How To Write A General Paper Summary – A Level

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Previously, I wrote about the aim of an A-Level summary writing, explaining what the examiner is expecting from you and the importance of writing only as what you are being directed to. In this article, I will focus on simple techniques, steps or approach to help you write a summary and scoring maximum marks. Are you ready?

Elements Making Up A Good Summary For General Paper Cambridge A-Level

A gp summary usually lies between 90-100 words. This is very very short indeed, but just enough to convey our thoughts clearly. To score maximum points for a Cambridge general paper summary writing and earn the examiner’s respect, strive to maintain the following:

1) Provide only and exactly what you are being asked
2) Write in your own words and style whenever possible
– (But it may happen that you will have to use a word as is in the passage. It’s up to you to use your common sense to judge whether the meaning of this word or phrase cannot be conveyed differently)
3) Good usage of grammar + correct punctuation
4) Clear language
– Avoid using complex words or jargon in a summary
5) Make it flow

=> If you have those 5 elements, I don’t see why you should not score 100% mark in a summary writing!

Approach You Need, To Write An HSC A-Level Summary

1) Make sure you have understood what the examiner is asking you. Read and re-read the question several times. Underline keywords
2) Now, identify the paragraphs which are related to your needs. Underline relevant phrases
3) Read, read and re-read those paragraphs until you are convinced you have the picture in your mind – 3 times should be enough + concentrate yourself
4) Jot down main points on your paper
5) Now, referring back to those paragraphs, ensure your main points are correct
6) Go back to your questionnaire and confirm that you have everything that the examiner has asked
7) All set, it’s time for writing the summary – write a smooth paragraph with your main points + write in your own words and in simple comprehensible words

=> I will stress again; you need to write the summary in a simple, crystal clear language, without using any complex words, jargon or idioms. You are being primarily assessed for your skills to write what you are being asked.

=> The steps I wrote above, can be time consuming if you don’t practice them correctly. Bear in mind that your time is very limited in an exam, so train the speed of your summary writing also – this is equally important!

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  1. musoke brian says:

    its really nice and pliz i hope i recieve more about politics, violence, human needs, realities and many others and with your help, i will make it this year since am a student and in A-level moreso having my exams U.A.C.E in this year.
    thank you.

  2. sharlene khatib says:

    Hi my name is sharlene: I really need some help getting started with writting my summary, for my bed & breakfast. can you please help me get started.

    Thanks so much
    Sharlene Khatib

  3. Erah says:

    oh, that’s so helpful. Thank a bunch to you, whoever you are.
    I’m taking GP A Level on this year. And I’m really struggle with this Data Analysis. Comprehension. And etc. I’ve read a lot, but yet. I still can’t make my own words. I really need help. A real help. Anybody?

  4. Wakish says:

    Hi Nasirah, first of all thanks for your comment, I appreciate your time to comment.

    I have been to your blog, but could not leave you a comment; you have a problem with your comment forms, I advise you fix it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    About the ‘real help’, what do you mean or expect? Please leave me a reply ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Zranrine Smith says:

    Very valuable information, I am very grateful. Your post solved all my problems, itโ€™s very helpful. Itโ€™s a treasure for the beginner. Thanks for sharing information.Wow! very creative!I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found it to be greatly interesting.

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