Ronaldinho Vs Cristiano Ronaldo

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I came across this nice video and I thought about sharing this with you..

I’m a fan of Manchester United (english premier league) and also a great great fan of Brasilian football. It’s a bit difficult for me to choose which one of the two is better.. But I think Ronaldihno has much more expertise, maturity and creativity in his way of playing football than Cristiano. I have watched so many clips on both and I saw that there are many things that Ronaldinho did were absolutely fabulous and most of what he did, is not possible to be done by Cristiano. But the latter is also a talented player and he’s still young and I’m sure he has much to show us 😉

Well, that was my point of view, what’s yours?

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  1. Maher says:

    sure he is still young but i prefer cristiano i am a fan of manchester united bubba

  2. Franca Richard says:

    ronaldinho is in bad situation now, maybe cr and rdho will meet with each other next season, is that a good prediction?

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