Eurovision Song Contest 2008

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Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Last night (24th May 2008), Dima Bilan, representing Russia, won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

The ranking of the 25 countries:

1) Russia with 272 points
2) Ukraine with 230 points
3) Greece with 218 points
4) Armenia with 199 points
5) Norway with 182 points
6) Serbia with 218 points
7) Turkey with 218 points
8) Azerbaijan with 132 points
9) Israel with 124 points
10) Bosnia Herzegovina with 110 points
11) Georgia with 83 points
12) Latvia with 83 points
13) Portugal with 69 points
14) Iceland with 64 points
15) Denmark with 60 points
16) Spain with 55 points
17) Albania with 55 points
18) Sweden with 83 points
19) France with 47 points
20) Romania with 45 points
21) Croatia with 44 points
22) Finland with 35 points
23) Germany with 14 points
24) Poland with 14 points
25) United Kingdom with 14 points

Was There An Apparent Biasness Towards United Kingdom?

United Kingdom finished last with only a miserable 14 points. UK was represented by Andy Abraham with his song Even If – which was surely worth more than 14 points.
It is said that some degree of “bias voting” were made, with many former Soviet states awarding Russia the maximum 12 points during the voting process.

I think it’s tremendously disappointing from the point of view of the United Kingdom,” said Sir Terry Wogan (commentator on the competition for the BBC since the 1970s)
Andy Abraham gave, I think, the performance of his life with a song that certainly deserved far more points than it got… When you look at the points that Spain got, that Bosnia-Herzegovina got – some really ridiculous songs“, he added.

Anyway, here’s a clip of the song which won Russia the award:

Eurovision Song Contest 2008 – Russia Wins!

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  1. wow Russia won by quite a bit .. the UK on the other hand … horrible

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