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E-Gold has been on the market long enough and is considered a solid payment processor. It has been accepted and is being used by so many companies, money-making sites and even in auctions like Ebay.Many people confuses E-Gold as a normal payment processor like moneybookers or paypal. Let me clear this doubt – E-Gold is not cash money, it is a system which uses metals (like gold,platinum,silver) as it’s medium of transaction.So, you cannot withdraw your E-Gold from your E-Gold account to your local bank as real cash! No! If you request your E-Gold amounts, they will send you physical Gold!This type of transaction is the strength of E-Gold.
So, the “uploading cash to your E-Gold account” is best termed as “buying E-Gold to your account“; and this is done by using Credit Cards! With E-Gold transaction are anonymous, but this also has its side effects..– But Why then should you use E-Gold? –=> From my personal experiences, I have seen that E-Gold is very useful to accept payments from paying sites or from occasional dealers who use E-Gold.
For me E-gold has been very handy in the sense that I received payments from various paying sites like:
1) MyLot Forum (Paid-To-Post)
2) Gold-Age Forum (Paid-To-Post)
3) Online Opening Forum (Paid-To-Post)
4) GP Treasure (Paid-To-Sign)E-Gold supports instant payment and has a very straight forward donation link available to you.


– Exchangers –

There exists many exchanges (websites where you can exchange money from one type of  account to another, for example from E-gold to Moneybookers..etc. But since I have not yet tried these, I’m surely not in a good position to give some advice at this time.

=> Side Advice:
– Stay away from programs like HYIPs and the alike unless and until you gain much experience!

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Mark Herpel says:

    E-gold is a very popular currency. I hope they get through their current trouble with the US government, but there is some uncertainty about OmniPay their main reseller who has been down for months now. e-gold cannot currently add any more bars to their inventory so they can’t grow in size anymore. But let’s hope it gets resolved and perhaps they will update their policies a bit for the US market. That would be great.

    Also don’t forget about Webmoney Gold purse which is very new. Webmoney is not the largest digital currency in the world and one of my favorites.

    Both Webmoney Gold and e-gold are traded on Open2Exchange.com which is the industry’s only P2P trading exchange software platform.

    Mark H.

    • Wakish says:

      Hi Mark! Thanks a lot for your informative comment! That’s really nice!

      I do think this problem will be resolved soon because E-Gold has reached a really wide targetted users..

      Hope to have your visit again,

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