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=> Review my blog and I will link back to your review.

1) The review must be at least 200 words long.
2) Be completely honest with the review stating what you appreciate and/or dislike about my blog.
3) You cannot mix it with any other posts or reviews.
4) You must link to this post AND include the 4 links as shown below:

Wakish Wonderz helps you with the English Language by Writing easy to follow tips and tricks on Good Writing Skills. Get a FREE linkback from his blog by simply reviewing his blog now!

HTML CODE (you can copy and paste this):

Wakish Wonderz helps you with the <a href="" mce_href="" title="English Language Basics">English Language</a> by <a href="" mce_href="" title="Writing">Writing</a> easy to follow tips and tricks on <a href="" mce_href=""  title="Good Writing Skills">Good Writing Skills</a>. Get a FREE linkback from his blog by simply <a href="" mce_href="" title="Review My Blog And Get Free Linkback">reviewing his blog now!</a>

==> You have to put the above 2 lines exactly as they are with the 4 anchor texts and then feel free to add whatever you want to say about my blog.

Other Info:
1) feel free to link to any other posts on my blog
2) I will accept all reviews meeting the rules and requirements above, even if you have a PR0 website/blog or you are just starting
3) Any blog categories (or niche) will be accepted


=> The best example of a review so far is from Alfa King – Click to view! 

=> Example of how I will give you the linkback, is Get A Free Linkback – Batch 01

I understood, what next?
=> Once the review is done, simply contact me via my contact form sending me the URL to your review

That’s ok, but when will my review be linked on your blog?
==> I will make a post (with your linkback) at the end of the day even if there’s only 1 review done!


1) Some of the bloggers and webmasters asked me if I could give the linkback to their non-blog websites.
Meaning they will review my blog on their blog, but I will have to give the linkback to the site of their choice.
Well, I find no problem with that, as long as the requirements laid down in Review My Blog and Get A Free Linkback is fulfilled 😉

2) Following google’s new PR guidelines, all backlinks will be “NOFOLLOW”

Cheers and all the best!
(I hope to read your reviews soon 🙂 )

Valuable Feedback / Comment / Review From People Like You

  1. Nikola says:

    nice site. I like the design of it 🙂


    • Wakish says:

      Thanks a lot mate! It’s nice to hear that..
      Keep supporting Wakish Wonderz!

      Best Wishes,
      – Wakish –

  2. feng says:

    Here is the review of my site

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    • Wakish says:

      Hi feng..
      You have wrongly understood my post
      You are not supposed to give me a review of your site, but you are supposed to make a review of MY blog on YOUR site/blog.
      After the review is done, send me again the link to the review on your site and then I will give you a backlink as said on my post above.
      I hope it’s clear now? 😉
      Hope to hear from you soon 😉

  3. Mubeen says:

    I like very much wakish , its very good design.
    Seo in Faisalabad

    • Wakish says:

      Thank you Mubeen.. I have spent a lot of time to modify and customize it the way you are seeing it.. and I’m still trying to improve it more 😉

      Btw, I hope to read some reviews soon 😛

  4. seo says:

    Will write a review soon , is this necessary that you give me backlink to the same site or it can be some other website .

    • Wakish says:

      It can be some other website, just as I said in the Updated part 😉
      But you need to send me the link of where you post the review 🙂

      Looking forward to read your review 😉
      – Wakish –

  5. Tax Rebate says:

    I have done a review of your blog:

    Please can you link to my website using the anchor text ‘Ni rebate’


  6. MySpace says:

    i like your blog, useful stuff around here, in first place i want to say its prety cool, but the design is a not so good. keep up the great work. 9/10

  7. Wakish says:

    Thanks for the Comment..

  8. Garala says:

    Get a more techy looking wordpress style

    You got quality, interesting content, and I found it interesting to check and read them! Only thing I would recommend you is get a better wordpress style and remove the ads from the top header and make the header banner stretched out instead of half.

    Good Luck!

  9. Wakish says:

    Hi Garala.. Thanks for the lovely comments.
    Yeah, you have made some interesting points there.. I will keep it in mind since I’m always trying to work around my theme.. I’m not yet on what I want.. still working on it..

    Hope to see you around often 😉

    Best Wishes,
    – Wakish –

  10. Doomsgorb says:

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    This is a very interesting site while not missing a couple of sections. But section – this is very incidentally.
    I am very long 6 hours wandering on the network for not stumbled upon on your forum. I am sure that I stay here long!
    P.S. During the time that i arrived in the search I found a few interesting sites here is one highly recommend visit. I am sure that you are very interested in what are the most popular with our people.
    Thank you for your attention.

  11. Allan Henry says:

    What is the purpose of this site specifically? I am a little confused about how this site has become popular with people.

  12. siva says:


    you got a good design , might be working from so long on the blog, i am trying to make something like this any way
    keep going

  13. korean fashions says:

    Do this backlink offer still valid? please reply me! I am interested to join with you.

  14. Wakish says:

    @korean fashions:
    Hi, I would suggest you submit an article instead and then I can link back to you. Since recently such kind of direct linkback might be seemed as spammy to Google engines. So to avoid that, you can submit me an article.


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