Enhance Your Blog Posts With Line Jump And Page Jump

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What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump

Just to clarify any confusion, a line jump is just an action of moving from your current line to any line of the same article. And likewise, a page jump is the action of moving from a current article to any specific line on another article.
Would it be not cool to be able to direct your readers to a specific line in your articles?

How Will This Help To Boost Your Blog Posts?

=> Most of the time readers do not want to waste time searching for a word or line that you are mentioning. Besides, if your article is long, searhing through the entire page is tedious.
Line jumps and page jumps make this process easy and fast for your readers, so help them 😉

Show Us An Example Of What You Mean

LINE JUMP: Click on “What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump

Back here? Ok, what have you observed? When you clicked that link, you were instantly taken (observe the page moving) to that specific line which was mentioned. Cool? 🙂

PAGE JUMP: This is the same process as a line jump but directing in another article instead of the current one. (just play with the “articles’ address“)

How To Use Line Jump?

You need to know 2 things:
1) The anchor tag or command that will send your reader to where you want

To Make the text “What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump” clickable, you need to wrap it around with tags like this:
<a href=”http://domainName.com/postTitle/#linkName”>What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump</a>


In my case the is http://wakish.info/enhance-your-blog-posts-with-line-jump-and-page-jump/
And I have named my linkname as line01

NOTE: It is very important that you precise the following:
=> The address of your article where the line is. (you can use it for page jump too)
=> The linkname – any name that you want
=> Precede your linkname with # – This symbol denotes an internal link, without it our trick will not work.
=> The value linkname should be between double quotes ” “
=> The text is wrapped around tags
href means hypertext reference, think of it as our post office
a in <a> stands for Anchor (Now you remember why bloggers always say anchor text? A text which is anchored or wrapped around <a> and </a> )

2) The anchor tag or command of the place where you want your reader to jump to

At the place where the line “What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump” is, place the following tags like this:
<a name=”line01″> </a> What Is A Line Jump And Page Jump


=> This time, the tags are BEFORE the text.
=> We are using name instead of hrefname is used to actually name that place and any “letter” from href (our post office), will be “posted” to your home “name” 🙂
=> The value linkname should be between double quotes

An Important Note For WordPress Users

=> To use tags, on your dashboard, you have to click on the “code view” as shown below:

That’s it! Simple, huh? 😉 Hope this will be useful to you and please I will be glad to hear your comments and feedbacks or any additional tips you might have..

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Really cool useful tip you got there. I have been trying to do that but was just too lazy to research on how to do it. This one’s worth a stumble! 🙂

  2. Ikki says:

    Hi Wakish,

    Nice post, I must say! I used to add anchor tags when I first started creating web pages. Nowadays not much sites make use of this useful feature 🙁

    Thanks for bringing back into my memory this trick! I may use it on my blog hehe.


  3. Wakish says:

    Thanks a lot bloggista and Ikki!

  4. pyza says:

    Hello wakish…how do you do…!!!

  5. Jirel says:

    This is useful and interestingtips Wakish. I have seen this in some webpages and never thought of how it works. I am thinking of trying this in my blog as well.

    And,how have you been Wakish? How are your days going on?

  6. irina says:

    how can i redirect my readers to the comment form when they click on the number of comments of the post (in the main page)?

    because right now, when you click on the number of comments, you can see the article first (on a different page) and the comments & comment form at the bottom of the page and you have to scroll down to see them. I would like to jump directly to the botom of the page when you click on “X comments”. i think it’s called like an anchor link and must be edited in the HTML. hope you understood what I wanted to say! pls help 🙂

  7. derek says:

    Awesome. Thanks so much for explaining this in “dummies” terms. I’m a newbie, so this was extremely helpful. I must say this is the most thorough explanation of how to do this online. Thanks

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