Phenomenal World Record Winnings Of Michael Phelps At Beijing 2008 Olympic

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michael phelps winnings at beijing 2008


Michael Phelps Winnings At Beijing 2008

Date Event Recognition
10th August 2008 400 m individual medley Gold Medal World Record
11th th August 2008 4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal World Record
12th August 2008 200m Free Final World Record
13th August 2008 Men's 4 x 200m Free Final World Record
13th August 2008 Men's 200m Butterfly Final World Record
15th August 2008 200 m individual medley World Record
16th August 2008 100 m butterfly (just a win)
17th August 2008 4 x 100 m medley relay World Record

An Iron-Will Power To Perform Beyond The Accomplished

I’m taken in deep-thoughts by the following words of Michael Phelps:


“Everything was accomplished,..What else could I do?” Michael Phelps said.

There’s so much profound meaning in this sentence. It shows us that this outstanding swimmer had above all an outstanding vision of what he should achieve. The rest was all a matter of perseverance!

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