Have You Ever Heard of Double Eyes?

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Anableps - double eyes

Double Eyes, does that word mean something to you? Well, I never heard of that fish until I watched a documentary about it just today. 😉

Yeah, Double Eyes is a Fish; the specific name is Anableps. It is an uncommon and wonderful fish from tropical America. I was really amazed when I saw that fish, it has a really weird shape and behaviour.

Here’s what I saw amazing about Anableps:
Each of its eyes contains 2 pupils (opening in iris of eye), one cover the other
When it swims on the surface to take food, the upper pupils of the eyes are outside the water and the lower pupils see under water.

I have tried to search a video, but did not find a good one.. Below is a small video which will give you an idea of how that fish is:

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