EntreCard As A Niche Discovery Tool ?

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The following guest post was submitted by ReapMoneyOnline, who explains and analyses “how to find your niche with entrecard

We usually think of EntreCard as a traffic generator or a blog network. There is more to it than being a social networking tool. It is a microcosm of the entire blogosphere, if not the web. After nearly two months with EntreCard, we realized that the categories under which we register our blogs represent general market niches and they can help us determine our next project.

Let’s take a look at the EntreCard categories that we can possibly leverage into online businesses:

1. Make Money Online – 475 blogs
2. Entertainment/Celebrities – 375 blogs
3. Computers and Internet – 353 blogs
4. Technology – 275 blogs
5. Fashion/Lifestyle – 258 blogs
6. Internet Marketing – 249 blogs
7. Blogging Resources – 241 blogs
8. Parenting and Family – 220 blogs
9. Humor – 196 blogs
10. Business – 173 blogs
11. Health and Medicine – 166 blogs
12. Finance and Investing – 155 blogs
13. Gaming- 139 blogs
14. Travel – 133 blogs
15. Education/Books/Science/History – 138 blogs
16. Web Development – 126 blogs
17. Self Improvement – 124 blogs
18. Writing and literature – 117 blogs
19. Photography – 101 blogs
20. Sports – 102 blogs
21. Music – 104 blogs
22. News/ Media – 100 blogs
23. Hobbies – 88 blogs
24. Cooking and Dining – 83 blogs
25. Marketing – 72 blogs
26. Politics – 70 blogs
27. Pets – 65 blogs
28. Home and Garden – 61 blogs
29. Automotive – 42 blogs
30. Environment – 41 blogs
31. Careers/Jobs – 35 blogs
32. Real Estate – 29 blogs
33. Philosophy – 26 blogs
34. Graphic design- 13 blogs
35. Law/Legal – 8 blogs

We took the top and lowest category in terms of blogs registered and ran them through WordTracker’s Gtrends online tool to determine the number of searches, Google competition, and visitors received per day by the top site.

There are 475 blogs under the category Make Money Online. The phrase “Make money online” has 4,254 searches. Down the line, we zeroed in on the long-tail phrase “make money online newbie” with 19 searches. Its Google competition is 9,650 sites or web pages. Actual visitors per day of the no. 1 site in Google are approximately 5.

On the other hand, the Law/Legal category only has 8 blogs in it. There were 39,187 searches that have the keyword “law.” We drilled down to a phrase with 19 searches, which also looks like a good basis for a blog or site, “top 100 law schools.” The phrase has a Google competition of 4,680 sites or web pages with the top site pulling approximately 160 visitors per day.

This is only a rough comparison using a basic online tool but it gave us a glimpse of the possible niches we can tap. If we only knew Law, we’d already be refining our research.

So what’s your opinion about this new niche finder tool?

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  1. Jude says:

    I am really looking forward to learning more about using entrecard. This has been a great way to get new traffic.

  2. Jirel says:

    Yes, I discovered some great blogs in my niche from EC after joining the system about a month back.But, I am not satisfied with the quality of traffic from EC.

  3. Link Building Bible says:

    What a great idea… that makes me think of other blogsites, such as blog catalog and mybloglog, where I can see categories of blogs and break them now and niche mine for them.

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