can submit as articles.

  3. Jirel says:

    Very nice approach Wakish. I too like it.

    I also have heard about content is the king long before but never heard or seen that there should be Queen(I mean real Queen!). But, I have been taking in consideration the Queen you have described in this post while writing posts in my blog. Thanks for reminding more. I am trying to place both King and Queen in Castle or my blog.

  4. Ikki says:

    Hi Wakish,

    Another wonderful post! I do agree about uniqueness as an important feature to consider during the creation process. No one likes to read the same thing in different places. It’s just boring.

    Now, how can I write unique stuff? I believe that the key is honesty. Why honesty, you say? I’ve posted an entry about that in my blog that you and your readers might find useful! I believe it might be an addition to what you posted: Road to Successful Blogging | 😉

    Please let me know what you think!


  5. The Queen at last! A unique post in itself. Well done.

  6. Tomas says:

    Thank you. Your post sounds so nicely – Content is King indeed.
    The acceptance of that truth makes us responsible for our words and thus frees us from the concern just with the stats of our personal blogs. Your article (the acceptance of the Truth) opens the door to the Content and we become successful by learning to listen to other and thus become enabled to discover the KING in ourselves. Then, our lips blossom out with the content and the stats too praise the Content – even the decisions of the King may sound harsh at times. Thus I am approaching the need to say the farewell. My PhotoShop was broken and thus the artist was left without a brush. My computer too is the aged already and I see no perspectives for myself. It would be … how is it in English? But the Content dry the tears – gifts hope that teaches trust the silence…

  7. Wakish says:

    Hey there, yes I do understand it might be always possible to blog so regularly, since blogging is so energy and time demanding. But I definetly agree that when you blog, do it the best of your abilities 😉

    Thanks buddy..

    Thanks for the encouraging comments 😉

    Thanks ikki.. and I read your post, it’s a wonderful one too 😉


    Great to see you around. I wish you all the best in whatever path you might choose, but remember the key point to do something that makes you feel happy so that you can in turn bring a smile on others.
    But sincerely, I really enjoy your wonderful paintings.. I’ll miss them 😉

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