Download YouTube Videos Online To Your PC Freely!

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Download YouTube Videos Online To Your PC Freely!

UPDATED: I’m no more providing this tool online, but you can always make a request to have a download link for a YouTube Video of your choice – Just Contact Me!

How To Download YouTube Videos:
1) Enter your YouTube Video ID, e.g. vy1d0QUwG14
How to get the video ID?
==> YouTube will provide you with the address of the Video in these format:
The red part is the ID of the video.
2) Hit the Get YouTube Video Button to download the video
3) Save your YouTube Video File to your PC (make sureby adding the .flv) for example: video.flv
4) Once downloaded, install a FLV Player and use it to watch your YouTube Videos – A famous FLV Player is Free Riva FLV Player.

Enjoy “your” YouTube video offline as much as you want! 🙂

Additional Info:
=> The downloaded YouTube video is in the format .flv (Flash Video)
How to convert my .flv file into formats like AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV and Vice-versa ?
HINT: There are many free ENCODERs (a converter software) for that purpose.
A famous and free encoder is: Free Riva FLV Encoder – Click here!

If you are having difficulties, here is a simple tutorial I found:

=> How to convert .flv (flash video) to .avi or .mpg
You might also want to check Total Video Converter which Converts all video files to 3gp, mp4,psp,iPod,swf,flv,DVD,VCD

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