Good English Words To Have In An Essay – Edition 05

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Essay Words With Meaning And Sentences To help You

1) Scalded => burnt by hot liquid or steam

Jirel took the scalded girl to hospital.

2) Spooky => scary

The old house was huge, dusty and spooky.

3) hundle huddle => crowd together

The girls huddled together in fear.

4) shabbily => poorly dressed with worn-out clothes

The old man, lying at the post office, was shabbily dressed.

5) advent => arrival

The advent of the iPhone 3G has created a big craze among youngsters and adults alike.

6) loathe => dislike greatly

Some travellers actually like them while others loathe them.

7) nutritious => high food value

Above all, the daily food you eat may not be nutritious.

8.) dismay => shame consternation

We starred at the teacher in great dismay.

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  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you for the help to enrich my language by discovering the new words

  2. Harriet says:

    this website helped me expand my vocabulary a stride more and led me to achieve an A+ in my Engish Sory.

  3. Wakish says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback and appreciation. It’s indeed a great reward for me, thank you so much!

    – Wakish –

  4. Callum Williamson says:

    Firstly, number 3 should be HUDDLE not HUNDLE!!
    Secondly, number 8, dismay, does not mean shame, it means shock!

  5. Wakish says:

    Hi Williamson,
    thank you for your participation.

    1) number 3 should be HUDDLE not HUNDLE!!
    Yes, you are 100% right

    2) number 8, dismay, does not mean shame, it means shock
    No, not really! Under different circumstances, that word can convey different meaning. But in either case, shock does not really go along with the sentence I provided, I have changed the meaning as you will see above.

    Once again thank you so much for your interaction, hope to see you around more often. About the mistakes, it happens after a tiresome day 😉 But great there are people like you who bridge that gap to complete my effort.

    – Wakish –

  6. Jill says:

    Hi Wakish, Thank you for your information, unfortunately i struggle a bit with my grammar and i have been having trouble at work.
    I need to write out a document which requires a heading and several sub heading’s, i have written it like so..
    we have.. Summary – Recommendation – Back Ground. it’s the Back Ground bit that i’m being pulled on, should it be Back Ground or Back ground, or should it be BACK GROUND.
    I would greatly appreciate you comments. Thanks

  7. Wakish says:

    The word is “background” – one word.
    So, in your context it would be Background.

  8. dj says:

    this is awesome man thanks for enrich my English and keep doing good work

  9. veena says:

    my english is enriched and people stare at me when I use these words in office

  10. kidkrome says:

    Sorry for my late avent man, i can never get A in english and that will be my only dream i m hoping to achieve as i will be learning how to say simple words into good words. I excruciatingly appreciate your help and i give u my greatest thanks. keep on improving incase i will be needing more words.

  11. anon-amus says:

    These are all sarcastic comments, right?

  12. Shyam Mohan says:

    This is good for everyone.

  13. srijamondel says:

    its is a really very site. i really love it

  14. srijamondel says:

    really very nice site.. i have learned many meaning from here.

  15. hojjat says:


  16. hojjat says:

    This is good for everyone.

  17. subaash says:

    thanks a lot

  18. Washii babydoll says:

    im on this page for hours n i must say it is fascinating,just don’t wanna leave.developping a love fr English language which i used to loathe.thnx so much for this marvelous work !! 😀

  19. Wakish says:

    Hey guys thanks alot for ALL the nice comments and appreciation!
    It’s really making my day and boosting up my motivation to keep this site going! Cheers!

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