Interview With John Chow – Choice For His Shitty Attempt At Viral Video Revealed!

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John Chow

Following my article about John Chow Does Not Care For You, Though You Keep Caring For Him! I thought about interviewing Chow regarding his “shitty attempt at viral video“. I let you see the response..

The Interview With John Chow

>> John Chow why having chosen to display such a video, you could have opted for other funny options. Please tell us about this decision.

The video was based off a Maclean and Maclean comedy routine that I heard way back in high school (that was two decades ago) and I’ve always remembered it for some reason. I never thought about doing any other options for the video. Over the years, I’ve performed that routine in front of friends and small groups. Always got huge laughs out of it. I know some people won’t like it but it’s not my job (nor is it your job) to please everyone.

>> Do you think this was the right thing to do? Explain your reasoning.

It doesn’t matter if posting the video was the right thing or the wrong thing. What matter is I did something instead of nothing. Too many people go though life being scare of failing so they end up doing nothing. All it takes for the forces of evil to rule the world is for enough people to do nothing. I rather fail at doing something than be a complete failure by doing nothing.

>> Do you encourage your followers or readers to produce such type of video?

I encourage anyone to step outside the box and try new things.

>> Most of your readers and fans, including me, have been very disappointed with your approach. Do you have anything to say (or you don’t care) ?

As I said in answer 1, you can’t please everyone all the time. And you shouldn’t even try. Readers come and go. The current ones who are commenting on my blog are not the same ones from six months ago. If the readership on your blog hasn’t changed in the past six months, it means the only people reading your blog are family members.

>> But there are also a lot of readers who were very pleased, do you have anything to tell them too?

It’s nice to know you can take a joke. 🙂

>> Did you read my article John Chow Does Not Care For You, Though You Keep Caring For Him!


i) What is your reaction?

Awesome. I got people writing about it. It doesn’t matter if the response is good or bad. I get more traffic from bad press than I do from good press.

ii) Do you think I have somehow convey to you “John Chow as a high profile blogger could have opted for a better option?”

No, you didn’t. However, you could do it by creating your own viral video and show me how you would do it.

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Turnip says:

    I enjoyed the interview more than the video. It’s not like I held any kind of grudge against John Chow for the video. Everyone has good posts and bad posts. He left his niche and got a bit of bad press. Much like any celebrity would appearing on Show time at the Apollo and getting booed off stage would. Next post his readers will still be there, and probably a few new ones.

  2. Blogging Mix says:

    I never had the chance to get John Chow respond to my emails for interview. Glad you were able to persuade him.

    I enjoyed reading your interview over the rubbish video of John.


  3. moserw says:

    Wow Wakish! Keep it up. Great job.


  4. Crystal says:

    Interesting interview. He brought up some good points. Way to go taking the initiative to email him the questions!

  5. Franca Richard says:

    Who is John Chow? That Internet Bug?

  6. Entrepreneur says:

    I actually think John Chow is a genius at getting noticed/marketing. I mean, come on, he’s still around, still getting new viewers/readers despite the inundation of money-making-blogs on the web.

    What did wannabee, no originality John Cow do to get more readers after seeing so many leave their fold? They lowered their ad prices and came crawling back to Entrecard.

  7. Wakish says:

    Yeah indeed, they all came back to Entrecard ironically..

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