Money – The Root Of All Success!

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A Purchasing Power

It seems paradoxical that while genuine hatred for a Scrooge or a Shylock is widespread, people everywhere often complain about being short of money. Miserliness or material greediness is not socially or morally desirable for as the old saying goes: “money is the root of all evil“. Yet to man, money appeals as an (ultimate) purchasing power and the more money he has, the better he is able to satisfy his ever increasing needs and wants.

Technological Growth Proportional To Ways Of Making-Money Online

Virtual life is no exception to this. Since the recent years, we are all witnessing the sudden urge of  ‘making money online‘. As technology is evolving at a frightening speed, an array of unprecedented ways of making money online keeps on emerging. Some of these are:
1) Affiliate marketing
2) ‘Get-Paid-To’ opportunities
3) Freelancing
4) Blogging
5) Ebooks’ business
6) and so many many more..

Make Money With Money?!

The ability of a programmer to code and design a system is only limited by his/her own creativity“. In this respect, while the possibilities to shape a successful means of making money online is endless, most of us are limited by ‘money‘. We all have dreams and excellent ideas of doing ‘this and that‘ online, but money is the big problem. If you want to be successful, you will need to invest in buying a domain name, a dedicated host, professional unique designs and packages, advertising your site to get consistent and sustained traffic (like Text-Link-Ads or
and paying a coder to design and customize a specific system, etc.. Hence there is no denying that most, if not all, of those big guys on the net are successful because they had (have) the financial requirements to boost their ‘x, y, z making money online platforms‘ at the right time, at the right place, to the right audience. There is no such thing as ‘making money without money’!

The Survey!

I made a small survey across three online communities and here are some of the responses:

Question asked:If you had the necessary budget, what would you do.. online?

1) Responses from HostBidder Forum

=> Posted by Fergal (Owner of HostBidder)

If I had the time and funds I would purchase a domain name reseller account from Enom and give away even more free domain names from Another service I would offer is free hosting accounts through a partnership with an established hosting company.

My motivation is helping new webmasters get their first site up and running. The free domain names from together with the excellent advice and support provided by the friendly members of our community is a great way for new webmasters to get their site set-up and generating revenue.

=> Posted by Thanoz

If i had the money i would love to pay all the mentainance fees & domain name fees for some charity organizations that are really worth of it.(e.g Greenpeace).I would also be willing to setup the websites and (all the hosting&domain fees) for local charity organizations of my area and not only.
I would also love,apart of the above, to setup a directory of all the charity and non-profit organizations that are dedicated to help suffering people all around the world.
If only i had that money…:(

=> Posted by dancom96

I would start some good money making websites, so I can bring in some cash. And start donating to some charities, and give some $ to the people who helped me get so far. Also, I would PAY webmasters to GET RID OF SPAMMERS.

=> Posted by aashwin

if i had a budget i sure will by a high space & bandwith server and start a new free service site something like free templates or fre games!

and then start making my own small bussiness

and also stop people getting scammed by surveys and stuff

=> Posted by MOGmartin

If youve got the budget, then the best thing to do realistically is to develop new idea’s and focus on new niche markets.

Is someone else doing something well, in one market, but not in another?? Well YOU do it in the other market.

Carry on doing this until you have enough to retire, then go live on the beach somewhere!



2) Responses from Digital Point Forum

=> Posted by newzone

Many times i wanted to start a hosting related business but if i write here this means i don’t have the money so i try to “dream” in this post … internet radio was and is my passion , a radio streaming business maybe but not the first choice, the first choice will be my own social network well promoted or a website using an affiliate programs like CJ , the next can be a reseller in the domain names and hosting category… really want to make some good money on internet but i think some luck in everything is necessary…

=> Posted by daryo

I would probably buy a dedicated server and start selling great hosting. But I don’t have enough money I can only dream… But when I finish school and get a job I’m definitely gonna get few dedis. xD

=> Posted by Michael-Martin

I would start taking some of the startup ideas I have and actually see about hiring programmers and such to make it work.

I’d best go start by buying lottery tickets…

3) Responses from BlogCatalog Community

=> Posted by Albran

I would spend everything to promote A Course In Miracls, which is the most advanced idea of forgiveness you can get. It offers you a simple mind training to start changing your mind and thoughts, and aquiring a new perception of everyone and everything in the world. It’s a miracle.

It is not about earning money. It is about earning gratitude and happiness and all the things that belong to you in truth, which have been lost to you — or better, to your awareness — by your decision to be a limited self in a body in time and space.

Hundrets of excellent videos by The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles are available to watch on TV, the internet, on DVD and VHS.

=> Posted by wehireu

I would build a content supersite that sold a variety of high quality content, magazines, books, ebooks, reports, audiobooks, software, just about anything you could download with information in it.

=> Posted by zawadi

I would make a Gaming Site.

=> Posted by MoneyMoose

I’d finally have enough money to fund my expedition to Norway so that I can collect my $16,000,000 winnings from the Staatslater lottery that I was apparently entered in automatically through a random selection service and won.

In all seriousness, though, I’d probably buy a professional logo/website design. Brand building is good.

What Is The Conclusive Tendency

Money is more than ever the essence of life both in our real world and virtual world.

But then one is always excited by descriptions of money changing hands. It’s much more fundamental than sex” – Nigel Dennis

Do YOU think ‘Money is the root of all success in our present world ?

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