Is Everyone Happy During Such A Festive Time?

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At the time I’m writing, it’s already the great 24th december night that most of us awaits to celebrate Christmas day. Most of us will spend time with our close and dear people while others with friends..

But do we realize that at such a happy time, there may be people lonely, heart-broken or perhaps sad. Life is not fair with everyone. While some might be enjoying happiness, others are just seeing their dreams falling, their love a failure.

I want to have a special thought for all those people feeling sadness on this night of Christmas festives.

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  1. Tomas says:

    Thank you, dear Wakish.
    Your concern for other makes today the real feast to us. The 24th December is past already but everyday of year can become the real Christmas gift if we sense the love that joins us all in the gratitude. Thank you once again.
    While reading your post I was touched by your love. Wow, There are multitude of people who need us today more than ever before. Let me invite you to “Modus Vivendi” -to the art therapy club of the hospital for the mentally ill. High walls of silence hides just incredible stories here and wonderful pictures grow from the sadness. However, that’s not the complaints , but joyful Hi that comes out of itself if somebody enter this world as the friend, but not the judge. Dear Wakish, you are welcomed.

  2. Wakish says:

    Thanks a lot for the touching words and invitation dear Tomas!

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