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When you plan to write about something (applicable to any other article writing or GP Essays) a methodological approach must always be adopted. It can also be applied to an oral presentation of any topic.

This approach consists of a number of steps which are followed in a logical order:

1) STEP 1 – Understanding

You should make yourself understand the topic first! What it really means, what are its full implications..etc

2) STEP 2 – Definition / Introduction

You should first give a brief description or definition of the topic in a clear, simple language.

3) STEP 3 – Classification

You should classify the facts and details of the topic in a logical, coherent form for your reference.
For example:
Start with a brief background/history of the topic
present most common facts first (any general opinions that are already known)
Show the positive aspects then the negative ones if it is a controversial topic

4) STEP 4 – Presentation / Development

You may now present your topic by following the order of details in the classified references/notes you made in STEP 3
Use clear language
Avoid complicated expressions
In case of an oral presentation, pronounce technical terms clearly and slowly to ensure everyone understands
Use illustrations only when it is necessary to explain
You may use references to arouse interests
Entertain with a joke, but never do this if you are not sure
You may add an emotional touch if you want, but never exaggerate

5) STEP 5 – Conclusion

You can now conclude by:
giving your opinion
summarising the main points
Add any last message (make it a striking and impressive one)

This approach is the hard work, knowledge and experience that I have gained personally while I was a college student some 4 years back. All of my articles on writing is based from my own experiences and insights and I have full trust on what I try to teach or show you and I sincerely hope it will be helpful to you. But I’m not in any means saying that I’m a perfect guy in writing.. but consider my “such type of” articles as a humble attempt of sharing the knowledge that I have gained freely from people whom I consider to have attained wisdom (I will surely and undoubtedly dedicate this Post to my evergreen English Guru aka my English teacher who is by now aged 70yrs old. Sir, you are always in my heart, God Bless!). I hope you liked this article and I will also suggest you to read my previous articles listed below:
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Feel free to share your point of view and your experiences by using the comment form,

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  1. Jirel says:

    Hi Wakish,

    Very wonderful and interesting article. I was reading many such articles on how to write well or present well which now I need for my blog and this is a great addition for me.
    Really, one’s style of presentation adds makes things much different than without any such plan.
    And, all other articles are useful.
    I will sure stop by here in coming days.


    • Wakish says:

      Hi Jirel!
      Thanks for the kind words and yeah it will be a pleasure to see you around soon 😉


  2. yes totally agree on this steps and organizing your article’s

  3. cyncclextunty says:

    I’m new here, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

  4. roman bhattarai says:

    i am a gp student in AS-level, joining my classes few days ago. i found out your article to be inspiring one .hope you will help me in these two years.

  5. Wakish says:

    Thanks everyone..

  6. Nancy says:

    Hi, Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I am new here but I have read a few blogs of yours.Those are very helpful and informative. I really can sense those ideas or tips that are getting from your own experience. I admire you talent in writing.
    It is time to talk about my problem. I have two quesitons for you: 1> how to express our ideas in simple sentences? 2> I feel so difficult to put my ideas on paper, how can I improve? FYI: English is not my first languae but I really want to be able to write well in English.

  7. gunjan says:

    i’ am new here.. so i wanna to say thanks…

  8. khuram says:

    so knowledgeful steps to prepare a presentation.thanks to all

  9. jeslyn says:

    hi! thank for sharing your information with us..
    i hav 1 question about how to write an opening paragraph og gp essays…i mean is there have any steps when writing on it?

  10. valdeatte says:

    hi everyone..this info can be very helpful for everybody on this planet, if you still need anything from this life…Read…and Act…this is science , everybody should know. Best of luck!

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  11. Wakish says:


    This is amazing and full of positive thinking/growing all that you have mentioned!
    Thanks a lot for your contribution!


  12. muhib says:

    How to write article on ‘music that can be enjoyed without understanding the lyrics’.

  13. Madhu Sharma says:

    This is really amazing Wakish. One gets excitingly big goosebumps while reading your this article about positive energy.
    It,s really brimming with enthusiasm and motivation required to do something really pivotal in one,s life.
    In fact , I myself am feeling very energetic and curious to to explore these untouched arena of my mind and heart. Thanks a lot for sharing these really useful and true secrets with us to make our lives more ambitious and fruitful. God bless you and shower upon you His great wisdom and knowledge for making someone feel proud of oneself and of his thinking n doing.

  14. Sim Zi Lin says:

    Hi,I have just started learning GP and it’s hard for me,I am given a question to write about my opinion of mass media,does it bring more positive or negative impacts,so such question or for all two sided questions,do we have to make a clear stand?

  15. gemyjoymn says:

    Bravo, come frase …, brillante idea

  16. Wakish says:

    @Sim Zi Lin:
    No you do not have to make a clear stand, just elaborate on all the -ve and +ve parts and then based on those points, give your personal take on it, that is how you find it.. usually if the benefits outweighs the -ve points, it is possible a good thing..


    thanks man!

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