I blog for three main reasons

1) I blog out of pure motivation and passion for writing and to share my knowledge
2) Blogging allows me to stay in touch with web systems and to network with other people
3) To make money whenever possible

Things You Should Know While Interacting On Wakish Wonderz

1) I share advice, opinion, ideas, tips and tricks based on my own personal experience and perceptions. I cannot guarantee that everything I preach will work for you. It’s up to you to use your common sense to derive the benefits and disguard what is not appropriate.

2) I use my affiliate/referral links in some of my posts or pages.

3) I have a motivation to link to other external websites, but I do not have any control over their content and I’m not responsible for ‘what they preach’. You should use your own judgements.

4) When you subscribe, comment or submit any personal data on Wakish Wonderz, I observe your privacy and will never disclose your credentials.

I have tried to be as simple and straight forward as possible to stress on important things.
But if you do have other questions concerning Wakish Wonderz, feel free to contact me.