Opera Dragonfly – The Browser Which Helps You Take A Peek Into The Future

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Today, Tuesday 6th May 2008, Opera released the first alpha (alpha 1) of their new web developer tool, named as Opera Dragonfly. This tool is a competing one to Firefox’s Firebug.


=> Support for Dragonfly in Opera 9.5 beta 2
=> Reach breaking point step by step
=> Redefine your style.
=> Spot your errors
=> Debug the DOM
=> Development for JavaScript debugger and CSS/DOM inspector (Screenshots and more info here!) http://dev.opera.com/tools/
=> Debug your phone or TV
=> Think open and free
=> Always up to date

Future Enhancements for Alpha 2:

=> Improved handling of threads in the JavaScript debugger
=> Inline CSS editing
=> Infrastructure for localization
=> Improved remote debugging

For a complete detail and explanation, head on Opera’s main site for precise news from the developers: Opera Dragonfly on the prowl!

Opera browser 12-year history

Here’s a small vid to give you a picture of Opera’s history and journey till now..

[youtube C87xFz9aUow nolink]

I will soon try both of these softwares and give you my personal opinion and possibly with my own video or screenshots.. Till then, happy reading and testing! 😉

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