GlobalCashClicks – The Interview

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GlobalCashClicks is yet another program/website which pays you for PTC,PTS or referrals. You are also able to join as an advertiser.

The Interview:

Q => What is your name ?
A=> Dick Hoek

Q => Where were you born and raised?
A=> The Netherlands

Q => When did you decide to start globalcashclicks ?
A=> 1 year ago

Q => Why did you decide or what triggered you to start globalcashclicks ?
A=> Good question! This is because of all the scam sites. I really hate them alot.

Q => What have been your most successful moments of your globalcashclicks career ?
A=> This weekend. It was really great to have the party on the site. the members here are really great.

Q => Are you satisfied with globalcashclicks ?
A=> No, I will never be satisfied with globalcashclicks. This must be the best earning money site on the web!

Q => Why should people use your site instead of others and do you think you have the special trait that other sites do not have?
A=> I will stay here for years, be honest to everyone and give everybody the change to make money; with lots of party’s and fun.

Q => Do you have another job/site other then managing globalcashclicks? What is it?
A=> Yes, i have a job. I’m a designer of boats.

Q => Is there something that you like the most about your site, globalcashclicks?
A=> The members and the contact with them. They send me really a lot of e-mails and its great to be here.

Q => Any future plans for globalcashclicks ?
A=> Yes, a lot. But i will not tell them yet.

Q => Do you predict an on-going success in the future of globalcashclicks ?
A=> Yes, for sure. But we have to do it together. I can’t do it on my one.

Q => In your free time, is there something (or things) you enjoy doing ?
A=> I don’t have free time. I’m working 16 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q => How was your start and experience about “Earning Money Online”?
A=> The start was very bad. I lost a lot of money. In the beginning i joined only scam sites.

Q => Any advice to those who are eager about “Earning Money Online” ?
A=> Yes a lot.
Never believe a hyip program, stay away from them.
When you want to join a program, first look at forums. In 5 minutes you will know if its ok or a scam site.
When you want to join a site, first take a look on the advertising page the prices must be fear.

Q => Any special word for your members and fans of globalcashclicks ?
A=> Be active, make money and stay here for a very long time. I’m happy with all my members

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    Global cash clicks has been paying me for years now, great site

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