John Chow Does Not Care For You, Though You Keep Caring For Him!

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John Chow

The Message Of John Chow Is Clear And Straight-Forward

Traffic like shitty blog posts since these type of articles are what appeals to them. And he’ll give them such post even if he has to make a shit about it to get more fame and traffic.

If you are not understanding what I mean, have a look at “My Shitty Attempt at a Viral Video – by John Chow“.
(I will not show this video here, since I don’t believe he deserves that much!)

Readers Do Not Think?

If you read the comments on that post, you will observe that most of the comments are “congrats Chow, that was fantastic“. Now either really the readers of John Chow like such crappy (if not shitty) articles or they are “faking it” to impress Chow. Common, does Chow care for them anyway? If Chow did care for them, instead of explaining about shits on his own made video, he would have provided them with a more informative, valuable and respectful one. If you still don’t agree with me, then you have been “shittified” by Chow’s magic. Go get a doctor! 😛

Is That An Example To Give To Bloggers?

Chow is (was, to me) one of the high profile bloggers in the blogosphere and he always claimed to “teach to make money from blogging“. Is that a way to teach you how to be famous with such a video? Holy crap, what will we see more soon?

Darren Rowse v/s John Chow

Darren Rowse who also “teach to blog“, has given some insightful and respect-worthy videos till now. He clearly shows he respects his readership and provides them with insighful, informative and above all, respectful videos, unlike John Chow. I must admit, “hats-off to you Darren!”
What I want to emphasize here is that such a stuff from a blogger of the calibre of John Chow is just unacceptable, even when “testing or trying out a new trick!

Does This Video Bring Chow Traffic And Fame?

Yes, this video is viral, and will spread around very very fast. And this is ONLY what matters to him! So, this was a trick by Chow to get more fame and traffic. But is that kind of promotion worthy of a blogger like John Chow? Is this kind of “portray” desirable. My answer is definetly a BIG NO! What is yours?

What are your opinion, do you see things in my angle?

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Mate, this is exactly what and how John Chow generates traffic. He wants people to get pissed and write reviews against him. So he got free linky love and traffic. Hehe.

  2. Ikki says:

    I agree with you. John Chow is a bad blogger 😛 I remember that this one time (not long ago) he placed a “My site got hacked” page on his blog. He also added a Paypal donation button so people could donate money to him in order to recover his blog. That was a fake! His site didn’t get hacked at all: he just tricked his visitors to get some money from them.

    P.S.: you should remove your him from your blogroll 😛

  3. Crystal says:

    I totally agree with you. That vid made me cringe, but since so many bloggers picked up on it, i guess it could’ve gone viral!

  4. Chillz…tats ugly side of how he get his traffic…

  5. JustChris says:

    You know, in my times being around YouTube I’ve seen videos of people that act like idiotic fanboys regarding a subject. So idiotic they look fake. They’re just trolls looking for attention and you’re doing them a favor by commenting back. I think Chow is playing this angle.

  6. Wakish says:

    It’s a really bad playing style then 😛

  7. Lanie says:

    It’s totally amazing at nomatter what JC does, people click to his site or post.

  8. Ricky says:

    I had seen this video long back.and yeah shitty chow doesn’t deserve so many comments for that topic.

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