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Breath Life

Breath Life

We are all so much engrossed in our daily routine. We simply do not find time to sit down for a small while to ponder upon our ourselves, our life, where we are heading and where we want to head. Sure you could argue with me that in your mind you know what you want. Yes you do! But are you optimizing yourself, are you enjoying each and every moment of your life, are you being thankful to everything that is happening in your life, are you providing help (in its various form) to your surroundings – and most importantly of all – are you getting closer to your life objectives?

Contrary to what most of us might lazily think, you need just 20 or 30 mins per day. And the best thing about it is – there’s no good time to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish in life, in your life.

The Most Important Moment In Our Life Is – NOW

Do it today itself after you read this. Stop, silence your mobile phone, switch off your laptop, sit down in a place that you can have some undisturbed moment for yourself. Take a deep breath. And start thinking about what you expect from life, what are your goals in life.

That reminds me of “life in every breath – Bushido”. If you haven’t watched it yet, have a watch at the movie The Last Samurai.

10 Life Lessons From The Last Samurai Movie


And it’s not that hard. You probably already have a good idea of what you want to do, but you may not have it written down. Or maybe you’ve done this exercise before, but you haven’t updated your goals for awhile. Now’s the time to do it.

1. How to start?

First, think about what you’d like people to say about you at your funeral. This comes from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People — the habit called “Begin with the end in mind.” It’s also very effective. Imagine you are at the end of your life, looking back. What would you like to have accomplished? What kind of person would you like to have been?

Now here’s the key: start living your life so that you will eventually get to that point.

2. Now that you’ve given that a little thought, jot down some ideas for life goals you’d like to achieve before you die.

They can be in many areas, but here are a few to start with: professional, education, family, spiritual, travel, recreation, hobbies, community, charity. You can probably think of more, and you don’t need to have goals in all of these areas. Just some topics to get you started.

3. Refine your list, or expand it.

After your initial brainstorm, you may want to trim it down. But you may also want to expand: sometimes it’s fun, and worthwhile, to dream big.

4. Now break it down.

What should you accomplish in the next 10 years for each of these goals? How about 5 years? How about two years? One year? And this month?

Once you’ve planned out each goal for 10-year, 5-year, 2-year, 1-year and 1-month periods, you’ve got yourself a pretty solid plan.

5. Take action!

I like to take my monthly goals, and make a to-do list for this week. What can I do today to further my goals? And if I can get just one thing done, I’ve done a lot to make those dreams a reality!

Take a step towards your dreams today by writing them down, and making a plan.

Take Time For Yourself

Take Time For Yourself

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