Interview With Problogger Darren Rowse – Normal Blogging vs Review Blogging Discussed!

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This time I bring you an interview with Problogger, Darren Rowse. My interview subject is based on the approach and writing styles of normal blogging vs review blogging.

To Avoid any confusion, consider:

=> Normal blogging = the type of blogging I do here or like Darren does.
=> Review Blogging = blogging about reviews of products, camera phones..etc A concrete example has been given by Darren in the interview below.

About Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is a full time blogger and is making a six-figure income from blogging now since 2005. He is the man behind the famous ProBlogger Blog and several other blogs.
I would also like to mention that Darren Rowse has recently launched his own ProBlogger Book. Here’s a quote:

Unlike other books that are big on potential and theory, ProBlogger provides results based on the authors own experience of what really works through practical, tried and tested advice. Inside readers will learn:
How Bloggers Make Money
Direct Income Earning vs. Indirect Income Earning methods
Why Niches are Important
20 Ingredients for a successful blog post
Optimizing advertising
Which advertising platforms work best
Expert analysis of Technorati’s Top Blogs – why they work

The Interview

Mr Darren Rowse, I have chosen you for this interview since I believe you are
the right person and in the right places to talk about writing styles
concerning normal blogging and review blogging

1) Darren, how long have you been doing “normal blogging” and “review blogging” ? And which one you started first?

I’ve been blogging for about five and a half years. I started on a blogspot blog which then morphed to – I’d classify this as a ‘normal blogging’ type blog where I talked about life, culture, spirituality and the experience of starting a new church that I was involved with.

For a while I was also involved with what you might call ‘review’ blogging at – this blog collated and organized reviews of digital cameras from around the web. I don’t really do this much more although have someone else do it on that blog for me now.

Over the last few years most of my blogging has been on and where I’d say I’m doing ‘normal’ blogging again. I much more enjoy this.

2) Which of the two blogging styles consumes more time and can you briefly tell us how you proceed in each approach?

These days all I really do is the ‘normal’ blogging at ProBlogger and DPS.

3) I believe that writing for “normal blogging” and writing for “review
blogging” involves different writing styles. How far do you think this is true? Can you give us some insight concerning this?

The review blogging in the style I did it is more about finding good content from others. This meant following a lot more blogs of others. Blogging on ProBlogger and DPS is more about finding something to say and then working hard on providing unique and useful information.

4) Any particular message you would like to convey concerning the interview subject?

not really

5) About the layout and themes, would you say that it matters a lot? Any tips or points to consider in the choices for both?

Yes it’s important – there are millions of blogs and one of the quickest ways to differentiate yourself from others and create a good impression is to have a slick looking and eye catching design.

The main tip I’d give is to test your design on a new visitor to your blog. Find a family member that hasn’t seen it before and get them to surf through your blog while you watch. See what they think of it, see how they navigate and watch how they respond to it. I wrote more about how to do it at Run a First Time Reader Audit on Your Blog

6) With problogger, you definetly have built a “loyal” readership, do you think this can also be achieved with review blogging and does it matter here?

Yes I think it can be done – take a look at Engadget or Gizmodo and you’ll see that they’re doing a very similar thing. They add more of their own ideas to post which I think helps.

7) Darren, which one of those two types passionates you the most since we know that you take a lot of devotion and passion in whatever “niche” or “areas” you blog about.

Do you mean which I am more passionate between normal ‘blogging’ and ‘review’ blogging? If so, ‘normal’ – it’s all I do these days 🙂

I hope you will find this interview helpful and stay tuned with Wakish Wonderz for some yet new exciting and informative articles..

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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Ikki says:

    Hi Wakish,

    Great interview 🙂 How do you contact these guys? Gotta let me know your secret! xD

    Since I’ve never done review blogging I can’t tell if it’s best over normal blogging. However, I do know about traditional blogging and gotta say that it’s one of the most rich experiences you can get from the Internet since you can learn a lot from it and meet some interesting people at the same time – like you 😉

    Keep up the great job!

  2. Nice interview. Great insights. Keep it up Wakish.

  3. Wakish says:

    Thanks Ikki and Alfa for having taken time to give your comments and opinion.

    – Wakish –

  4. Aaron from Webspear says:

    Nice interview Wakish!

    I think a unique theme for a blog is very important, but it should not be a concern until your blog matures to a reasonable level.

    Because when the blog is still at its infancy, its is very hard to figure out a good design. As your blog matures you will come across a number new issues and problems regarding the presentation of information. Now is the time to sit down and design a proper layout for your blog to address those issues and problems.

  5. Midori Miller says:

    I really enjoy anything that is written about Darren Rowse and I have to say you asked him some great questions. I myself prefer normal blogging but I do like asking lots of questions and giving my take on thoughts ideas and people. I tend to agree with Aaron every time I create something new I will have changed my template and my columns several times over..I don’t think you can have a clear picture of what your site will look like without content.
    Thanks for stopping by my are the first ever comment for! Thank you…

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