How To Write Good English

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Before reading, make sure your read my previous one on: Writing – The Why And The Essence

Writing Good English Is Also An Art

Writing Good English Is Also An Art

What Is Meant By “Writing Good English” ?

The meaning of ‘good English‘, and hence writing good English, may vary from people to people around the world since we come from different backgrounds and due to the nature of our education. Despite the fact that there is no governing bodies of linguists to gauge its exact meaning, we do have a standard set by the authorities indulged in linguistics. Hence, sensible authors, careful writers and educated people using English language as their medium of writing, try to conform to these standards as closely as they can. These standards may be grammatical rules, language structure, and universally accepted words, idioms or metaphors.

English Language, IMHO The Best

There are so many languages nowadays which can be used, but the English language is the most widely used (and universally accepted formal language). In my humble opinion, English language includes and transcends all subjects. It is for English writers and lovers a whole means of expression, the attainment of which makes them articulate and intelligible human beings, able to inherit the past, to possess the present and to confront the future. The ability to write good English is simply an art for them.

My Own Experience With Writing – Good English A Myth?

I was not so fluent or good at writing English in my early days of school. I was always favoring French, the second official language of my country – Mauritius. There were some personal reasons which I will not elaborate right now to keep on the subject title. But one main reason was that I was always scoring an ‘A’ in all my French classes despite the fact that I was never doing any French essays or practicing it.

This fact was initially a mystery to me because I was always trying my best to write good English and I was never successful in getting good results. Then, I finally remembered I was frequently reading some one or two pages of French books every day. Yeah I mean it, I loved the famous French book – ‘Les Six Compagnons de la Croix Rousse, by Jean Jacques Bonzo‘ and this made reading French more than just a hobby.

I was reading in my free times (when there was an empty class session when teachers were busy or absent), sometimes during recess, in the bus and at night just to finish all its series. Like this, my hunger for French adventure books became a craze. But in this process, I was unaware that while reading so much, French words seemed to have become hackneyed phrases.

This is why my friends used to tell me: “man, where do you fetch all these nice French wordings?“. What I want to emphasize here is; if you keep reading and looking at English/French words or a small sentence everyday for at least some 30 minutes, you will end up with these words soaked into your mind without realising it. And when you will start to write English, you will be amazed to see your mind popping out nice words; that’s how you will progress to write good English!

The Secret Of Writing Good English

writing + good english
While reading you should build up a personal ‘database‘ of special words or phrases. Get a small copy book and list down all striking, unknown words to you. Therefore, be regular in breeding a medley of nice words in your special ‘note-book‘. Those precious words are your key to writing good English.

Now, does this mean that you should read everyday? Not really, but you should definitely go through your smorgasbord of words in your note-book everyday! I strongly believe that there are 2 kinds of people – one who read very very often, if not everyday, to master the language (as i did unknowingly for the French language) and the second person who read little, but nurturing a high mastery of the basics and techniques of the English language (this one was my conscious experience with English).
But here, the key tricks are:

  1. Each time and every single time you read, you should keep growing your ‘database’ of words. Keep looking for new prominent words.
  2. Make the English dictionary be your bosom English friend – never keep a word in your book without finding and writing down it’s meaning. Else, do not bother about even writing it down – trust me!
  3. You should pinpoint good critical articles/books, think about what you are reading and in this process be generous to yourself by taking notes conscientiously of new golden words. This is because you are reading rarely and hence you should make those rare readings worth 10 times the ones that you would read everyday. So you have to be very selective and analytical in what you will read.
  4. Now that you have a copy-book full of defined words, don’t just sit around and smile at it. Go and put them into practice. Start by writing good sentences with these words and write some essays. Writing here is pivotal. Just like a car cannot run without a battery, you cannot expect to have a fluent English if you do not practice writing English. (the battery being your skill in writing and your car the knowledge of the language and wordings)

Support Your Effort To Write Good English With Observation

Going further in our approach, while reading decent articles, you should see how Mr X is using his words in his articles. Observe how he constructs his sentences. Then, with your analytical and critical reading, coupled with your observation and some personal insights, you should try to emulate the fresh expressiveness of Mr X.

How to do this, you say? Sit down, try to write a good English sentence where you can use those words better than Mr X. You will once again be amazed at yourself at how well you performed. You will even be seeing yourself gaining momentum and hence writing good English paragraphs. Reward yourself after your hard work, you deserve it!

=> I sincerely hope this article on ‘how to write good English‘ and my effort to explain it to you, has been fruitful for you. If you do like I explain, there is no excuse in not being able to produce good quality English writings. And I wish you all the best

What’s Next Concerning Writing Good?

My aim is to make you say ‘Wonderful‘ by bringing decent piece of work (written by me). So, keep supporting Wakish Wonderz and subscribe to my free email list to receive secret quality tips weekly. My next article is on ‘GP Essays – how to write General Paper essays‘. This is particular targeted to students taking part in HSC Cambridge students as an addition to this article.

Before ending, I will sincerely advise you to buy or get a copy of this book below. This book was prescribed to me by my English/GP Guru and I should say that I salutes my Guru for this book, it’s a treasure to me!(You will indeed come back and thank me for having shown you this book!)

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Shakeela says:

    This article is very interesting…
    But there’s something that i did not understand.Which book is the author talking about?
    May i know it please?
    do let me know about it…

  2. Wakish says:

    Hi Shakeela,
    I’m not understanding what you meant by: “Which book is the author talking about?”
    So, I will try to answer you the different ways I’m seeing you question:

    1) If you are saying that this article is from the book, then no. This article has been 100% writing by me based from my own personal experience.

    2) If you are asking about the book I suggested – the book discuss about a variety of different topics all having and showing “critical analysis”..etc
    It has a lot of insights..

    If I have wrongly interpreted your question, I apologize. But do feel free to ask me again about it πŸ˜‰

  3. shakeela says:

    Ok, thank you wakish!
    By the way, you almost replied to my question.


    thanks for replying…

  4. Wakish says:

    Hi again Shakeela,
    the book can be bought via amazon, I gave the link right up there.. see the little square which have the book above, or use this direct link: Critical Thinking on Amazon

    – Wakish –

  5. Cat says:

    How to write English
    Remember to never split an infinitive. The passive voice should never be used. Do not put statements in the negative form. Don’t use contractions in formal writing, and don’t use no double negatives. It is incumbent on one to avoid archaisms. Proofread carefully to see if you words out or incorect speling. It has come to our considered attention that in a large majority of cases, far too many people use a great deal more words than is absolutely necessary when engaged in the practice of writing sentences. If you reread your work, you can find on rereading a great deal of redundant repetition can be removed and eliminated by rereading and editing.
    A writer must not shift your point of view. If the writer is considerate of the reader, he won’t have a problem with ambiguous sentences. Don’t write a run-on sentence its hard to read you must punctuate it. If a dependent clause precedes an independent clause put a comma after the dependent clause. But avoid commas, that are not necessary, and don’t overuse exclamation marks!!! Use the semicolon properly, always use it where it is appropriate; and never where it isn’t. Reserve the apostrophe for it’s proper use and omit it when its not needed. In statements involving two word phrases, make an all out effort to use hyphens, but make sure you hyp- henate properly.

    Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixing metaphors. Always pick on the correct idiom. Avoid colloquial stuff, and trendy locutions that sound flaky. Also, avoid all awkward or affected alliteration. Unqualified superlatives are the worst of all. Beware of and eschew pompous prolixity, and avoid the utilization of enlarged words when shortened ones will do. Avoidification of neologisms strengthenifies your prosification. Avoid using sesquipedalian words. It is not resultful to transform one part of speech into another by prefixing, suffixing, or other alterings. Perform a functional iterative analysis on your work to root out third generation transitional buzz words. Steer clear of incorrect forms of verbs that have snuck into the language. The de facto use of foreign phrases vis-a-vis plain English in your written tete-a-tetes makes the sentence harder to understand.

    Everyone should be careful to use a singular pronoun with singular nouns in their writing. Place pronouns as close as possible, especially in long sentences, as of 10 or more words, to their antecedents. Writing carefully, dangling participles must be avoided. If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is. Write all adverbial forms correct. Verbs has to agree with their subjects, and the adverb always follows the verb. This sentence no verb. Which is not a complete sentence, but merely a subordinate clause. A preposition is something you should never end a sentence with. And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.

    Last but not least, avoid dyed-in-the-wool cliches like the plague; seek viable alternatives.

  6. anooj says:

    hey man hi…. I just wanted to let u know that I am in great need of a guide and I think I found one…i.e. you… I’m from Mauritius like you and please to know that you also hail from there.. where are u right now ? abroad for tertiary studies ? I am not so good in GP especially in the issues relating to GP. Add me on msn (if you want…), we’ll talk there.

    See ya soon man. A+

  7. Wakish says:

    Wow Cat, thanks a lot for the extra effort, simply wonderful of you! Cheers!

    Hi anooj, thanks for the kind words. Glad to see another Mauritian around.


  8. Fabrice says:

    Hi, I’m Fab. Well, my problem for English is that I can’t capture words to include in my essays. I think I’ve a bad English to talk with people. Help me by giving to me tips for my shortcomings. Please. So, I’m more frequent on MSN. Don’t hesitate to let me know about my English, I’m complex ed about it. Need your help. Thanks for receiving my views. See ya soon on Msn.

  9. kevin says:

    I am very love to read your article. I am always tried to write good english and now google to your article. Thank you for your sharing, that’s make a lot of good advise for english writing beginner like me.
    Hope you keep post more essay about this topic.

  10. rock says:

    Please Help to check this english word is correct or not?

    did you returned your Spore working pass to ICA ?
    yes i did returned my spore working pass to ICA

  11. Wakish says:

    Hi Rock,
    no your sentences are not good. There are 2 mistakes:

    1) The word “spore” is a noun and you are using it an adjective in your two sentences which is not good.
    2) The meaning of the word ‘spore’ does not fit your sentences at all. I think you have wrongly interpreted what you wanted.

    MISTAKE 2:
    You should say “i did return” instead of “i did returned” without the ‘ed’. This is because the verb ‘did’ which is in the past tense and hence the verb after it should be in normal form

    => Just tell me what exactly you wanted to convey and I will find the right adjective or word for you..


  12. Norbu says:

    I’m a class ten student in India but my English level is still poor. I use to read and write via my passion but simply I don’t feel like improving my English. So I need your advice or your guidance to improve my english level.

  13. terab says:

    Hi, Here I want to share my doubt regarding reading english books….When I’m reading a novel or any book in english I come across with many new words that I don’t know. So it is important that I should stop reading the article and search for the words in dictionary or should I continue reading and after searching for the words?
    then when I found some new words what is the best way to remember the words and to use it in a correct way in my writings?? thank you.

  14. Wakish says:

    @ Norbu:
    Hi Norbu, thank you for comment, I guess that your reading passion is greater than your writing passion because if you have a true passion for writing as well, you would surely be willing to improve it. But this is not a serious matter because you are on the right track, let me explain:

    Your reading passion is in itself a great thing. Because day by day when you read, your mind will store the words, expression and phrases without you realise it. And also, you will be able to write words without errors. But this is a slow process.

    If you want to increase your english language skills, then I would strongly advise you to take it a bit more seriously, how can you do this? You can do it by:
    1) Keeping a special notebook where you write all words that you do not know the meaning of. Write them down, open your dictionary and find their meaning. Once your find a good meaning, write it back in your notebook. To know if the meaning is really good, show your notebook to an elder, your parent or your teacher and ask them to verify.
    2) Everyday open your notebook and read those words and try making sentences with them. And try to memorize those words and use them in your class writings, like in essays..etc

    If you just follow the two steps I mention above, there is no doubt that your english skills will be great and BETTER than your classmates in a few months! Do let me know about your progress and also read the articles that I have on my blog, I convey alot of useful message and words.

    @ terab:
    Hi terab..
    There are 2 approaches which you can use here:

    1) Spend some time only for reading and another hour for only writing and finding new meanings of new words. But the disadvantage of this, is that you can forget all the words you came across, or simply getting tired or lazy to come again over that words.

    2) The best advice would be that whenever you come across a new word, immediately stop, write the words in your notebook, open your dictionary and write the meaning down. Once you know the meaning, re-read the sentence in your novel and carry on until you find a new word again. This way, you will understand what you are reading at 100% πŸ™‚

    Let me know about your progress and your feedback. Have a nice time!

  15. terab says:

    Hi, I really appreciate your work and your advices that helped me alot while reading. Infact I’m a Tibetan and I’m learning english as my second language. I’ve written a book in Tibetan and it was already published but I’m still a student and I’m now only 16 years old. My plan is to improve my english level as much as I can and to transform myself that can able to write a book or a novel in english language also. So can you show me a path that I can achieve my goal and to give a great impression from my english writtings to my readers.
    Thank You

  16. terab says:


    I’m still waiting for ur answer!!

  17. Wakish says:


    If you don’t find me replying fast, this means I’m busy in real life at the moment. But I will surely get back to you as soon as I can.

    About your 2nd question:

    1) Whatever your level of english you need to keep the advice that I first gave into practice. You need to build and strengthen your words, idioms, expressions further.

    2) Writing a novel is very different from writing an essay or for a journal. Each type of writing has their own style, format, standard and rules. So you need to make your own research on the specific writing that you want, in your case i think it’s a novel. So read as much as you can on the styles, requirements and standards of novel writing.

    3) Observe existing work of established novelist and try to adapt your own style from there.

    4) Last but not the least, you need to keep reading and observing a lot if you want to become a good writer.

    Thanks for your comments and feedback!

  18. TUKTUK says:

    i am the one who has english problem. i’m thai and don’t have anybody to speak with. i’m really want to be good at writting but nobody can help me to check my english, so it makes me bad. somebody can help me to check my english,please send me and email and talk to me. Thank you so much.

  19. Daisy says:

    i have problem in wrtting good english. nobody to teach me. i really want to be good at writting and speaking English but nobody to help me to check my english, so it makes me feel bad.i also want to learn how to write official letters.

  20. Wojoh says:

    Hi my problem is how to spell correctly,when writing letter to people or friends.
    So can you help me? I can read a bit good but its a bit ok then writing.

  21. Tun says:

    Hahaha. Now I can understand why my English is getting worse even though I am currently studying in an English speaking country =]]
    Thank you for this useful post. It helps me a lot. 😑

  22. Field says:

    This is really a useful site. I like what is dicussed here!

  23. Jalal says:

    I am a reporting officer, working for a non-government, international and Amercian based organization. From my title one can guess how strongly I am involved in writing reports in English language. I read your article and it attracted me alot. You talked about reading everyday but did not indicate how much time should one spend on reading English on daily basis? second, I read English news on BBC and CNN sites everyday. Do you think this habbit will improve my english writing?

  24. Wakish says:

    Hello Jalal,
    thank you for your comment, lets answer your questions:

    1) “You talked about reading everyday but did not indicate how much time should one spend on reading English on daily basis?”

    I think a minimum of 30mins should be spent. Read out loud. Ideally 1hr is great per day. Try to say out loud words that you have difficulty in pronouncing.

    2) second, I read English news on BBC and CNN sites everyday. Do you think this habbit will improve my english writing?

    Reading is a factor to help you in building up vocabularies, observing how words and sentences are being constructed and keeping you updated with new words and idioms. But reading only will not help you improve your english. Improving your english consists of reading, observing, hearing and WRITING! It is very very crucial to write. Construct phrases with same words but different meanings..etc

    I hope I have answered your queries? Feel free to discuss it more πŸ˜‰

  25. Sharakara says:

    my problem is how to spell correctly,when writing letter to people or friends.
    So can you help me? am very happy to read this site, please teach more or shown me the book to read so that i can improved more


  26. Akshay says:

    Hi, I’m a Mauritian too n would like to know where i can get a copy of ‘Critical Thinking’ locally.


  27. Akrish says:

    You just made me realize what was in my head all along but never occured to me. Thank you.

  28. WAIL says:

    hi.i ve a big probleme and i wanna u help me i m from morocco i wanna passed TOEFL test ok i wanna improve my english proficiency for getting a good marks in my exam so can u guid me what i do .thnx

  29. fauzi says:

    I really feel good after reading this article.I
    have alot of problems in written english and speaking.
    Recently i enrolled myself for college enterie class and my teacher say’s to me i cann ‘t do anything.
    You know from that day i am upset and losing my confidence about english.Can you help me i really apreciate you.

  30. leekoo says:

    Hi!i’m mr.leekoo. i graduated with B.A. Economics n i work in work involves lots of writing.this includes from planning to report writing.since, i have to write a report for very important person, m bit worried as,how to produce a well writen report? sodo you have any solution for me to improve by ability to write.
    please do help me!

  31. sarah says:

    i am the student of class9. i want to improve my english grammar. can u suggest some ways

  32. muna says:

    hi i live in England for 5 years and i cant write good English i can read but it is too difficult for me to write good English. i dont know how to spell some of words i fild my GCSE examz beucaes i didnt even knew how to write at all please hlep me …………

  33. prof tanvir says:

    Dear Sir this all material was very very interesting and knowledgeable thanks

  34. shumaila says:

    it was an intresting essay and it really worked now im scoring good marks in english and improved my writing skills. thanks a lot and if u remember some other steps do tell me.

  35. shumaila says:

    i have been asked by my teacher to write an essay on ‘teenagers hooked on to new gadgets’ i tried very hard but i cant understand what does the topic means can u please tell me

  36. Sarah.H says:

    hello wakish….first of all i want to congratulate you for your effort ….your a great source of knowledge.
    i m taking A levels ths june and hav about a month left to prepare for my GP .
    well my problem is that i don’t knw how to present my ideas and how to give a “kick” to my essay in my introductory paragraph and how to set out the ideas in an impressive manner.
    it will be kind of you if you tell me exactly what the examiner demands so that i can just focus, not beat about the bush and write an essay worth appreciation.
    thank you for taking ot time for me i can understand you must be very busy….:)

  37. Wakish says:

    I’m sure if you read my other articles you will come close to what you want πŸ˜‰

    This book is no more available in Mauritius. But you could ask a local bookshop to order one for you if you cannot get it online.

    My pleasure πŸ˜‰

    I’m sorry but I do not concentrate on TOEFL at this time, but for improving your english please read some of my other articles on Good Writing Skills.

    Please try to read my other articles you will come close to what you want.. and then do ask me some more specific question.

    I do discuss how to improve your ability to write good in this article. Pay close attention to what I have discussed and you will find answers to your questions

    Cultivate the ability to understand what you read..

    @prof tanvir:
    Glad to know that πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the comments.
    β€˜teenagers hooked on to new gadgets’ — this sentence invites you to discuss how new gadgets and technologies are invading the life and time of teenagers. Discuss if this is the case, the impact this causes in terms of advantage and disadvantage..etc

    @Sarah.H :
    Thank you for the appreciation πŸ˜‰
    About your question, I do discuss some crucial tips in doing this, I would advise you to read more of my articles on Good Writing skills and GP Essays.
    Briefly, you need to read few, but quality content. Try to focuss on how prominent words are being used. For your essay, you will need to choose like 4 general topics and get as much info as possible and then try to frame them in your own words. Refer to Writing the GP Essay – Write to convince!
    All the very best!

  38. torquity says:

    hi m from india . i have qualified mat exam and now i am doing m.b.a but my firnd often use to advice me to practise writing skills and thats why i read your article now i have started practicing but i have confusion in making small and accurate sentences i have made two short and very easy sentences can you please tell me is it correct.

    1. she had been to u.s to complete her graduation.
    2. did u learn for your physics exam.

  39. Wakish says:


    1. she had been to u.s to complete her graduation.
    She has been to U.S to complete her graduation.

    2. did u learn for your physics exam.
    Did you learn for your physics exam.

  40. Sarah.H says:

    Thank you sir your suggestions were of great help!

  41. pradyumna khatiwada says:

    i like this site
    thanks for helping

  42. Wakish says:

    Sarah and pradyumna,

    thank you!

  43. pawan says:

    dear sir,
    my english is so bad. as u can see.i want to know what kind of rules i have to follow on regular basis.
    plz help me

  44. Wakish says:


    hi, thank you for your comment. Pawan, I will not say there’s any kind of specific rules. I will just say that there are certain steps and approach which can help you write properly.

    There’s some nice advice going on in the comments above too. I think they are quite clear and specific. If you have any doubts on them, feel free to ask.


  45. Kamal says:

    this article gives important suggestion about how to develop good idea and convert it into English but Hindi speaking people having other problem like Hindi-English dictionary is not dealing with exact word and introspection fight into the subject(ppl) that how to convert Hindi to English of a particular sentence.

  46. Wakish says:

    Hi Kamal,
    sorry but the focus of this blog is on English language only.

  47. Ranjana says:


    It was a great article and it really helped me to boost up my enthusiasm for improving my english.Thank you so much.


  48. kaku says:

    Hi,the famous french book – β€˜Les Six Compagnons’ is also my favorite. I have only read several of the series when i was a little girl which were Mandarin edition. Now i am looking for the English edition of this series. The funny thing is I cant find any information from entire web. Could you pls help me? thanks.

  49. Wakish says:

    Thank you for the appreciation, glad my article can be of help.

    Glad to know we have same likings πŸ˜‰
    About the book, I’m not sure you will english copies at all, since the author himself is french.
    But if I do find something about it, I will send you an email (hope you provided a real email)

  50. Sudarshan Yadav says:


    I want to learn and become a good writer.

  51. Sudarshan Yadav says:

    it is very easy to say, I know a good english. But after reading this, I can say no one can challange that I know a good english.

  52. Sudarshan Yadav says:

    Dear Sir,

    Pls. advise me to purchase a good book to iprove my writing skill.

    Thanking You

  53. Saravana Kumar M says:

    Hi Sir,

    Whenever I blog, almost all my readers says that the way I write have a mother tongue influence. How to overcome that?

    Please help me..

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

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  56. poornima koirala says:

    it may be helpful for like us whos english is second language .
    with regards

  57. Nancy says:

    Hi Wakish, thanks for putting up those useful tips. I am currently taking course in English and English is not my first languague. In this course, it requires a lot of essay writings. And I have been trying very hard to read often and listen often and write often, but the improvement is still very limited. I really want to be a good writer. I think I am at a stage where I do not know how to help myself to improve. Do you mind if you could browse through my essay and point out my problem and tell me what I should do in order to be a good writer?

  58. Briginette says:

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    Cyrus Chung

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    Thank you very much.
    I will definitely try the tips from ypu
    But I am also interested in knowing what should be avoided while writing an english sentense.
    How can I write good english with out any much grammer or nongrammer mistakes.

    I am sure you are the best in explaining it.
    If you have wriiten already an article on it then tell me its adress. Also sent me the tips to improve my handwriting (which is worser than you can imagine).
    …Vishnu from India

  63. Horeram Tanti says:

    Sir, Here in your article as well as in answer section, I have found so many helpful tips about imporving english. Wonderful thing is that I myself planned some of them before and had been doing for sometimes and stopped. E.g. reading aloud, make notebook of new words, separate time only for reading and writing and always read the dictionary. These all tips came to mind automatically. Today, while reading your article, it strengen me to proceed with steadfast. Have a deep desire to be a writer. I feel calm and secure after writing something. Let me know vaulable tips, so that I can write correct english and at last become writer. Thanks.

  64. aditya verma says:

    Dear Wakish.
    Good Evening.
    i realy feel good to read your blog abt how to improve u re English. thanks for tips.
    now i m working as journalist in hindi news paper(india’s mother tounge) and i want to switch over in English news paper. but i know very well that my english is nither good like those who working in english newpaper. so i m searching way to teach me how to write & speaking execleant english from long time. now want to learn right way to these tecniques from you, can u help me. thanks.

  65. fairoz khan says:

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  66. PARTH says:


  67. zaza says:

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    How do I evaluate a paragraph? My teachers ask me to keep asking myself ‘how and why’ when doing evaluation.Is that true?

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    Hi! i found your friendly suggestions so fascinating and delicate. I not only read all the stuff but printed it out to read the hard copy and to give it to my best friend who’s seeking to gain momentum in English.

    Hope to know more about how to write good English.


  70. Geetu says:

    Hey Wakish, i am glad that you are there for ppl like me who wants to improve their English. It would be very kind of you if you can suggest some good books on English Grammar as i m vry poor in it.I want to write good essays and journals also so kindly guide about this also.

  71. Umeeta says:

    While speaking in English i can speak well but when writing comes i face problem in grammar,vocalbury. Can u plz. help me to improve my writing skills.

  72. yan says:

    am also a maurician
    ur advice is gr8
    keep it up man!

  73. Ajay says:

    Hi Wakish,
    It is really nice after reading your tips for writting a good english , Can you please help me out for improving my writting skill

  74. Riyaj Shah says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have read the entire sections all the discussion in your site how to write good English. I’m interested to all the solutions that you have provided to some questions from the peers.

    Can you provide some good phrases with their proper meaning?

    Thank you.

  75. VICKX says:


  76. Wakish says:

    You can find more on punctuation on my article: General Principles Of Punctuation – What Are Punctuations And How To Use Them

    @The others:
    Guys thanks for the kind words, I’m sorry I cannot reply to all your comments at this time, if you have left a valid email, I will personally send you an email for your queries to catch up my late responses.

    – Wakish –

  77. Gopi says:


    My name is Gopi, I am purely in Tamil medium from school, right now i am working one big MNC company in India, and my problem was so many spelling mistakes at the time of writing English

  78. JAFFAR says:

    I I am a teacher.I am interested in writing articles and short stories.I learnt a lot from your article.Thankyou sir

  79. Vyomika says:


    I want to improve my english grammar. Please let me know if that is also possible through reading. If yes then how?

  80. Lani Flitter says:

    Nice post. I was watching continuously this site and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info specifically the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this specific info for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  81. rabbit says:

    hey i really loved this article but i have one problem….i m not good at pronounciation,,,so what can i do to boost up my pronounciation level….plz help me out!!!

  82. usman says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have lost of problem regarding writing a good english and want to resolve these problem kindly help me out in this and give me a chance to appreciate your fantestic work.

    Thanks and Regards
    Usman Shah.

  83. Daakar says:

    It was nice going through your site and i must say you have done and doing great job(Wakish).Hope this site of yours will help so many including myself.Thanks and may good health be your best friend.

  84. Poonam Malik says:

    Hello to the author and thanks a ton for writing such a good article. It helped me a lot.
    Actually my problem is, that my grammar, spellings are okay and when it comes to speaking English, I am quiet fluent as well. I love writing and when i start writing i feel like writing more and more. The problem is after writing whenever i go through my article or whatever i wrote, I find the level of english very low, basically i want to write a bit high level english, like other writers do. I know some of the tactics of writing as well, but somehow my writing is not up to the mark as yours. There is problem with my vocabulary as well, I am trying to improve it.

    You please suggest me something, that how can i write better.

    Thanks You and Regards
    Poonam Malik

  85. muddassir says:

    very good

  86. Wakish says:

    Thank you everyone for the kind words.
    Hope you are all putting it into practice πŸ™‚

  87. shiva says:

    good one

  88. kolajo says:

    good day,
    i wanna get the book but don’t know where to get it…. my problem in English Language is the i don’t always remind spelling…….

  89. kel says:

    hi wakish you are diplomatic in nature and your english is very nice.i knew how to speaks big words but i dint know how to speak small words ,is there any hint that you will issue for me?i teeter forward to hear from you.

  90. Wakish says:

    Thanks for the comment!


    the book can be bought via amazon, use this direct link: Critical Thinking on Amazon

    Thanks alot for the kind words. I will try to write an article on this soon. Meanwhile you can read the other articles on my blog, they will surely help you further πŸ™‚


  91. Rabia says:

    Best site for learning english and writing.

  92. Mohammed Salem Abdulmana says:

    A very useful information . thank you , bro .

  93. Wakish says:

    Thanks alot Rabia and Salem for the kind words and appreciation!

  94. dara says:

    Hii there, I m feeling glad reading your tips as I m way into this beautiful journey of mastering good english with an ultimate goal of writing a novel. Thanks a lot, u r a big help….

  95. dara says:

    I would appreciate your guidance about making effective composition of sentences.

  96. clare says:

    I am a graduate student,I have read your article and it was amazing. I really need your help. I am very poor in writing english. Though I am a graduate but I’m very bad when it comes to writing English. I feel so embarrass at times. I am very fond of writing poems, simple ones but I also want to write an article, or maybe a book in the future. So I really need your help in writing in learning how to write a good English?
    Thank you

  97. clare says:

    My name is Claire,, and I am a graduate student. I have read your article and its really good. As a students I can speak fluent English, fluent enough to communicate with people from a different linguistic background. But when to comes to writing I am very bad at it, can you please guide me in how to write good English. I love writing poems, simple once, but I would love to write a book and publish it in future. So can u plz guide me.
    Thank you

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