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Understand Meanings

1) Resell Rights

Means that YOU are FREE to sell the product you are downloading/obtaining from us, at ANY price of your choice and make 100% Profit. These Product usually come with a suggested retail price to give you an indicator about its worth.

2) Master Resell Rights

Means that YOU can give it away, resell it, bundle it or include them in your own membership sites.
In Addition, your customer too can sell it. More information about these rights are included.

3) Private Label Resell Rights

This is the “treasure” that many people are eager to have. With a product labelled as such, you can update that product so that it appears to have been created by YOU! Yes!!! You can change almost everything. But here, your customers cannot have rights to resell it.
You can really sell it at a high profitable price based on what final product you have achieved. I will say that it’s almost over a 200% Profit

4) Give-Away Rights

YOU are Free to give away the product as a gift.

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  1. moserw says:

    Thanks for sharing and also for explaining. Would not have known the subtle differences so its good that you have explained. Keep sharing.

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