Why You Should Eat A banana Daily!

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eating a banana

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Banana Daily

1) Has a variety of medical properties
2) Contains valuable vitamins A, B, C & D for your health
3) Is very healthy for athletes or anyone doing sports exercises; banana provides stability and vigour to muscular, veinous and nerveous systems
4) Strongly recommended for people having problems like blood pressures and hypertension
5) Amazingly reduces your weight (heheh, you did not know this one? 🙂 ) Yeah, people has a misconception that banana makes them prone to overweight, but NO it’s not!
6) Banana contains a ferrous substance which pushes up vitamin content and hence gives a healing effect to anaemic patients
7) Highly recommended for pregnant women
8) Very good for people having constipation disorders; especially when mixed with guavas – an excellent mixture in cleaning bowels. So no more stress in the morning 🙂
9) Banana also contains potassium which assist learning by making pupils more alert and is thus a must to be included in the morning diet/breakfast of students
10) The interior banana skin reduces swelling and irritation in cases of mosquito bites, wasps..etc (This is also my personal real life experience when I suffered 2 wasps bites. I rubbed the inner skin of a banana several times on the infected bites and I was amazed to see that they were not swollen/irritated)

Some Facts About Banana:

1) You must have heard that “an apple a day, saves a life”.. But research has shown that a banana is richer in resources than an apple; making it one of the best valuable food around!
2) The true origin of bananas is in the region of Malaysia
3) Banana plants can grow up to 15m
4) Currently there are 5 different types of bananas available on the market, namely Red bananas, Fruit-bananas, Apple-bananas, baby-banana (pisang susa) and Baking bananas
5) In 327 BCE, Alexander the Great relished his first taste of the banana, an usual fruit he saw growing on tall trees (in India)
6) A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy
7) Beer is also brewed from bananas in Eastern Africa
8) Bananas contain all the 8 amino-acids that our body cannot produce itself
9) When kept together with apples, wrapped in a paper, inside a refrigerator, a banana ripens more faster.

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