Skrill aka Moneybookers better than Paypal!

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Before you read any further, please be aware that Moneybookers is now known as Skrill – click to see their new website.

I have been using Moneybookers aka Skrill since the start of year 2006 and have nothing to complain about in contrast to PayPal – I recently read many complaints on the net regarding Paypal. Just google for it..Anyway, I have two reasons to justify the title of this post:

1) The lateness of the arrival of PayPal to some countries unlike Skill (Moneybookers).
In some countries PayPal has just arrived. This includes Mauritius. If I’m not mistaken we were added in May 2007. But Skill aka Moneybookers was always available to Mauritians – I estimate since some 4 to 5 years back before PayPal comes!

2) With PayPal there’s only one option available
From Mauritius (and some others too), the ONLY thing that IS possible, is you can JUST upload money to PayPal via Credit Card and send payments! That’s all!

The following options are currently not available:
request payment
upload funds via local bank – bank wires (available only to local American Banks)
accept payment either from business, deals or donations

Moneybookers, now known as Skrill, on the other hand allows a wide range of options.

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Moneybookers / Skrill is a good payment processing system which is becoming increasing popular day by day among so many companies and money making sites. By now, I have seen many Mauritian opting for Skrill (Moneybookers) due to the restrictions detailed in “reason 2” above. I would recommend Skrill (previously known as Moneybookers) to anyone who wants to have a payment processor on the net (at least you should definitely keep it handy)

Its support system is good too, I’ll rate them a (9/10). I had many initial questions and queries, they responded to me in a delay of 2days (that’s why I gave only 9). Else, they are very polite, to the point and explains your confusions in a very well detailed manner!

– Some facts –

=> I have successfully uploaded money from my local bank to Skrill aka Moneybookers via bank wire – It took me a bit less than 48hrs (2 days).
=> You can also withdraw money from your Skrill / Moneybookers account to your local bank! This also takes 2 days!
=> Skrill offers 3 types of verification (unlike PayPal). As and when you make those verification, your transaction limit is increased!

– The verification types are: –

1) By requesting a postal letter to be sent to your home address – (Worked fine! Letters reached me in a 5 days’ time)
2) By uploading any amount of money via credit cards – (Worked fine!)
3) By uploading any amount of money from your local bank – bank wire! (Worked fine!)

Join SKRILL aka Moneybookers Now (Click Me!) and enjoy shopping and business on the net safely!

Note: You are also paid a referral bonus! Is this not cool?

– Donation Buttons –

=> Donation button are not available as a customized form, but they give details about you can customize your own donation button (or gateways in case of a business) yourself. This was pretty easy to do, as you can see on .


Join SKRILL / Moneybookers Now (Click Me!)


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Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Absolutely right Wakish. Handy options are what make people decide. Moneybookers is perfect.

  2. Maher says:

    well i personally prefer e-gold its fast easy and secure but i havn’t try moneybookers

  3. Frederick says:

    Through PayEngine, my domain registration site ) now supports Fethard, Webmoney, E-gold, Moneybookers, and ePassporte. Additionally, we process PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.

    .com, .net, .org, and many other extensions are only $6.50!

  4. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

    • Wakish says:

      Hi..thanks for taking time to read and put a comment..

      The design of my blog has been specially designed and coded by myself 😉 and I’m still trying to improve it more..
      You like it?

  5. Ama says:

    You’re right!! I’m from Mauritius and when I read that I could not receive payments through my Paypal account I wanted to strangle the bastards who decided this!!!!

    “Currently PayPal accounts in Mauritius are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds.”


  6. Wakish says:

    Hi Ama, thanks for your visit.. Infact I rarely find any mauritian commented on my

    Yeah, about your “why”.. well I have emailed paypal 3 times: one in oct 2006, second time in mid 2007 and third time just recently in feb 2008.
    In all the 3 emails, the response from paypal was just ” we are tying our best..etc”
    Apparently they are having difficulties with a possible affiliate or linking (whatever they call it) with the main banks of mauritius.

    But all these reasons and reply seem pretty much lame excuses if you ask me! When Moneybookers can provide a fully functional service to us, then how come Paypal can’t?

    Well.. lets hope that before the end of 2008, we see a fully functional paypal service available to us since the world is currently revolving around Paypal services most.. though I bet that in the incoming years this will not be the case..

    – Wakish –

  7. mogriz says:

    Can somebody tell where can I buy anything useful with Moneybookers? On their website there are a couple of links – a webpage with dog food, some polish Casio shop I don’t understand, etc. I would need one NORMAL webpage to spend a little money I got on Moneybookers – a book would be nice, but I don’t know where to look.

    If anybody knows a page with a variety of products, please post it or send to


  8. Anguish says:

    Hey nice blog! I drop here while searching about receiving payment from paypal. Damn a cant receive payment holding of $25 from hits4pay due to paypal! There is another alternative:

    Visit my blog at and website at

  9. allo says:

    i’m using moneybookers for a year now and i can say it woth 100 percent certain
    use moneybookers it’s safe fast flexible
    i make instant transactions and recive too
    instant uploading funds from my visacard
    withdrow to visa card takes not more than 2 days
    no moneyback so no one will scam u
    u have detailed history of transactions
    low fees
    their support respond

  10. aditya says:

    hello im from mauritius!! paypal really suks becoz i cant receive payments..i want to be an ebay seller, i dont know if it will be possible with moneybookers, i have a shop here already, i wanted to be able to sell things online also, to any country..paypal preventing me to do that, hope i get some light with moneybookers

  11. RaynTan says:

    Hello I’m ryan i’m new here. I just wanted to drop a note to say hello and i’m pleased to be here.

  12. mel says:

    I am from a Company in Europe that needs to pay lots of bills in countries in Africa. I am keen to avoid the monstrous prices charged by our bank for these transfers, but am not sure that Moneybookers is the answer. Has anyone a tip for me?

  13. celine barber says:


    I had problems with moneybookers. I uploaded us dollars 200 from my mauritian bank account (MUR currency), paid transfer commision and currency conversion separately, by my money bookers account loaded only with us dollars 175. a whaking 25 dollers as currency conversion commission ??!!! i dont understand. its been 5 days i am waiting for a response to my query, no answer from them yet ? hi wakish, what commission did you pay to money bookers to upload your account ?

  14. Wakish says:

    Hi Celine,
    I don’t quite remember the exact amount, but the last time which I made a bank-to-bank transfer was back in 2007. I think the commission fee was between $10-$15. Yes, the fee for such a bank-to-bank transfer is quite high as compared to uploading funds via a credit card. I have quite doing such an upload nowadays, I do it via credit card.

    I would recommend you to upload funds to your moneybookers account via credit card. The upload is instant and the fee is very light. I still do such uploads and it’s been very simple and straight-forward.

    If you do not have a credit card, here’s is one possible solution:

    1) Find a friend or relative who has a credit card. Ask him/her to create an account with moneybookers. then upload funds via the credit card. Then he/she can transfer money from his/her moneybookers account to your moneybookers account. Then in real life, you give them the equivalent Mauritian Rupee. You surely have a cousin or relative or friend with a credit card.

    All the best!
    – Wakish –

  15. Karl says:

    Yes, PayPal really sucks! I’ve mailed them a number of times and every time I get an incompetent staff member trying to run some nonsense to me about global financial drab.

    I’m a dual citizen (Indian & Mauritian) so I finally worked a way to transfer my earnings to a paypal id in India and then open an NRI account with Bank of Baroda and re-route the money to that account in India and then I issue myself a check here in Mauritius to my other Bank of baroda account here and I wait for a month for the check to clear and finally the money comes to my account.

    It’s a long process, but it works for the time being.

  16. gices says:

    Problem is that most people prefer to send payments through paypal. Moneybookers and e-gold are used by a few and it’s such a shame because in the end, you’ll be losing business.

  17. stayathome2earn says:


    I am from sri lanka and found your interesting site. Thought of putting this comment here. Is there any other methods people can send money to Sri lanka? I mean this is apart from Western Union, Moneygram, Xoom etc. Just curious. PayPal does not work.


  18. paypalsufferer says:

    I just hate paypal and start using Moneybooker. Paypal just know how to keep money of other’s. At least if possible for few days. If you found bank withdrawal is showing pending after stipulated time they will send you an automated mail to contact bank or Will tell you to wait 14 days. After 14 days they start new hassles. A large amount of money they keep with themselves for a month which i withdrew on 8th april 2010 and not only mine many’s money didn’t deposited in their account.

  19. Nina says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I am having big trouble to receive payments from abroad. I just visited this site and I want to know where exactly does Moneybookers is found in Mauritius?

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in advance.

  20. Nina nag says:

    I am a mauritian. can anyone tell me how to use moneybookers to receive payments from abroad?

    please reply as soon as possible.

    Thanking you in advance

  21. Wakish says:


    Moneybookers is not found in Mauritius. It is a foreign bank in UK.
    To use it, just go on the moneybookers website, click here and register an account. I have mentioned some steps in this article above, kindly follow the steps.
    If you have any further issue let me know, or you could directly contact the Moneybookers staff.

    All the best!

  22. Nina nag says:


    thank you for the info. but I want to know how it works exactly. I already have an account on moneybookers and I just verified my address. The problem is that they are saying that my debit card is invalid. I have enough money on it, so what is the problem??

    Please reply asap.

  23. Wakish says:


    Hey there, nice to see you again 😉
    The problem in not on their side, the problem is on the mauritian bank’s side. SBM or MCB, does not allow overseas upload of money from a Debit card. But you can do it with a Credit Card 😉

    Initially when I did not have a Credit Card, I use to do bank-to-bank transfer. That is, I initiated my mauritian bank to transfer X amounts to the overseas Moneybookers bank. You will need to ask them a special form for this purpose, you will have to provide precise details of MOneybookers, like IBAN number, SWIFT number, exact address of Moneybookers..etc in that form. I think your moneybookers account already have those info as far as I remember, if not just email the MB team.

    All the best and keep us updated about your upload status.

  24. Nina nag says:


    Thank you loads for the information. But I do not understand how will I be able to receive money with my debit card. You told me to tell my bank to transfer money from my account to moneybookers so as to send money or pay fees, right? So, without a credit card is it impossible for me to receive money from moneybookers?

    I am so confused! 🙁

    Please clarify my doubts.

  25. Wakish says:


    on your moneybookers account, click on the withdraw section, and you will see the different options available. As far as I remember, you can withdraw your money by the following:
    1) Initiate a money withdrawal from moneybookers TO your local bank
    2) Withdraw to your credit card – it is possible if your max. balance is not full
    3) Withdraw to your debit card, but this one I’m not sure if the Mauritian local bank allows. It’s so frustrating with the Mauritian Debit cards, they give me a dual debit card to serve as debit/credit but still they don’t allow overseas transaction – that is so stupid from them.

  26. Nayar says:

    Nice article. I am really annoyed with PayPal.

    The reason i don’t want to try another service is that everybody uses paypal.

  27. Esha says:


    Am a new ebay seller and I recently discovered moneybookers
    through a customer. I found it great and super exicting as i can receive money in Mauritius, something that cannot be done through Paypal!!

    But problem is that many people do not use moneybookers…

    Any of you guys know a website or something where i can get in contact with users of moneybookers??

    And Wakish, Great article!

  28. Vitalie says:

    Hi people, I am using MoneyBookers since 2002, it’s greatest alternative for PayPal.

    MoneyBookers is fully integrated with EBAY.

    A note for Ebay Sellers: for you to be able accept credit card payments via MoneyBookers, you must register as personal user or business user.

    Second you must enable EBAY in your moneybookers account.

    This will create a token between EBAY and Moneybookers.

    When you post an item on Ebay, just enable Moneybookers for your item.

    Then MoneyBookers will be shown to the seller and buyer when checkout.

    Buyer will have option:

    Pay via PayPal
    Pay via Moneybookers.

    If buyer will choose Moneybookers, they will be redirected to MoneyBookers payment page, it will look like credit card payment.

    Good luck.

    If you have questions: skype me: NISTRU78

    I can help people with this, if people wants, as reward the person decides how to do this.

    Donations will be welcomed as a thank you.

  29. michelle says:

    Thank you for posting info about Money Bookers. I am an Ebay seller with lots of positive feedback. I decided to get rid of paypal and use Money bookers. I have integrated them onto ebay. I just hope there aren’t any problems

  30. says:

    Due to some problem with alertpay, I recently switched to moneybookers, I realized that it is the best option fro me, I searched how to add bank account to moneybooker and start using it (this was helpful article for me in this regard ) in my country alertpay charges 15$ for withdraw to bank, moneybookers charge only 2 point something…
    from now and ever, i will be using it,

  31. zaed says:

    @ Karl.
    Referring to your answer concerning payment .If am not mistaken are you the one on odesk??

  32. Neya says:

    Hi ! Thank you for this post ! I have subscribed to Moneybookers after reading it !

    I have a question. I’m from Mauritius and my bank is MCB.
    I need to add my bank account to MBookers and I don’t know if i have to add the normal bank number account my bank gave me or if I have to add my IBAN number ?

    Can somebody help me ?

    Thanks a lot !

  33. Nia says:

    First I would like to thank you for this wonderful blog and for making this information available to us.
    I wanted to know if people in Mauritius can withdraw money from alertpay,SolidTrust pay and what about Paypal for now?

  34. Wakish says:

    You need to add your normal bank.. I think the IBAN is needed when you withdraw to your local bank. Just email MB’s support, they are very helpful!

    Thanks for the kind words..
    Alertpay – YES
    solidTrust – first time i hear this, so i do not know
    Paypal – NO; it’s a buy/upload only statys currently (SADLY!!)

  35. TiredofPaypal says:

    Hello Wakish!

    Thanks a lot for the helpful information!

    I was trying to register to Moneybookers..and this is what i get:
    “The IP address you are using is registered to an anonymous proxy. To access our secure pages you must use the IP address automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider.”

    I was just wondering if you could help with that as well..?


  36. Mehrunnisah says:

    Hello evry1,
    very informative blog indeed..
    I wud like to know if mauritians can sell on ebay providing moneybookers as the payment method?!
    Secondly, r z customers charged extra if they r paying through moneybookers?
    N thirdly how do we withdraw z money from moneybooker if z payment is made to it through ebay?
    Thanks in advance 4 ur answers! 🙂

  37. Wakish says:

    Please do email the support team of Moneybookers, they will better assist you. Cheers!

    1) YES mauritians can sell on ebay, collect your money via MoneyBookers. Ebay has now enabled MoneyBookers as well for selling/buying
    2) I’m not sure about it, but I know that you are the seller you can absorb the buying fee of your customers from your own cost. Else I think your customers will need to pay the extra fee. But in any case, I do think the fee is low.
    3) You withdraw money from MoneyBookers by asking them to issue you a check on your name, OR by direct debit to your local bank. You will need to connect your local bank inside your MoneyBookers account. This is very easy. If you have any issue, do email the support team of MoneyBookers, they will help you.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, really appreciate!

  38. Bhooshan says:

    Hello am Mauritian.Nice page!hmmm i just want to know if uploading funds from MCB,SBM,BARCLAYS, or Brammer banks is possible in Mauritius!

  39. Bhooshan says:

    sbmsmile cards
    i believe this is the solution for mauritian who dont have credit cards
    also available at MCB

  40. Wakish says:

    Hi Bhooshan,
    thanks for your comment.
    And thanks for sharing the solution provided by Yashvin Awootar, he’s a trusted Mauritian blogger, I do recommend his advice too.


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