Foods That Should Not Be In The Fridge – THE EBOOK

Ebook Cover - Foods You Should Not Refrigerate

Ebook Cover – Foods You Should Not Refrigerate

Hi lovely lady! If you are reading this, it means you are very conscientious in your kitchen and food storage. If you sit down for a minute and think about a list of your commonly used foods in your daily life, you’ll find that list to be quite overwhelming. But yet, it seems so obvious and unnoticed.

Now ask yourself a simple question: “On any particular day, do you just take that food from your kitchen table and put it in the fridge, thinking that it will get preserved for a later usage?”

If your answer is YES, then there’s a big probability that you are putting every single food in that fridge unnecessarily! YES! Some of those foods should NOT be in the fridge, they should keep just fine on your kitchen counter, if properly wrapped and contained.

As a wife, specially, you need to be aware of all those list of foods that should not be in your refrigerator and to save-guard the health of your family!

Now, to ease your life, I have created an ebook JUST for THAT – An Ebook On A List Of Commonly Used Foods That Should Not Be In Your Fridge.

What Is This Book About?

This ebook is about foods you should not refrigerate. It’s an attempt to provide quality content centered around foods which seem too obvious to put in the fridge, but which should be just fine sitting on your kitchen counter at room temperature.

This book highlights 14 foods you should never refrigerate, gives you insight about exactly WHY you should not refrigerate them, WHEN you should freeze your food and finally advice on how to defrost your food safely.

This book is one of the best in terms of quality in this category. You will be amazed at the content and information and comfort while going through each page.

At the end, you are also presented with a gift which you should claim.
Bottom line, this book delivers far more than what it’s about and well worth the price!

Get the sample chapter and get going!

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Sheliza Maudaar says:

    I bought your book. find it useful to me as someone who has started to have a taste at cooking and kitchenery.
    thank you veyr much xoxo will refer it to meh friends

  2. Ralison says:

    Yo big up buddy! good book, bought if for my fiancee, she says she likes it!!!!
    So great work!

    keep the nice work buddy, do you have more books????

  3. Justine Caesar says:

    Hi there!

    Nice tips from this book. Its handy in on the kichen counter, loving the content, the presentation and the amazing pictures in it.

    * make it even longer, for people like me who like to like to read generously.

    Kisses from France!!

  4. Wakish says:

    Thank you very much dear buyers 🙂
    I appreciate the feedback.

    Nice to have a french female buying my book 🙂
    About the content length, I feel keeping it at the current length makes it “nice the way it is”.

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