Dorm Check – The Interview

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Last time, you remembered we went to take a cup of tea with the owner of a PTC or PTS website. This time we invite you for a dinner with the owner of a Paid-To-Post Forum, named as Dorm Check. Ready? Good, here we go..

The Interview:

Q => What is your name ?
A=> Colin

Q => Where were you born and raised?
A=> I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Q => When did you decide to start Dorm Check ?
A=> I started Dorm Check on January 2nd, 2007. I started thinking about it around December 27, 2006.

Q => Why did you decide or what triggered you to start Dorm Check ?
A=> Its rather funny, the reason why I started Dorm Check. I was posting on myLot and decided that I was sick of how terrible there site functionality and community acts, so I decided to make my own community.

Q => What have been your most successful moments of your Dorm Check career ?
A=> The most successful moments were when I bought the first server and actually got it to work, and when the member count hit more than one 🙂

Q => Are you satisfied with Dorm Check ?
A=> Am I satisfied? Very. I am very happy with how it is coming along, and I am very proud of how the community has matured.

Q => Why should people use your site instead of others and do you think you have the special trait that other sites do not have?
A=> I’m not here to say anybody else’s site is better or worse than mine. From personal experience, I believe things I do are better than things are other people do. Haha. With all comedy aside, I believe that Dorm Check offers a much more official, intelligent, and ambitious community than myLot, Duno, or Payposter. This incredible community inspires very intellectually stimulating posts, which makes reading the forums that much more fun.

Q => Do you have another job/site other then managing Dorm Check? What is it?
A=> I actually have a few more sites, all part of the Dorm Check name. is an auto hits site that helps smaller sites grow. is an online arcade to take a break from posting on Dorm Check. There is one more surprise that is coming very soon that I think most of the DC community will really like. To give a hint, it involves a very easy way to make a lot of money 🙂

Q => Is there something that you like the most about your site, Dorm Check?
A=> The thing I like the most is the little gold star next to my name.

Q => Any future plans for Dorm Check ?
A=> Tons of future plans. Friends and an updated profile are coming soon, and some really cool features will be out. You will just have to wait and see 🙂

Q => Do you predict an on-going success in the future of Dorm Check ?
A=> Dorm Check will be successful in the future. I guarantee it.

Q => In your free time, is there something (or things) you enjoy doing ?
A=> Most of my free time is devoted to working on Dorm Check. The rest of the time I am playing hockey or watching tv.

Q => How was your start and experience about “Earning Money Online”?
A=> Earning money online is not as hard as most people make it out to be. Just give it a few months and you will be making something. Whatever you do, do not invest more than 10$-15$ into a program that promises incredible earnings. Put the work into it and you will make money.

Q => Any advice to those who are eager about “Earning Money Online” ?
A=> Again, put the work into it and you will make money.

Q => Any special word for your members and fans of Dorm Check ?
A=> To the members and fans, thanks for always sticking with it. To the people who have been around since the first week of January, you guys are the best. In the long run you will get something for sticking around 🙂

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