Nike+iPod – An Amazingly Creative Gadget

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Nike+iPod shoe

Recently I met an old friend of mine who trains a lot for races (running).
He bought a Nike+iPod and he was training with this sports kit. I was very impressed as he explains to me all the available functionalities and boost which this Nike+ gadget provides. It is simply amazing..

What Is Nike+iPod Sports Kit

A small device which measures and records the distance and pace of a run
used to track walking, running, and combinations of the two

The Nike+iPod consists of 2 parts


1) A sensor – precisely called as a piezoelectric accelerometer. It’s embedded with a transmitter that is mounted under the inner sole of the shoe. (see diagram above)

2) A receiver – This is meant to be connected with your iPod. (see the diagram above)

Any Special Shoe needed?

While Nike recommends that the sensor needs a special Nike+ with a special pocket in which to place the device, my friend told me that his non-nike+ shoe was equally good for this purpose

How to Use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit

The best place with the best diagrams and clear explanation is surely the Nike+iPod Get in gear – have a look at the diagram there..

Something Striking

This device have in-workout audio feedback and pre-recorded congratulations provided by famous athletes like Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and Paula Radcliffe whenever a user achieves a personal best. See the following 2 videos for a concrete understanding:

Nike Plus Motivation

Another demonstration with steps


Your Stats Can Be Integrated With Nike+ WebSite

When the device is tracking your progress and personal workout, you are essentially connected with the Nike+ Website and getting exposed to other products also.

Quote from Wiki:

In addition to tracking personal workout statistics, the Nike+ integrates directly with the Nike website. Workout data can be automatically uploaded to the website during an iPod sync with iTunes or through another program via the website’s public API.

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  1. moserw says:

    Thanks for sharing and as always very informative. Personally have never felt the need to integrate anything with my iPod. I’m doing good and how about you?

  2. baldeagle says:

    This is something I am really going to look into. I’m dedicated to losing 40lbs this year and anything that can keep me motivated is appreciated. Thanks for the post!

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