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birds of paradise

Today while observing my stats, I noticed some phenomenal increase in traffic, specially due to some articles which, according to my different statistics tool, are the most viewed and read. I will make a list of those most read articles and I will update this list on a frequent basis.

The List Of Most Read Articles On Wakish Wonderz

1) Content Is King, But The Queen Remains Uniqueness! – (Blogging)
(Mostly liked by stumblers – 99% readers from stumbleupon)

2) Writing the GP Essay – Write to convince!
(99% readers come from search engines)

3) How To Write Good English
( 97% readers come from search engines)

4) robots.txt – why is this simple file still so widely used?
(Readers come equally from search engines and social sites like blogcatalog, reddit..etc)

5) Bloggers Should Polish Their Old Posts – Old Is Gold!
(Readers are mainly stumblers and bloggers)

6) Scintillate Your Inspiration And Goals – Make An Analogy From The Attitude Of Michael Phelps
(95% Search engine)

7) Revealing My Experience With How Inactivity Affects My Blog’s Growth
(This one is a new post i made last week and it has got a lot of views and I decided to include it. Readers essentially come from stumbleupon and other bloggers)

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Something Surprising

While the above are the most viewed or read articles, they haven’t essentially received the most comments. This is explained by the nature of the traffic, which mostly comes from search engines and SU. And as we all know these viewers are passive readers unfortunately. (If you are one of them, prove me wrong by leaving a comment!)

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