General Paper Summary Writing – Write Only What You Are Being Asked!

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During your early English language classes, writing a summary essentially comprised reducing considerably the number of words of the whole passage. That is, you had to compress what you have read into a very brief account; no other specific requirements needed from you.

But in the General Paper level, this has changed enormously. The purpose of summary writing is more objective and more structured. And this is exactly what you will learn today, in this article.

Aim Of Summary Writing In GP Classes

=> To summarise only certain aspects of the passage directed by the examiner

You have to read and understand what the examiner is asking you. Be aware that he has a particular purpose in mind; to assess if you can provide/describe only and exactly what he is asking you + how well you deliver the results.

Why Has The Purpose Of Summary Changed For GP Papers?

The answer lies in the whole definition and aim of a GP class; a general paper class is primarily focussed on:
1) Analytical and critical thinking
2) assessing the general knowledge and reasoning of a student
3) Effective delivery of thoughts + Good usage of the English language

Hence, the summary is there to make sure you are selective and critical in filtering the specific and required information from a crowded informative zone + conveying the message effectively.

The Cambridge General Paper Summary – Write Exactly What You Are Being Asked!

The examiner will give you clear instructions and indications as to what you should write in your summary. It is of an utmost importance that you read the specific instructions with extreme care. You should therefore conscientiously include the relevant pieces of information.

=> How To Write A General Paper Summary – A Level

Over To You – The Reader!

So, how do you proceed with gp paper summary writing? Any additional message you would like to share? Please use the comment form below..

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. donald says:

    i like reading your tips to general paper but can i ask abt the format of general paper(as in is there GP paper 1 or 2 and how is the mark distributed-50:50?)i have heard abt the new stuff-knowledge and inquiry but i do not know what is it…can you kindly explain to me?tell me the diff between K&I and GP..please reply(urgent).Thank you:)

  2. Wakish says:

    Hi Donald, thanks for your comment.
    I forgot the exact mark distribution, but I’m very sure that the GP Essay paper has a higher weightage point than the Comprehension paper. If you achieve a 1 or 2 in GP essay and a 3 or 4 in the ‘passage comprehension paper, you can easily secure an A or B.

  3. jared says:

    I’d personally love to see examples from a few different genre’s. I don’t know if it’s common or not, but my ‘problem’ is the beginning. Once I’m started I’m generally fine.

  4. Isaac Nana K. Owusu says:

    I have just discovered that it is not enough to say you have enough until you really have enough-there is always something new to learn. I am challenged by this and I am ready learn at every level I get to.

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